Sunday, October 11, 2009

11 October 1955 “News, Recipes, VICTORY WEEK, and a Question”

I have had company for the past few days, so do please excuse the fewer posts.

I have been a bit lax in news as well, so here we go:

The actor James Dean died on 30 September 1955,  when his Porsche 550 Spyder collides with another automobile at a highway junction near Cholame, California. He's 24 years old.

Though he only really has three major films to his name ( the final movie The Giant, with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, was released posthumously in 1956) his death while young, rebellious in a fast car, along with his film “Rebel without a Cause”rebel without a cause cemented his iconography.

To me this really represents what is coming ahead: The youth culture of ‘live fast and leave a beautiful corpse’. The idea of teenagers needing a world away from the rules of the adults. What is scary to me is, now they have that world! Those baby boomers ARE the adults and though there are exceptions to the rule, they often seem to me to want to all be James Dean. Even politicians seem to have the attitude of  “I do want I want without care or responsibility” and sometimes it sends a chill down my spine. But, none the less, the idea of the rebel is born.

What surprises me is so many girls look for the rebel as date material despite their very attitude of self before anyone, moody uncontrollable passions, and really lazy attitudes are the exact opposite to real long term happiness in a relationship.  The very idea that your image and how you are living in terms of perception of ‘cool’ to other people seems to me, now, to be the very cause of so much sadness and misunderstanding in how the real ADULT world really works. Here we have youth living happily in a world their parents struggled to make safe and calm and happy after what they had gone through with the war and everything, but maybe it was too nice. The teens, their children, found the reliability and constancy of warm homemade meals, rules and a clean orderly home stifling, but that is only because they took it for granted. Just think how many young children today would benefit from a parent at home, homemade meals, and the lesson of consequence for action and it doesn’t matter how you look to other people, but what you actually do and how you treat your neighbor is more important. Why does everyone have to be cool? Here is a clip of the argument in the movie with James explaining why he ‘had to do it’ because they called him “chicken”.

Now, obviously James Dean was a good actor, but this role, this niche of the misunderstood teen against the world, really was needed at this time. The sad part is how much it has become a blueprint for the world today. There are reality shows dedicated to people who need to ‘look cool and act how they want without regard to peoples feelings’ etc.

There has to somehow be a happy medium of self-worth, responsibility and equilibrium. It seems today EVERYONE is rebelling, but against what? All the walls and norms have been broken down. In some way I feel like we, the Apron Revolutionaries, are the real real modern day Rebels. When the norm in public is herds of people (teens and adults) tattooed and cool in their jeans and attitude, hip to the core, I feel like when I stroll in with my petticoat and hat and heels, I’m the real rebel, and believe you me sometimes I get the looks the old leather clad youths probably got.

On 3 October 1955, The Mickey Mouse Club premiers. Now, as some of you may know, I have many qualms with Disney. I feel in some way, the company has taken the free open world of imagination and old fairy tales and slapped a price tag on them. They are behind the ridiculous extended 100 year copyright laws in this country, which is ironic, since they are trying to protect stories that they themselves, ‘stole’, which is the old fairy tales, but I digress. This show seems rather sweet.

I can’t get over again the difference between this dance routine and the modern day cheerleaders. One of my hubby’s work associates told him they had gone to a local school show and the 9 and 10 year old ‘dance’ troupe basically did really sexy moves to a Hip Hop song. He, himself only early 30’s, was appalled. I think we do need some innocence back. I don’t understand if why we now have sexual freedom we need to be so focused on it? There are other parts to being a human being than sex and if we are liberated, why go on and on by displaying it? We should now be able to focus on other elements of life, right?

This shows another example of today people caring more about ‘how they appear to others’. If these boys today, clean and groomed in a suit and bowtie showed up, they would get teased. Yet, people are always talking about how conformist the 1950’s were, but how many of the masses of people, including adults, are fixated on how cool they are and how they appear to strangers at the mall and other functions? Just something to think about.

I was amazed by this video that aired this year (1955) on the Mickey Mouse Club.

