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28 December 1955 “A Cuppa and some Recipes and Tips”

woman with coffee Good morning gals, no pontificating today,  just recipes and household hints. I decided before the new year I needed at least one post with some practical applications, so no rants today. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and your ‘to-do’ list and we can share some fun ideas on food and home for the coming new year. And we are not really that far away from Spring cleaning are we?

First, I know it is a bit late for Christmas recipes, but they can always be filed away for next year, and really cookies are good anytime, right? (As always, click on the image and it should open large enough to read or print.)

Cookies:christmas cookies1 christmas cookies2 Here is a wonderful picture of some interesting and very 1950’s candy/sweets. I think many of these would be good for a Valentine’s Day tea as well, so have included them. The recipes follow and again, click and enlarge. If you want you can print them the size of an index card and glue them on for your recipe box!

christmas candy pic


Here are the Kris Kringles:kris kringles

Neapolitins: neapolitans Mint Creams:mint creams Fruit Slices:fruit slices Uncooked Fruit Caramels:uncooked fruit caramels Chocolate Roll:chocolate roll Harlequin Balls:Harelquin balls Snow Drops:snow drops


Here are some tips I have found from the time period:

Bread crusts are ideal for cleaning the meat grinder; then add to the meat dish for flavor and food.

To keep a recipe book or card clean while you’re cooking, place it under an upside-down pie plate. The curved bottom also magnifies the print.

(This tip is good for the holiday season, as I know the bottom of my stocking was teeming with Brazil nuts.)Warm Brazil nuts in the oven before cracking them.

A corner cut from an envelope and pierced at the point makes a good funnel for filling salt and pepper shakers.

(I have not tried this one, but I think I might. I would feel rather dainty going about the house rubbing my gloved hands upon everything, maybe I will wear a hat to boot and make a day of it. Hopefully the neighbor won’t stop by and peek in the window while I am in the middle of it! I think I am considered eccentric enough.)Wear white cotton gloves sprayed with furniture polish to do your dusting

When cleaning windows use one teaspoon vinegar, one teaspoon ammonia and fill small spray bottles with water, use newspapers to wipe windows, makes them shine

When grass stains get on clothes, use molasses, rub in well and leave several minutes to soak before washing.

When your bed sheets wear out, they can be folded in half and used to make pillow cases, cut them desired width and use the original hems.

Remove stains in vases by filling with tea leaves and vinegar, shake or swoosh until stain disappears.

Make mittens from old towels and use to dust blinds.

To remove mildew, 1/2 cup vinegar, douse the item up and down and mildew will disappear.

To remove lipstick stain from cottons and sweaters, use a cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol. Apply gently to stain and it leaves no tell tale circle.

To keep skirts from sliding off hanger, wrap bar with a strip of bias cut velvet, cut one inch wide.

Cream pitchers will not drip if a little butter or salad oil is put on the end of the lip.

Freezing of clothes on the line during cold weather is prevented by using a little salt in last rinsing water.

A button sewn to the corner of the dish cloth comes in handy to scrape sticky particles from the dishes. ( I have not tried this one, but you bet I am going to use up some of those random single buttons for this purpose.)

Wet a piece of cloth with ammonia, put in warm oven for a few hours; this will loosen any burnt food that is sticking to the surfaces.( I would like to try this one, as I hate the fumes and chemicals in a store bought oven cleaner. Have any of you tried this?)

Save old match boxes and use them for molds when making homemade soap. Simply tear away the box portion when ready to use.

Work shirts that are fraying at the cuffs can be saved from the rag bag with a little bias tape. Trim off the frayed part closely and bind the edge with tape in the closest matching color. It will make a neat mend and strengthen the cuff. (I like this one and even if your cuffs are NOT frayed, it would make a quick personal touch , don’t you think?)

Don’t throw fat away even if it was used for frying fish and has retained the odor, simply fry a slice of potato in the fat and the potato will absorb the odor. (this is good to know, because one thing 1955 has taught me, DONT THROW AWAY YOUR GREASE AND FAT)

Are you just about to throw away that burnt aluminum saucepan? Pour some water in it and add an onion; set it on to boil and you will soon find that all the burnt matter will loosen and come to the top, leaving the saucepan clear and bright again

Okay, one little rant. I know I should not be talking about or knowing who Eva Longoria is (in fact, I did not really until I read this article online. Also, I have never seen Desperate Housewives, but I have a strong feeling it is probably more about sexualizing women’s roles that showing the positive role of the homemaker.) So, here is the picture that burns my casserole.eva Now, what is odd, is in the article the person interviewing her has said things like, “Eva says she wants to be a 1950’s housewife even though we know that time was, and I quote: “… idealizing a time when women had little rights and respect”. The interviewer also says, and I quote, “Is it possible to take care of one’s husband without glamorizing limiting gender roles? No? Ok”.

