Tuesday, June 30, 2009

29 June 1955 "Talking Point Tuesdays"

I have been busy, as usual, and wanted to address Jitterbugs questions to me about my project reaching its halfway mark. I am still really thinking about it and compiling my thoughts, so don't think I forgot.

Today, being "talking point Tuesdays" made me want to put to you something in the comments from my last post. A commentor asked Jitterbug how she was able to change from a night person. This let me to wonder, we vintage gals here do seem to want to change things about our own modern world. So, I put to you, what WOULD you like to change (even if you are not sure you can or it could happen) about yourself that you think would be more vintage and make you more happy. And what could you change (again, rather you think it could happen) about our modern world that would, in fact, be more vintage. And finally, what would you like to change about yourself (Realistically) and your own little bit of the world (again this time realistically)that would be more vintage and make you happier and more content.

So, let us discuss!


  1. I am a procrastinator, and I always find things to do rather than the things I need to do. I wish I could change that. And I wish that instead of being a corrupting influence, that people with power would be happy with what they've got and use the power they have to help people that have no or little power.

    I know it's a vision of utopia but I'd like to believe that it can happen.

  2. I wish that the quality of things would go back to being good, as in clothing. I also wish I knew how to really sew well enough to make my own clothes and along with that, had the time to do it all.

    I think the main thing I would appreciate is an end to the 24/7 communication age with cell phones, 24/7 news, pagers, email, all of that. I just would like things to move at a much slower pace.

  3. I hear you both. Though we seem to always get things 'easier' it seems to always be at a price of 'humanity' on some level. It is nice that we have the choice to try and live without it, but then you feel disconnected from your peers and the world. It is hard to align one's vintage ideals with the reality of the world, believe me I have been trying. But, there can be a nice balance. I do wish quality over quantity would return.

  4. I'd like to bring the ritual of Sunday rest back into my life. Morning Mass, visiting with friends and family, fresh air, a home-cooked meal. I've been chipping away at this - trying to make sure that all my heavy housework is out of the way by the end of the day on Saturday. I think we could all benefit by having a day in the week when we disengage with all the rush-rush-rush-call-text-email-rush-shop-rush and just stop to rest, reflect on our place in the world, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Kids need that kind of rest and ritual. Grown-ups need it, too.

  5. Hear hear, Jitterbug. It has been, for me, Sunday, but hubby's new job sometimes has his working on Sundays, but this past Sunday was a good old fashioned version of the same. I rested, puttered in the garden, eating sugar peas as I went, made a big ham dinner (that is still resting for me)with all the fixins and good wine, a fire and a game of scrabble with hubby and Gussie. One day to rest from the weeks wages is good and certainly could be a 'doable' version of vintage meets modern.

  6. I also wish the rush would slow down. I wish we could change the perspective of people so that people would appreiciate their fellow man.
    Im very sacastic and Im trying to work on that, sometimes I hurt others feelings and dont realize it because I was just 'kidding'.

  7. I have to agree with several comments made.

    I would like to see all of the "communication" technology fade away back to being used properly. Cell phones are excellent, for emergencies...not to talk on all day. The internet is an excellent tool to have a blog community or do research, not sit and IM all day long or play games all day and never talk to a "real" person. Once upon a time, people went for a bike ride or a walk to excercise, now we go to the "gym". Something wrong there....

    I would also like to see the world return to Sundays. My hubby and I have devoted ourselves to this. We do church AM and PM, and have a nice supper in between. Frequently we take the kids to the park or go visiting to friends or family. It is so refreshing.

    Lastly, on a personal note, I wish the cynicism of the 21st century would go away. I am amazed at how horrid people are, especially online. They are anonymous, so they think they can say anything...not realizing they are damamging their own souls in the process. SAD.

