Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 August 1955 “Movie Day”

Again, I am busy preparing for my move. I am also, crazy as it sounds, having another tag sale tomorrow.

I made some new things recently, like fried green tomatoes, and will post pictures and recipes later.

I thought today you could watch this film. It is rather long, 25 minutes, but I really like it. I know there was a time I would have watched this and been mostly appalled or wanting to be offended, but quite honestly there is some good advice. Take it for what you will. The clothes and houses are great. I know it is from the early 1960's but it is still very 1950s. Enjoy and let me know what you think.



  1. Hi....Just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award. You can pick it up at my blog anytime you like (August 7 post). You're supposed to, in turn, pass it on to 15 others, but I thought that number was quite large and it can be rather time I'm letting everyone know they can handle it anyway they want to. You can give it to as many OR as few as you would like. Or don't give it to anyone and just take the button. In any case I just enjoy your blog so much and I thought of you! Please enjoy! :)
    Now I'm off to watch the movie you posted. Can't wait!

  2. Oh! what an interesting film, as you said, the houses and the clothes are great!
    I would like to say many things about it but I don't know how to express me as I would like in english.
    First, I can say that women , supously, one of our roll in marriage is to handle the money the best we can, of course we can say these thoughts are old fashion, but it still can works nowdays.
    It was familar to me the part when the woman bought new pats for the older son and the youngers had to wear the old ones, as I come from a big family I had to wear many many old clothes from my sisters hehehehe.
    The video, is very interesting, besides it has a very good quality of image.
    Even if it old as you say, it has very very good adivices we can use nowdays, perhaps in some time we might say that was ridiculous or something like that, for instance, me I never used to see the prices of the food at the supermarket because my budget was able to buy what I normally needed, but since the financial crisis affected many countries, things have been more difficult, and I think all these advices can be very usefull now.
    MMMMMMMMM I would like to tell more but my english is not as good as I wish =(
    Well, great film!

  3. Hi 50s gal,
    Great blog! I have been looking for a particular blog and thought maybe you or your readers could help. It's a blog by a young woman who strives to live a 1940s(I think) life, and features pictures of herself, her home, etc.(she also collects as much 1940s stuff for her home as she can) Do you have any idea what blog I am referring to? Thanks for any assistance!

  4. Wow, this was an awesome video!!! I'm so happy that I ran across your blog. It's awesome and just my speed.

  5. Dear Donna,
    The movie was wonderful! I feel like putting a casserole in the oven right now. The clothes are classic and don't the women and men look so very nice? Interesting the child wears gloves too. I remember those times. Thanks so much.
    Beth, are you thinking of "letters on the home front"

  6. Jeane--thanks for the response. No,that is not the one I am thinking of. The owner of the blog I'm referring to is younger, and a brunnette. Thanks for this one though--looks interesting to browse through!

  7. Beth, I think the blog you may be looking for is Destination 1940. Dianne

  8. Hi all,
    This is kind of a silly question/observation, but I just had to see what everyone thought about something I noticed in the video. At the beginning of the scene with the women at the grocery store (at about 8:50 into the movie) there is a slow scan of products on the shelf. I couldn't help but notice and read what was placed there. It starts with packages of chocolate covered ants, then continues to canned octopus, diamondback rattlesnake, fried grasshoppers, and finally tins of eel. Granted, the narrator is talking about the romance and adventure of food gathered from all over America & the world, but I can't imagine that these items were actually available. I know that octopus and eel are commonly consumed in many countries (although not so much in America). Do you think it was a cute set designer/film maker joke? If so, I'm impressed with the time they took designing the fake packaging.


  9. Evonne....I think those foods were actually available. It was the beginning of the American fascination with "foreign" food and a symbol of leaving the austerity and thrift of the pre-war and war years behind.

    I was interested in the cash envelopes in the budgeting scene at the beginning of the clip. Interestingly enough, I found a blog today, the owner of which has an Etsy shop where she sells, among other things, budget pouches crafted from fabric. They're beautiful! Here's the link


  10. Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment because I've found your posts really interesting - sometimes they are topics I know little about and we can all learn something new everyday !

    Your pictures are simply amazing. So thank you for taking the time to share them and your lovely writing. Best wishes

  11. I loved the scene where the five boys hand down their jeans and the girl giggles! :)

  12. Common sense from the old days that can make alot of sense in our consumeristic society. Love the passing on down of pants, exactly what I do with my boys :)

    Great film :)

    Mom in Canada


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