What a novel idea! Instead of over charging students for education and making it a corporate business, they teach the kids how to both learn and to be responsible with actual physical work in exchange for mental! I wonder if this still exists today. What a great opportunity for those who could not afford an education and still understand the actual physical labor involved in how the world works. What do you think of this? I have a feeling if this was offered today we would have to listen to people say it was SOCIALISM, even though what is more socialism than the government bailing out the poorly run banks and financial institutions? Really, this is the industry of fair trade for work and education. Does anyone know if this college still exists?

Today, 11 October, the new innovation in Film of 70-mm film is introduced with Rodgers and Hammerstein's masterpiece, Oklahoma!

Another aspect I have noticed from the 1950’s to the present is the Horror movie. Really the scary horror film was born in the 1950’s and really for a kids audience. Youths on Saturdays would go see double features of ‘Creature” films etc. Today, the horror film baffles me. The series called SAW which I have not seen but know of seems to be a series of senseless violence and,well, horror. Certainly, I don’t want there to be limits on what is made, but I do want us to look at WHY we do make the movies we make. What is the result in our own society that such movies are so popular? Maybe peoples everyday life of endless work in mindless jobs and easy entertainment at every turn, the tv, the computer music everywhere, we hardly feel anything. So, to really get our attention, to make us FEEL anything,  we need to see bodies dismembered and destroyed. Again, if we use our brains and knowledge to dissect the world around us, we can enjoy ourselves, but also understand WHY we enjoy certain things and decide, is that really entertaining?

woman cooking Now, for the kitchen:

Yesterday Gussie, who works on a local farm with the animals, brought home a wonderful surprise: Bags of veggies. Amongst these were a few heads of cabbage. So, I took out the ole’ cookbooks and found so many ways to use this wonderful vegetable.

I was sad to have to leave mine at the other house as we have rented it, but I am already going to plan a good amount of this wonderful vegetable for my garden next spring. It seems to keep really, well, likes growing in the cool weather and can be preserved rather easily.

The recipe I tried last night was Braised Red Cabbage and Apples. Though our cabbage was not Red, it was so good. Hubby adored it and my head began to swim with all the new ways I could cook and use this wonderful veg. I am sure many of you already cook with cabbage, but for me it is a new introduction to my increasing repertoire of food preparation. Here is the recipe:

Braised Red Cabbage and Apples

Caramelized chopped onion gives this dish its special flavor. IF you like, season more highly with nutmeg and cayenne or with allspice and clove (I actually added a little Tabasco sauce and it was lovely)

4 Tablespoons bacon fat or fat salt pork

2 Tablespoons sugar

1 small onion, chopped

4 cups shredded cabbage

2 tart apples, sliced

3 Tablespoons mild vinegar

1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds

Salt and Pepper

Water, stock , or red wine

Melt fat, add sugar, and stir until golden brown. Add onion and cook slowly until golden yellow. Add cabbage, apples, vinegar, and seasonings. Cook slowly until very tender. Add a little water, stock or wine as necessary to keep from sticking. Serves 4 to 6.

Now, I used butter instead of bacon fat, only because I was out of bacon, and believe me I WILL use the fat next time, but the butter was really nice as well. After making this dish, and it was so good, I found this footnote to the recipe:

Braised White cabbage Use 1/4 sugar and only 1 tablespoon vinegar.

That is what I should have done, as I used white cabbage, but honestly, I found it sweet enough and I love vinegar. I also used apple cider vinegar which is a little sweeter. Another thing I noticed was this said it would serve 4 to 6, my hubby and I ate the whole dish full last night at dinner! Another example of modern portions and amounts.

Speaking of this, I am getting ready for my marketing tomorrow which will be for our VICTORY WEEK. I am not sure who is joining me, but the shopping list is in one of my previous blogs, so print it out or write it down and lets make a weeklong move towards Victory over waste, consumption and to better health! I am curious to see how it will end up. We can be thankful it is just a week and not years and years as the UK had it during the war.

I am going to try this recipe tonight with more of our cabbage. (this could be a good one for VICTORY WEEK as well, as it uses very little and you could probably cut down to one egg yolk or use the whites for another dinner and the yolks for this, thus stretching your eggs out.)