  8. i agree with the bringing back of sunday rest, but would also like to see more shops close to let their workers rest as well. i would like to see a one day rest from consumerism!!
    the other thing i would like to see come back is etiquette!! how many times my husband and i have been to a nice dinner for a birthday or something, only to have the folks next to us in sweats!! argh. opening doors, dressing appropriately for weddings/funerals/occasions would be so lovely!
    as for myself, i would like to be even more self-sufficient, less dependent on "other" for my daily bread. i would also like to read more, craft/art more, and bake experimentally, instead of practically... :)

  9. Hi I'm new! I would love to see a significant decrease in the power of advertising, beginning with me personally and expanding to my family. The sad thing is that I work in advertising, and the more and more disgusted I get with consumerism (did you realize that there are very few generic kids toys? It's all brands and specific characters and "buy the whole set!"), the less and less happy I am at work, knowing that my company is contributing to waste, debt, and people always needing the "next new shiny thing". So maybe it's just hitting home a little more personally but I would be so happy to see a world that's not bombarded with insiduous marketing messages 24/7. I think marketers should focus more on producing quality products that are worth their expense, instead of trying to figure out countless ways to sneak their messages and promotions into every minute of a person's day.

    Love the blog 50s Gal, I've really enjoyed reading it and you are an inspiration to me!

  10. I would love to be able to spend more time pursuing my hobbie and connecting with people who feel the same (that are also my age).

    Activities that I would like to share are sewing, making jam, gardening etc. Mostly they are activities that women once had to particpate in as part of home-making.

    I would also like to be able to not worrying about the quality of food produce and where it comes from. I am quite fantical about what I eat and buy and it can be so tiring. I can imgaine if I was once living in a smaller community where people grew food on the outskirts of town, I would trust them and what they sold me.

  11. Hooray Kelly!

    I'm 43 and I remember when all the stores were closed on Sunday. We stayed at home or visited friends and family on Sundays. It was so nice. Sundays used to seem like a holiday and now things have gotten so out of hand that even holidays seem like any other day of the week.

    Mrs. N

  12. you are so right! i just passed several signs today announcing hours for 4th of july! you can shop, get your oil changed and eat out instead of honoring our country's independence. :(

  13. I'd like to change:

    The consumerism that surrounds us.

    The quality of our food supply.

    Busy weekends running errands. (Mrs. N- we're the same age and I remember stores being closed on Sunday too. Do one died from not shopping, really, we were fine, right?)

    The technology making us busier.

    I've tried to keep our family from falling into these traps but it's hard if you don't live in a bubble. I still do what I can.


  14. I agree with all of the comments.

    The one that jumps out at me, though, is S's comment, "The technology making us busier."

    Can you imagine if a 1955 time traveler visited 2009 and read that? Wouldn't they be so confused? I mean, technology...making us busier? They would think it was a typo or something. But that's where we are...technology keeps us on a short leash!

    I remember the Sunday laws (blue laws?). No biggie back then. We didn't want to go shopping on Sundays anyway.

    I am so grateful to read and comment with other common sense women who "get it." Thank you, 50's gal, for this site.

    Jitterbug: I'm just starting to read your 40's project. Awesomeness at your blog, too!!

    I'm so inspired!

    Working hard at www.sccworlds.com

  15. I agree with everyons comments. Tech stuff is suppose to make live easier but we are spinning out of controll. Can't we just say enough?!

    I would love to be at home full time again. Doing what I feel I should be doing instead of waisting my time at a job I do not love.

    I wish the world to be safer for the children. We biked and ran free in our neighborhood. It was fabulous to hike to the beach or run in the woods.

    I would like to teach others to sew and do things I already know, and have them share what they know. In the future if i can change my job i hope to have a group that gets together for this. helping each other to put up food etc.

    I think we all want the same things.

    slow down
    be more selfsufficient
    help others

  16. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and community, I have been naughty and not posting, I have been busy, of course, but also contemplating the half way mark of this project and what it has meant to me and what it will or can become to mean to all of us. Not ignoring, merely digesting and contemplating. I love the slow down and self sufficiency. Tomorrow, then, friends.

  17. About myself, I would change into a full-time homemaker. It would be so much more vintage and would make me so much happier.

    About the modern world—there is SO much that I would change. The noise—actual and psychological noise; the lack of chivalry; ladies not being very lady-like; the commercialism that is shoved in our face on the radio, TV, billboards, etc.; the sloppy dress; women “having” to work when really we could make it on one income. There is more, but that is a bit of what I would change.

    About myself, realistically, I would change my worrying about what others think as far as dressing more vintage from time to time.

