Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15 December 1955 “Feeling Better; Checking In”

50s dressing gown I apologize for not having posted before this, but my illness suddenly came to a head these past few days. Now, rather spent, but happily feeling more solidly better, I find myself well into the Christmas season. I feel as if I Rip Van Winkled and awoke on Christmas Eve. So many things to do and now rather less time.

Today is honestly the first day I can go out and attempt some shopping. We have budgeted very little for gifts this year, as it is our time together on the day that is more important than the things we give, but one does like to have a few things to wrap.woman with packages

So, I am off today to try and get back into the swing of things. I can hardly believe that 1955 is almost at a close.

christmas decoHere is a page of fun home-made decorations you can make. I thought they are a great recycling project as well as rather mid-century pretty. I will post the instructions for this as well as the recipes for the pies and some candies next. I still plan on doing a post about manners, but I want to peruse my Vanderbilt Etiquette book before hand.

Have a wonderful day and hope you are all ready for the coming Holiday.


  1. I hope you have fun shopping.

    I so enjoy your blog - are you going to do 1956 next?

  2. What a fascinating blog/project. I am sorry to have discovered it so late. Though I was born in 1969, my parents were born in 1917, so I can relate so well to the things you are posting; my 1970s childhood was more akin to the 1950s. Growing up, our family had only one tv, a black and white set in the livingroom that was only used for PBS viewing of such programs as Masterpiece theatre (Upstairs Downstairs was a favourite). We never had a microwave, and only purchased a coloured TV in 1988. My school lunches were always wrapped in waxed paper and included an apple. We had one telephone, a black rotary dial, and numbers were remembered by the exchanges such as Fairview-5 (we resided in Boston, MA). Christmas trees were always decorated with multi-coloured big lights, glass ornaments, and icicles. We had orange electric candles in the windows, a wreath on every window and a spotlight shining on the house from the front lawn. My Mother would wash and set her hair and dry it under a bonnet dryer. When my father dressed casually, that meant he wore a sports jacket instead on a suit jacket - neither of my parents ever owned a pair of jeans or t-shirts, they always dressed for the occasion. We wound our alarm clocks, perked our coffee, and popped our popcorn on the stove. Our Kitchen aid mixer, toaster oven, and electric skillet were our favourite appliances. Thank you for awakening so many memories from the past. I am enjoying your posts very much, and hope that you keep it up in the new yea. Best wishes ...
    *A Kindred Spirit*

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  4. Good to see that you're feeling better and i can't wait for your post about manners! x

  5. I am not sure if next year will be 1956, I think I might like it to be. I actually thought of taking a poll of all of you out there before the year ends and see what you think, such as A) 1956 B) 1945 C)or the complete 1950's decade from 50-59. That sort of thing.
    Anon-I was born to older parents as well, but wow your parents were in their early 50's when you were born? Amazing. Welcome. I am going to continue on with my blog and other ideas pertaining to vintage living and life and ideals and ideas etc. Thank you all for you well wishes, I am feeling less sick, but rather fatique quickly, but that is normal I suppose after being basically sedentary for almost 2 weeks!

  6. Actually, my Father was 52 (b.1917) and my Mother was 46(b.1923) when I was born. I love your blog. PLEASE continue with another year. My vote is to keep it in the '50s, as you really seem to have dived into the decade in terms of dress, food, decore, and attitude.

    *Kindred Spirit*

  7. Glad your feeling better. Don't over do it trying to catch up. Christmas will still be Christmas even without all the tinsel and bows...(I think Dr. Suess said that)

  8. Oh fun to see a commenter spells their name like mine. Well, Donna, I hope it is 1956 as it is the year I was born. We all have learned so much and you have give some of us the bravery to return to our true selves. Lets continue!

  9. Donna, it's so wonderful to hear you're feeling better. But take it slow so you don't relaps.

    As for your plans for next year, I'm not too picky, as long you're here doing something. I look forward to each new post and comment as each is interesting and thought provoking. I know you tossed around the idea of a website with a message board. It would be easier to communicate with each other. Sometimes I don't get back to see comments and miss things, like when Lorie waved hi from accross the lake (sorry, Lorie- I didn't think you'd see me waving by the time I saw your friendly post!)

    Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations.


  10. 50's gal,
    I would *love* to see the blog stay in the 1950's. I am glad you are feeling better!

    Kindred Spirit,
    I am glas you wrote. My husband and I had our last child much later than the rest. When his siblings would reminisce, he felt a bit left out. I would remind him that there are possitivies to his position. He has come to realize the "advantages," as you have expressed. We had a black phone with FUlton-8 exchange. My parents still use it.