Hot Slaw

1/2 cabbage

2 egg yolks, slightly beaten

1/4 cup cold water

1 tablespoon butter

1/4 cup hot vinegar

1/2 teaspoon salt.

Shred cabbage. Mix egg yolks, cold water, butter, vinegar, and salt. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly, until thick. Add cabbage. Reheat. Serves 4.

In my last post, one of my faithful followers Zebu posed the following question:

I agree that two-income families can definitely cut back! What do those of you who work say about your husbands? Would they go along with this cutting way back so that you could stay home? Would they WANT you to be able to stay home?

I am also interested in this. How many of you, who are not already single incomers, would like to be? Would your spouse go for it or be open to the discussion. How do you think your family and friends would react or treat you?

Well, until tomorrow and onto VICTORY WEEK!


  1. As all of you know, we are single incomers, so I cannot comment there.

    However, I had to laugh, once again, reading your post. It is sometimes like you and I are on the same wavelength. My hubby and I were talking about 2 nights about about what in the world has our society come to that movies like the "Saw" series should be made.

    I agree, I am not saying they CAN'T be made, but why is our society so sick as to DESIRE them to be made??? I cannot watch such things. I enjoy suspense films. Hitchcock films are some of my favorites. However, they are suspenseful and leave the worst to my imagination. I have no urge to sit and watch people be mutilated and harmed in grotesque ways for "entertainment". I can find a million other ways to occupy my time, thanks.

    Good luck with Victory Week. I also agree about the Apron Revolutionists being the new rebels. The name says it all. Revolutions are started by rebels. We are rebels WITH a cause. Keep it up, ladies.

  2. Now how did you know that I had a kitchen full of cabbage and apples? Oh yeah, because it's October in Massachusetts ;-) I think I might be trying that cabbage and apples recipe for dinner tonight, maybe throw in some seitan and serve it over rice.

    I've seen the first 4 Saw films. The first one actually wasn't bad, gory but actually a decent suspense and mystery film. The rest were just guts and gore but the hubby wanted to watch them yet was too scared to watch them alone so like a good wife I endured.

  3. We are also a single income family so I have nothing to add of substance, except this - Just before we married Beloved told me that he would never want me to work once we had children and therefore he felt I should quit before we got married so that we could start on our family right away. I worked my last day the Friday before our wedding Saturday, and we came home from our honeymoon with our first Blessing!

    We purchase our first home on nothing but Beloved's income and have lived that way ever since :-)

    I am participating in the Victory week, but I have to admit my head is swimming trying to convert all the required amounts for a faily of six :-)

    ~Mrs. J~

  4. I haven't been commenting lately but I'm still a faithful reader. Your blog always cheers me up and motivates.

    Red cabbage with apples is a typical Dutch dish, did you know? You can buy it from deep freeze, so you only need to warm it up (though it's not really 1950s:). We eat it with rice and thick slices of bacon (at least, I think it's called "bacon" in English:)

    We have been single income from the very beginning by mutual agreement. I quitted before we married.I think I'm incredibly lucky as my husband is really old-fashioned and takes great pride in providing for the family.
    We both love things this way.

    I'm not participating in Victory week, I'm afraid, but will follow your progress on the net:)

    May be, next year will be 1945 for you?

    Greetings from Holland

  5. Lori-I forget to mention Hitchcock and the like. I adore Hitchcock films and again, suspense and the art of camera angles and lighting and then imagination is the best 'fear suspense' for me. Again, no imagination, so just show everyone being chopped up. I take it you are not sharing in VICTORY WEEK? It will be interesting to read our comments though, don't you think?
    Rhonda-of course, MA in fall. I have to say, I love our state in the fall. All of New England is so pretty for many reasons. Our neck of the woods always seems to get its color later and then it goes by quickly due to the fact that we are basically an island surrounded by water. Today, driving 6A (an historic route on Cape Cod) was lovely and I was reminded of my friend from Texas who visited recently who said, "You know, the rest of the country doesn't look like this" as we sat in our idyllic tea shop porch surrounded by 1700's buildings and architecture and the smell of the ocean and a distant sound of a train. I appreciate where I am more, since this year 1955.
    Mrs. J-what a great plan. I am glad you are doing VICTORY WEEK, as I was really hoping a woman with children would do it, so we could see your results. I think if you have anyone over 12 add 1/2 the list I made to your list and anyone Under 12 add 1/4 of the list, if that makes sense? I am excited to see your results.
    S-oh, that is interesting, so that dish is so 'ordinary' you can buy it prepared, interesting. I am glad to have a reader from Holland. I am still not sure what next year will be, we shall see.
    I see so far everyone already is a single famiily income, I do hope if any of my readers are not they will chime in with if they would like to try it or if they think it wouldn't work for them etc. It is nice to get varied ideas.
    Back to enjoying this lovely fall day. The sun is shinning and there is that lovely cool crisp smell in the air.