What I find very interesting and probably really see it now more due to my time here in 1955 (Okay, I know I am not REALLY in 1955, but my research) is how scary such an image mixed with that attitude cab be. The interviewer is quick to judge ALL women of the time in their ‘limiting’ roles and yet, this image is so overtly sexual it makes me laugh.

So, is our ‘freedom’ and ‘move forward’ only gained by trading the role of the female as someone to be cherished and respected with someone who is only sexual? And, is that ‘freedom’ role only valid when one is young and sexy, or like this actress able to afford personal trainers and plastic surgery? I just find the overtly sexualized image of  women as ‘young nymphets’ a very scary role. What other roles are there out there? I see magazines covered with young sexy people or making fun of older actresses love handles and cellulite. Who cares! When we aren’t traipsing about in our underpants or waving our ‘money makers’ at clubs in a stripper fashion, we have no value?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there has been and will always be a place for women who choose to ‘dance/strip/ burlesque’, but even that seems to be degraded to some foul practice rather than than the artful forms of Gypsy Rose Lee with the exception of Dita Von Tease, of course.

Yet, regardless of whether a woman should want to choose this role, we are told, rather blatantly, by TV, movies, internet ads and magazines that a woman’s role is not only Decorative, but sexually so. What scares me the most is a militant feminist would be so quick to poo-poo her Foremothers of the past, while embracing a ‘freedom’ that seems to me more ‘prison’ than before. I want the freedom of career and choice and education for women, but I also want them to have the sense and reality of mind to call a spade a spade. Look around you, do you like to be solely regarded by your level of sexuality, or coolness? Do you like being judged by rather you have your low rise jeans low enough or if your rock hard abs are perfect and your exposed body parts free of cellulite. Perhaps if we were not told and viewed only by how ‘pretty we are’ we could actually be judged by our skills and our beauty might come through our choice of fashion and our minds, not merely how tone and hot and young our bodies are! Wouldn’t it be nice for a young girl to see an older woman, comfortable size not model thin, in a fun fashionable outfit with a crazy old hat and gloves who is smart and proud and doesn’t care what others think of how she ‘looks, but is concerned that she is viewed by her intelligence her skills and place she has made for herself in community. When 50 year old women feel the need to emulate a 15 year old girl and whose fixation with her own looks and how ‘cool and hip’ she is, where are our young women suppose to go? For what heights and goals are they to aim? They are already younger and sexier by their youth alone and feel no need to improve for they are the ‘ideal’, they only have to worry and fixate on ‘holding onto that youth’ as they slip into their 30s, 40s, 50s.

I guess it is all really a result of having so much of our world be visual and controlled by advertising. How does one make an older intelligent woman who doesn’t care if she is hot, but cares to look nice and dress for herself sell cars, toothpaste, or be on a reality show. The very visual instant pleasure seeking world in which we dwell seems to have no place for older intelligent women who care more about what is in their head or coming out of their mouths than if they have the ‘coolest tattoo’.

So, with that off my chest, I hope you enjoyed the recipes and tips. Please share more of your own in the comments with all of us. It will be nice to have a forum on my hopeful website to share and discuss such household tips and recipes.


  1. That picture is ridiculous--consider my casserole burnt too!

    Along the same lines, my hubby and I were in a store on Christmas Day. We walked in by the magazine rack, and this guy was reading porn, which is bad enough. But! He also had one of the magazies open to the centerfold and propped up so everyone could see! We passed him again as he was walking away from the rack, so I looked over to where the magazines were, and he now had TWO opened to the centerfolds! I marched over there, slammed them shut, and turned them around backwards.

  2. Love all the cute festive recipes.

    And your statement you make. Women are more oppressed by trying to attain the plastic ideals of some body image that is set by Madison Avenue. This holds true today as much as it did in the 1950's.

    Then women did not have this need (or even availability) to use almost grotesque plastic surgery and botox and literally fakeness to attain a feminine ideal. They were, though, constricted with girdles, corsets, and sometimes pretty stirct diets.

    Yes, magazinzes, zines and gossip columns make fun of older actresses that are not 'with it' in this plastic culture. Carrie Fisher (of Star Wars fame) being the most recent one - horrors - she packed on some poundage and is not up to date in getting her 'jowls' taken care of! Happily many came to her defense in the comments section following the scathing article.

    A sexualized housewife as Ms. Longaria portrays (and I believe she is now in mid-thirties) is just not realistic and has never existed in real life - almost like the classic 'french maid' character.

    On Desperate Housewives only Bree Van De Camp is the one who keeps a decent house (and that in the plot line usually interferes with her family life). The others are basically slobs that don't even cook. Ms. Longoria's character usually has housekeepers that do her housework (unless a financial crisis averts this).

