Sunday, March 22, 2009

22 March 1955 "Closed for Gardening, Open for Discussion"

I am half way through a blog post, but know if I spend anymore time on it today I will not get out to the yard as I had promised myself.
My veg garden needs some attention. Besides the basic turning of the soil and prepaing the area, there are leaves to be raked and I have to move some plants to go
with my over all new landscape scheme. There will be a new fence and gate (made by yours truly) surronding this area and some new permamnent plantings (possibly a grape arbor).
I have to get my beets, onion sets and snow peas in today!
So, enjoy your sunday and maybe you could share with me some of your gardening tips, stories, ideas, questions etc. I would love to know anything about vintage gardening if anyone has any tips and also maybe stories of parents and grandparents gardening or perhaps hating gardening.
Have a great day and enjoy your weather where ever you are. I will be back tomorrow with a post. I will most likely pop my head in time to time to see if anyone has commented. It might be a fun all gardening day for all! If you are trapped in the city in a small space, live vicariously!
Happy planting.


  1. I want to plant a veggie garden too this year but I ama novice gardener , so we'll see how it goes. Growing up all the old Italian neighbors always had awesome gardens and almost always grape arbors for making wine. Even thogh I lived in Boston, I grew up in a neighborhood, not downtown, so we all had yards. I remeber snitcing tomatoes and cucumbers from the old man in back of us--and getting caught too!! And the grapes--oh, they were so dark purple and jucy--nothung like you buy in a store!

    My neighbor had her first garden last year and is going to advise me this year. My mom always had beautiful flowers but I was never interested in gardening, until I bought this house. It had lovely planting, but I have killed half of them in my ignorance.

    I'm hoping to plant tomatoes, lettuce, cucmbers and, summer sqash and zucchini, also pumpins. It's a little warmer on tha cape then here in Marshfield, so i think I will wait until next week or the week after to plant. I hope you have a nice productive day and enjoy the nice weather!


  2. We are opposites! I have to force myself to do housework before I reward myself with gardening time!

    It has been a long cold winter here in Chicago and seeing plants emerging from the soil is doing wonders for my mood. Unfortunately our inner city lot is too small for veggies, but I do my best with flowers. My favorites are my roses that climb through my white picket fence and the hugest clematis I have ever seen that climbs through a trelis on the front porch. We're not able to plant anything new in the ground for TWO WHOLE MONTHS, but just seeing green gets me excited.

    I can't remember if you are able to shop online but maybe your DH can order you a catalog through Great quality antique roses....they smell like heaven.

  3. Vintage gardens - I remember my Grandma's garden. She planted the same things every year since they got their house in the late 40's. The things she had were 3 rhubarb plants - a classic -(to make rhubarb squares), lots and lots of green beans (to make snybon also called french cut beans), carrots, beets, potatoes and a crabapple tree (every year they would make applesauce with the crabapples)

    P.S. I love reading your blog.

  4. Tracy-it is true that is is warmer her earlier (the cape I mean)I am only planting those things that like a little chill before they grow such as the snow peas, beets and onions, everything else will have to wait until no frost. They are saying we are suppose to get snow again on tuesday so we shall see. I usually try to reward myself as well with the gardening, but I have Gussie back now for only sundays, so she did my kitchen, made cookies, and we are having left-overs so I thought I could sneak out today and 'play'. I spent half the time with my little book, a pen, and a measuring tape dreaming where this and that should go and what I would like to add or subtract from the yard.
    I was just planning out my rose garden for the year (new for this yard for me) and I am glad you mentioned the antique rose site, I will go there.
    Anonymous-it sounds lovely and I am putting in some dwarf fruit trees this year as well and hope to make some applesauce, canned apples and of course pies this fall. We shall see.
    Well, back to work before the snow sneaks up on me.

  5. Oh Vegie gardens can be so much fun! I used to love mine when I had one.
    Would love for you to stop by my blog and see my new outfit post! xx

  6. Today's is my husband's birthday so we spent the afternoon at a heritage fair today (about 50 or so historical societies in Los Angeles County had booths). On our way to dinner, we stopped at a nursery and bought a tomato plant, a cucumber plant, and a red pepper plant.

    We do square foot gardening and most of our square foot plots have radishes (almost ready for plucking) and different kinds of lettuces that have been sacrificing themselves for delicious salads.

    I know those of you in colder climates are envious that I have a garden already but my growing season is impacted by extreme heat in the summer that has been known to burn my poor plants to death (even with lots of water).

  7. Gardening has always been a must in the midwest/plains. Sweet corn! Leaf lettuce, radishes, rhubarb.

    We don't grow sweet corn anymore. I get it at the farmer's market or from friends.
    But I will have lettuce, radishes, spinach to start. Potatoes planted on Good Friday.

    And don't forget the strawberry bed, to make jam. I'll be making a new one this year.

  8. For true vintage gardening check out heirloom seeds. We switched to 95% heirloom plants last year for several reasons (no GMOs for instance and you can save the seeds for next year unlike hybrids which helps us save $). Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, Renee's Garden and Seed Savers are all great resources. I love, love, love Baker Creek - they have very rare and unusual heirloom varieties that you can't find anywhere else.

  9. Wow, thank you, I am going over there now. I love heirloom plants and almost always due heirloom tomatos. Thanks.

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