  6. No, I am sorry 50sgal...I am not going to do Victory Week. As I have posted previously, my oldest is autistic and he is VERY food sensitive. I have about 25 things he will eat. He will literally either starve or throw up if expected to eat other things. It is a battle I just will not go into at this point. Additionally, I have a 4 year old, and he is just plain picky. The kid is going to turn into a PBJ sandwich soon. *sigh*

    I guess with my kids there are some battles I will take on and some I will not, and the food issue I just cannot do. It has taken nearly 12 years to get my oldest to eat as many things he does, and God help me, I just cannot rock the boat.

    I am VERY interested to hear all the comments, however. If it were just me and the hubby, I would be in on it for sure. I did buy a little less and stayed with staples this week. Just to remind my kids that we need to be frugal.

  7. Lori-I had forgot you mentioned that, obviously it sounds like you have a very FULL plate, but won't it be fun to follow along on our struggle...I mean VICTORY. I am sorry that you have such food issues, it must be hard to handle, I am sure. I am sure we will have enough amusing stories to keep you 'part of it', so don't worry about it.

  8. Check out these recipes I found everyone. I hope you enjoy them

  9. Amy- I am not sure what recipes you mean? You didn't list any.

  10. I you are probably correct in your observation that the Mickey Mouse dancers of the 1950's reminded you of modern day "cheer leaders." We are *not* a pro-Disney family. You can be sure that nothing on television, as well as other media, was by mistake. I have observed, first hand the degradation of our culture that television had no small part in. We removed cable--that means no TV--almost seven years ago and haven't looked back since. The effect of television upon the brain is a bit unsettling to think about.

    As far as rebels and education are concerned, it might interest you to read about the Frankfurt School (online) as well the online book, "The Underground History of American Education," by John Taylor Gatto.

    Have you ever considered making your own sauerkraut? I tried it recently, and I must say, I was impressed. The only ingredients were cabbage and salt. It didn't take much work at all!

    No Idle Hands

  11. No Idle Hands-In fact, I plan on making my own sauerkraut, my cookbook has some recipes. I will check out that book at the end of the year, thank you.

  12. Oh! How I long for a "Berea College" here! I would love that! It's sad, too, about the Rebel image emerging. The more you right, the more I have to wonder what my childhood, and inevitably, my adult life now would be like, had the Rebel-thing not taken off the way it had. Of course, it's not even just my life, but as a perspective for myself, I have to wonder.

  13. As far as I know Berea College still exists; it is in the south. If I remember correctly, Kentucky. For many years we used to get their catalog of handmade items done by the students. There was everything from handmade furniture to beautiful wooden wastebaskets to pottery ; all handmade by the students. The college had many programs to raise money for the students as well as the college itself. Dianne