  18. I was in single digits in the fifties and early sixties. While not perfect by any means--people have had the same bad motives since Adam--life was, overall, much better. People were dressed up for special occasions. For my fifth birthday party, all of the children were dressed up, complete with fancy dresses and boys with suits. Everyone had dress, school, and play clothes. Special dresses were not just for the wedding party, as guests wore them as well. There were social brakes in daily life that prevented the "ugly" realities to keep behind the scenes rather than "in your face." Divorce was not rampant and most mothers stayed at home. In fact, during my elementary years, we went home for lunch. Schools were local and covered the K-6/k-8 grades, and most were able to walk to and from school. We played in the streets throughout the year; hide and seek until dark in the summer and sledding in winter. Team sports were not the focus after school for the majority of the students. Traditional roles for girls and boys were not looked down upon. Sunday blue laws were in place for people to be able to attend the church of their choice. (I lived in a diverse neighborhood and other religions were well accepted.) What the majority of people don't realize, is that those who wish to keep the Sabbath on Sundays have difficulty getting some jobs today.

    Overall, there was less stress. Less blaring televisions, less rude radios/music in public, and less roudy behavior. Music had melodies and families went together to movies without inappropriate language or compromising situations. There was less hype and less political correctness.

    Unfortunately, the fifties snowballed into the sixties, and life as we knew it began to end.

    The changes were not all bad. I enjoy air conditiong, cell phones, computers, and modern cars. It was unheard of to drive a car over 100,000 miles then and repairs were more common.

    Certainly my list for the "pro" side is less than the "con" side.

    Change about myself? I have always gone forward and would not be considered typical for my age and station in life. One can never go back. I have not, however, left the "good" things of those years behind. They are part of me and always will be.

  19. Anon, I really liked your comments. Though I am probably six or seven years behind you, I share many of your experiences. I have a picture from my seventh birthday party where we all had dresses on. When we came home from school, we changed into our play clothes. Mom was a SAHM, and we too played in the street until dark. Pants weren’t allowed in school for girls except for under our skirts while walking to school in the winter time. Girls were girls, and boys were boys.

    Of course, all of these things were just the way it was; we didn’t know any different. Now, however, looking back, I really miss all the good that there was.

  20. Anon- In the school system in the next town up the kids still go home for lunch. If they must stay at school they can bring a lunch and moms volunteer to supervise. It's all nice and good but it does break up the day, even for a SAHM. Although I hear that "lunch dates" are common so mothers take turns having lunch and a short playdate.


  21. "Can you imagine if a 1955 time traveler visited 2009 and read that? Wouldn't they be so confused? I mean, technology...making us busier? They would think it was a typo or something. But that's where we are...technology keeps us on a short leash!"

    As I read this, and some of the other comments, I realized what one of the major issues we have in this world is. No one has any patience any more. We want everything NOW. Food, clothes, entertainment must all be NOW. I don't like McDonald's, but find myself stopping there once in a while just because I can get my food now. People don't say thank you, or please for they are impatient to get onto their next text message or e-mail. We expect to see a movie from the theater today, online...and get irritated if it isn't top quality.

    No patience. I remember my dad speaking of his cousins that would come over ever sat.
    They would arrive about 11 am and stay unil after dinner. Every weekend. They visited all day cause it was quite a drive to go back home. About 25 miles. Now, I drive 30 miles one way to go shopping or eat out and think nothing of it. We go 70 mph on the highway and don't blink. The first cars would only go around 25-30 mph. And people thought that was fast. In fact, they beleived sincerely that if one went faster than 50 mph your neck would snap....

    Patience. Watch that episode of "Man in A Hurry" from The Andy Griffith Show. We are the man in a hurry....sad....

    I am glad to see smart women here who are desirious of a change for the world. If we stand up, one family at a time, we can start to make a change, though it wont be easy.

    Happy Independence Day everyone. Thank someone you know who served for their sacrifice.

  22. 1.) I would like to use the computer less and read vintage novels more regularly. Maybe even write a short essay (with cited research points on the time period from which it was published) upon completion to really cement the impact of the piece in my memory and understanding.
    2.) Being more Victorian, I think, than 50's, I would like to see more people making candles and using those candles and oil/kerosene/hurricane lamps instead of modern light. I don't know why. It just seems like more fun and doing so evokes such a romantic/vintage feeling in me.
    3.)It's not much, but I would like to make bread dough (two loaves) once a week, or once every two weeks. And *bake* one loaf as needed during the week.

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