Saturday, December 26, 2009

26 December 1955 "Happy Christmas"

I hope all had as lovely a Christmas as we did here in 1955.
We had a white Christmas, which I cannot remember the last time we were lucky with that here on the Cape. We were even able to go 'coastin' or sledding. The snow was a little wet at that point, but we went none the less and had a great time.
I will share more with all of you, but am feeling rather exhausted. This cold really has held on through the holiday.
Enjoy your holiday weekend all and look forward to hearing what you did and received for Christmas.
I shall be back with a proper post tomorrow.


  1. Glad to hear that you had such a nice Christmas.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Glad to hear your Christmas was so lovely. We too had a white Christmas and an old fashioned one too. The gifts were simple and the food all from scratch was really bringing the warmth of the season home.
    I gave fun gifts that I would have received as a child. My grandaughter loved the metal pot holder maker, so nice to see they still love toys that need people power not batteries. From Pennsylvania peace and blessings of the season to all...

  3. Sounds as if nice Christmases were had by all so far. Jeanne-how lovely to give vintage inspired gifts a fun and fine idea! It is amazing how toys now require little imagination and often just seem to be some corporate/movie tie in of some sort. Nothing that seems to have any staying power. Hubby and I were just discussing kids/raising again today (something we speak of MUCH more this year than ever before!) and though we both used to play video games ourselves, we came to see that we most likely would not want any video games in the house for a child until they were older. My hubby was not allowed them and he only was able to get his nintendo when he could do odd jobs for family to 'save up' his own money to buy one. He recalled playing with it for three hours the first day and then slowly losing interest. He enjoyed playing with it but would not do so every day and never longer than an hour or so. He said it was most likely due to being an older child (12 or so) and already having learned to amuse himself outdoors or to play with his various 'antique/old fashioned' gifts such as wooden puzzles, handmade toys etc or antique cars and trucks that were his great grandfathers, that his imagination was allowed to develop to the point that he could enjoy a video game as he would a board game but would never sit for hours on end playing it as his other friends would (and some still can do today!). We have both come to look at many things we have done or do and reconsider them. This has been the year of discovery for both of us and that has really been, in its own right, a wonderful Christmas gift!

  4. we had such a lovely day!! our kids received many books (some vintage ones like cherry ames, honey bunch, and hardy boys) some movies (also vintage-y~black beauty, sound of music etc.) some lovely party dresses from my parents, our son got a wooden handmade gun from a friend, they also got some games, musical instruments and doll clothes. they made most of the gifts they gave to relatives. they were far more excited about that than anything, i think. so thrilled to see grandparents oooh and ahhh over the craftiness of them all!! :) we have eaten much glorious food, so that now i imagine i could just doze off peacefully for the rest of the bleak midwinter!! many happy wishes for the rest of your holiday week! xo

  5. Hello 50sgal,

    It's strange to think that once again, Christmas has come and gone.

    Before Christmas, we bought for a couple of nursing home residents who have no family. Then, with the wee ones, we delivered their presents. It was as much fun for the children and us as it was for the older people.

    For Christmas itself, we had a busy but wonderful time going between the different houses of family members and having some to our home as well. This has gone on over the past four days, and it will continue through tomorrow as well. Family is the greatest thing on the Earth. I love this time of year.

    Thank you for your post. :0)

  6. I also had a terrible cold over Christmas, it's still lingering unfortunately. We gad a great Christmas, good to hear you had one too. I've been inspired to make my own Christmas decorations next year and i'm learning to knit so i'm knitting everyone presents instead! I always hate how much Christmas costs, it should be more about spending quality time with the family instead of spending hundreds on gifts.

  7. A very merry Christmas to you too. :)
    We also had a white Christmas here in Denmark, and it has only happened 7 times for the last 100 years. It melted a lot the day before, but the remaining snow looked nice on Christmas day. Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas in 55.

    Danish e-hugs


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