  14. I just found out that Berea college does still exist and still is no tuition. It was founded in 1855 (thus in 1955 it was it's 100 yr anniversary) and was founded by an abolitionist. It was the first co-ed and multicultural college. So, even before the abolition of slavery it allowed white and black to attend together. During the civil war it was forced out, but the founder returned after the civil war and it is still going on. What is so funny, is how have I NEVER heard of this school before? Even concerning its stance on equality WELL before 1960's? Again, I see that what is chosen to be portrayed to anyone on tv and in news is so selective and meant to coerce our ideas and ideals into a small corral of thought. I was also upset to find out there will be a reality show about helping addicts, which is good that it exists, but where is the show that celebrates the people who ARE doing the right thing, working hard, studying, making their life good by being responsible and making the RIGHT choices, today we seem to think you have to do some stupid thing, have an addiction, work through it, DRAMA, talk it out, and emerge to then make A BETTER LIFE. That is good, but perhaps if less attention and glamor was put upon those poor choices and celebrating those who consistantly MAKE those choices, the masses would be less likely to follow suit. Oooh it burns my apron to think about it. I have to realize, though, that tv, consumerism and the controlling ability of mass media cannot be stopped and be happy living as best I can and hopefully touching a few people here and there or making someone think twice and in so doing, make myself think more and analyize and continue to learn and grow. Apron Revolution!

  15. I remember reading a great book about children's advertising. It said that in the 50s, "cool" was considered one of many ways to be respected and admired, including hipsters, bobby socksers, homemaker, or business professional. You could be straight laced and still have that considered a good thing.

    Now, however, "cool" is the ONLY accepted way to be respected among children. Even more heart breaking is the fact that cool is designed by advertisers to be purposefully exclusive. Therefore you're either cool or you're nothing.

  16. I know this comment is OT, and I don't do this often but.. Would you please go to this entry in my blog, and scroll to the bottom of it.

    A blogger is suffering through a long bout of her husband being hospitalized and... Another sweet blogger told me of her sadness. We both are asking people to go [her link is there] leave her a comment of good wishes.




    And a big Thank You!

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  17. Gabriel-if only their were other 'accepted' forms of being for youths. What is silly, is the hip exclusive cool is so marketed too. Even the 'frige' goth kids are still just a marketed sub-culture, one has only to see the store Hot Topic to realize that. I just wish people could feel good about being more 'put together' as then the reality of ones own wardrobe could be more in their hands, we could never make our own 'fashion jeans and particular designer bags. Oh, well.
    Aunt Amelia, of course we will go give our good wishes, that is what community is for, I wish we could all send her a virtual tin of homemade sweets or a casserole, but good wishes will have to suffice.

  18. Hi there, this is my first comment here (I think!!) as I usually lurk lol, but have to say I adore your blog, especially the things you have to say, they are so relevant. BTW thanks for the NYC 1955 clip below, how awesome is that! :)

  19. When does VICTORY week officially start? I do my menus Monday thru Sunday, actually making them on Saturdays or sometimes Sundays if we're busy. When were you starting?



  20. Good Morning all! S. I had planned on starting VICTORY WEEK this week, but as I have unexpected company in for the week, I may have to postpone, my only problem is, if others have already shopped for it, I do not want to feel I have let anyone down, so if anyone who is doing it with me, let me know if we could make the official week NEXT week, starting Monday. Is that okay with everyone? If not, I had to put off my marketing on sunday (which actually forced me to make do with my stock available in the house anyway!)
    Linda-welcome, I am always happy to know others are reading. My hubby always tells me that the amount of comments is not most likely the actual amount of people reading. But, anytime anyone has anythying to say, please chime up, we are a community! But, that doesn't mean we all have to talk, some of us are the quiet observers.

  21. The purpose of your blog is soooo cool. I do not know if I could last long pretending like it is 1955 for very long. I am planning to have a couple of vintage dresses made and pictures taken for my blog. I think I have about 10 vintage patterns, but my sewing skills are limited. Check out my blog when you get a chance and become a follower. I review classic movies.

  22. Just another way to cook cabbage for you - I don't really have a recipe. I cook this in my large cast iron skillet with a bit of cooking oil.

    I chop an onion and let it cook until transparent and beginning to carmelize.

    Add in a clove or two of garlic and black pepper to taste.

    While the onion is cooking slice enough cabbage to fill the pan and add it to the pan and stir-fry until the cabbage wilts. You can put a lid on the pan too to help it steam. Add a little water if it seems to need it. Add a bit of soy sauce about 1-2 tbsp near the end of cooking and stir it around.

    It is good served as a side dish.