    No Idle Hands

  11. Glad you are feeling better but agree with Sarah--don't overdo it!

  12. I have been so happy here all year (well most of it) sharing with you ladies. I would love to see this continue on. Even should you decide to allow next yearto be 2010, Donna, we need to get that website and keep the coffee klatch alive and well. As you have sad, we don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We can retain 1955 as we want, and incorporate other years and technology as wanted or needed. (We - haha... I mean you)

    I am glad you are doing better, but be careful. That is when you are likely to over do and then wind up with a backset of illness that will be worse than the orignal. Be patient with youself. You will get it all caught up eventually. That is the wonderful thing about being your own boss, you don't have to worry about a deadline. If the laundry gets done on wednesday instead of monday...big deal.

    and -- HI Sarah H. again from across the lake. :)

  13. Glad to know you're feeling better. :)
    I've sent you a Christmas card yesterday, but have to regret my handwriting beforehand. I am so tired and stressed and envy you your life SOOO much. My job is killing me. But anyway it is a handwritten and homemade card from Denmark, so I hope you bear with me.

    I cannot wait to see more vintage Christmas on your blog. :)


  14. I think retaining anything 50's in your blog would be awesome, let us know what you do......:)

    Mom in canada

  15. Good morning ladies, I am so happy, again to see all your well wishing.
    I DO need to take it easy, as I went out shopping yesterday and after two stores was spent, came home and had to have a lie down! It is so hard when one is used to running about doing 50 things at once all day to be relinquished to one task at a time. My a homemaker would be a rather sad excuse only being allowed to do one thing at a time!
    So, here I am, rather tired and contemplating the next trip out today. I do need to write my post on manners and some more xmas, so I believe I shall use my strenght this morning for you ladeis (and gentleman) first.
    I am glad you think of this as your experiment and blog to, for surely it is! I see that you all feel as I do and that 1956 and that decade is best. There is still so much I want to research and find out. I believe allowing myself the next step into the decade will be very enlightening and I want to do more 1950-1956 research to really see how the decade began to move towards the 1960s.
    I hope all of you are having a lovely time getting ready for the holiday (if you celebrate it, that is).
    Sanne-I am so excited that you have sent me a homemade card! I feel remiss as I sent no cards to those of you who write me, as I have been ill during my alloted 'card writing time'. Sorry excuse, I know, but there you are. You shall have to take my blog as my christmas card to all of you.
    Well, I am going to attempt to get another post together, ladies and will post the pie recipes, the decoration instructions and possibly some fun candy recipes from my old cookbooks, I know Sanne wanted those darling pink peppermints recipe.
    Off to 'work'.
    Oh, and I do promise to have some form of something for we gals to 'go to' that is a sort of website/forum that we can list and link our blogs and such.
    I also see we are up to 337 followers. Honestly, I try not to pay too much attention to that number, but as it grew I thought, "How wonderful would it have been to end the year with 365" see one for each day. Silly, I know, but wouldn't it have been funny anyway?!
    Off to work.

  16. Dear 50s Gal, I'm glad you are feeling better!
    Have you thought of moving to the beginning of the decade, like making it 1951?

    This way you could learn more about 1940s as well.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  17. I have, indeed, but what I might do is focus on 1956 while also really researching and sharing from 1950 onward.

  18. Instead of counting the number of followers, you could count the number of different countries, or cities, or something else.

    Just here we are from Denmark and the Netherlands, isn't it special - to get to know people from so far away and speaking such incomprehensible languages.

    I think over 300 followers is FAB! :)

  19. I know you are so right Sanne. Thank goodness other non English speaking people are clever enough to learn English as it seems we native speakers can't be bothered to learn other languages, so thank you. And I count every follower as a treasure, don't worry. But, sometimes it is nice to share are 'silly thoughts' only to have them shown how silly they really are. I have an image that the netherlands and Denmark must be such a magical christmas place, full of bright painted wooden toys, lovely traditions and wonderful desserts, is it?

  20. In Holland Christmas is taken very seriously and we always have 2 days off instead of one, so the dinner must be planned for both:)
    One of the traditions is sending cards to all your family and acquaintances, but I think Americans do it as well?
    We normally don't give presents with Christmas, we have a special day for it on December 6, the Saint Nicholaas Day. Some people do it also with Christmas, though.
    As for wooden toys, if you mean those for the Christmas tree, then I have to disappoint you - they are all made from glass nowadays:) I don't know anyone who has wooden ones.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  21. 50sGal
    thank you for answering and I am so glad you are going to continue -

  22. So glad you are feeling better in time for Christmas :) so enjoy your posts and the time that you take to do it. :0)

  23. I was born in 1956, too, and really look forward to the New Year and your blog. Thanks for doing this, as it has really taught me a lot about life and living without "stuff." I LOVE the recipes. Keep 'em coming!

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