    Michelle in Canada

  23. Michelle-wow, that sounds great. we are on day three of our free cabbage side dishes and my hubbys says, 'Keep them coming', luckily my hubby is NOT a picky eater and is always up to try any new thing.
    bmadron-that sounds good and you will be surprised how after you sew your first dress you will have the 'ah-ha' moment and see how a thing is put together. Then you will see most things and think "Oh, I could make that, so easy" or I could make a pattern of that.
    Sorry again, all, I have family in this week and am busier than usual. I am about to post a blog, but it is not edited, so please excuse.

  24. I have given you the Kreativ Blogger award. You can collect it here:

    Have a great day!

  25. Deanna-thank you so much, how kind.

  26. 50sgal,

    It seems that the majority of your followers are stay-at-homers, but I really appreciate you reposting my question!

    Listening to you speak of your tea time with a friend…How I would love to sit with you at your favorite tea shop garbed in 50’s hats, gloves, and clutches taking in the beauties of the Cape—something I have only heard of. Your area sounds so romantic, so historical. You are deeply blessed to be surrounded by such deep herritage.

    As of now, I am planning on participating in Victory week next week. 

  27. Reading this late....we are not single incomers; in fact, I am the main breadwinner. So cutting back to hubby's income for me to stay home would put us way below poverty level (hubby is a grad student making a grad assistant income right now).

    That being said, if hubby was in a financial position for me to be able to stay home, I'd have a hard time convincing him to get on board with it. He is of the mindset that women who stay home are lazy slobs who sit around watching soap operas all day while eating bon-bons. It doesn't seem to matter how much I point out to him that that's not the case at all for *most* stay at home wives/moms, he just doesn't see it that way. So, no hope for that in the immediate future!

  28. Wow, Gingerealla-I think if your hubby is a grad student and therefore steeped in learning he SHOULD be open to the idea that the pre-concieved notion of a stay at home woman is hardly the truth and one has only to look to historical precedent to see that image is in fact manufactured. I don't mean any offense, perhpas that sounds harsh, I was just shocked that an individual in higher education would not want to 'investigate' it when his wife propsed a different hypothesis to him about his percetion of the Homemaker. That being said, would you LIKE to be a homemaker or would you hate to give up the work and the schedule that entails? Share, please.

  29. I've mentioned to him at different times that I'd like him to read some of your posts concerning those notions, as well as other things I've come across online about it; I think he'd be more open to learning more about it if his work load wasn't so heavy right now, he hasn't even the time to read for his own pleasure these days. As it's not something that can happen soon anyway, it's low priority to "push" him at the moment. ;)

    I think my ideal situation, if money weren't the issue, would be to work part time somewhere maybe 2 or 3 days a week. I'm extremely introverted (and to get really personal, am dealing with depression and social anxiety) and get most of my social adult interaction through the work place; if I wasn't working I think I'd slip even farther into self-imposed isolation.

    I love the *idea* of being a stay at home wife - I'm by no means a "career woman" in love with my job - but I'm not sure it would be healthy for me with my current mental health issues. Working part time would force me out of the house to take part in the world outside, but would still give me more time to devote to home things than I do working full time. I hope that makes sense!

  30. Forgot to add also....hubby's perception of women who stay home is based on the relationship he was in prior to meeting me. She *was* the stereotypical lazy slob who didn't do anything all day but demanded he support her financially. That experience shaped his views and it's hard to get that lingering bad taste out of his thoughts, so to speak.

  31. You have had a company??? :)

    My husband says that if he could earn more he would love me to stay at home, but alas he cannot. We cannot live from only one salary in Denmark, and it is not that we are big spenders and live a life in unlimited luxury.

    Xoxoxo Sanne

    PS: Still behind with your blog, but trying to catch up.

  32. Hi! I know this is an old post, but I noticed that nobody referred to College of the Ozarks...also known as Hard Work U. It is based on the same for your tuition. We just dropped our daughter off last weekend to begin her adventure at C of O. She is working 12 weeks at 40 hrs. a week during the summer to pay for her room and board this school year. These students will graduate debt free! is the link...I think. If not, you can google it. I am loving your blog and have been reading it backwards to see how your year progressed...

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