    Perhaps more people should be saying no to this plastic standard of fake youth and relying on healthy habits and exercise for a realistic appearance. Ah, the freedom from caring what Madison Avenue and the plastic surgery crowd dictate how we should appear.

    Love your blog and what you are doing - had discovered it months ago then could not find it - now will be a 'follower'!

  3. You are only TEN followers from you goal! :) Wishing you luck, anyway you have many who loves your blog.

  4. Another quick note, since I am at my job. Thank you so much for all the recipes. I've downloaded them all, and will save them for next year. :)

  5. Kudos on the commentary regarding the article's ignorance. One of my fave quotes - "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." -Margaret Thatcher

  6. The picture of that "lady" (and that's too strong a word for this), is insulting to every woman born in my generation following the baby boomers.

    I am not an outright feminist, but I wish to be treated first as a human being with dignity and respect.

    How far have we come? In the old days, gentlemen would open car doors for ladies, would help a lady to seat herself in a restaurant and even open a door to a store and let the lady enter first. Is this not more respectful then the way women are objectified today?

    And the saying is "We have come a long way baby."

    I truly feel that we have not really gained much in the long run, the fact is that majority of the women still take on the household tasks of raising the children (second shift), and they need to bring home the bacon as well.

    I see how my friend lives her life (as described above), and I would not want to switch with her for a million teas in China).

    I work very part-time, my hubby maybe oldfashioned but he treats me with courtesy and wishes me to stay home to take care of the family.

    So all in all, do we have more rights today, then our sisters did back in the day? Or have we merely traded one glass ceiling prison (housewife), for another prison of more work outside the home, as well as continuing to work in the home.

    Sorry 50's gal for the above comment, but I am raising two little boys and I want them to respect a lady for being a human being first and foremost.

    I really don't think we are "equals" to men, even in this day and age when it's dark at night women are not safe to walk alone, if we were truly equal to men we would not have this problem.

    Please let us know where your new blog will be :)

    Mom in Canada

    Have an Awesome New Year!

  7. Zebu-what happened to brown paper behind counters? Certain men will always want this sort of thing, but it doesn't mean we all have to see it!
    Valerie-I have never seen the show, so I cannot really make judgements I suppose, but I do feel that we have somehow today deluded ourselves into thinking we have more rights, which in some aspects we do, but somehow women as a respected or cherished personage seems to be replaced with sexuality. I am not sure how it happened, as I know it is gradual, and I am not a prude by any means, but women should have (particularly young girls) ideas that besides being sexy women have intelligence, thought, value above and beyond their physical appearance. I still feel that fashion then (even if you chose to wear a girdle, which not all did) was still about a women looking pretty in what she thought was pretty (swirly skirts, petticoats, fun hats accesories, fabrics etc) without as much concern for being sexy. Though the femme fatale of Marilyn Monroe was certainly there, it was not the ideal for all women. A housewife certainly did not feel the need to go out bleach her hair, wear tight sexy evening dresses, she could go out in a big poug of full skirted tulle and feel a princess and not care if her every angle and shape was showing to a man. I really think we women have lost fashion FOR women and given it over to some ideal of manhood that is equal to a teenage boy wanting to ogle and stare.And thank you for following!
    Sanne-my silly goal of 365 followers was certainly that, silly, but you are right I am only 11 away. I know it matters little the number of followers, I just hope those who do follow and even those who read but don't follow actually enjoy coming here rather it is to share, agree, disagree, learn, teach whatever the reason, I am glad we are building our community.
    Miss Audrey-what a lovely quote, I like it!
    Mom in Canada-No need for apoligies. I too feel that in some of our freedoms (which I do not want to get rid of) we have lost much respect. It is very true, as well, that women now are expected to have careers, bring home the bacon, fry it, raise the kids, look sexy, be 'young' be cool and hip, etc etc. We, as women, need to start to express, both in word and deed, that we should still be respected, with door holdings and kind manners as we should, in turn, give back and that our roles our valid no matter our choice rather to stay home or work. We should, I feel, also express to the world that we value ourselves beyond our sexuality in the way we dress. That doesn't mean we have to be Amish with skirts to the floor, but if our overall look express groomed clothes that represent our idea of fashion and position, than we will not have to worry of being ogled or judged or worry rather we are as 'cool' as our 14 year old daughters. This simple action would do SO MUCH for young girls coming up. Girls once had women to look up to and feel "some day I will be a lady... a grown up'. Now, how should young people have respect for the old when the old are tyring as hard as they can to stay young and be 'kids' always! When will we have grown ups to look up to and rule the world again?
    Also, my blog will remain here, but hopefully ( I am really trying my darndest) my website will be ready for jan 1 and will have a link to it from there and from here to there etc. So my blog will be on the website. I hope once I get it up in can become all our website. An online community, for sure! And a great and happy new year to all of you as well!

  8. Just wanted to say...have not used an ammonia soaked cloth in my oven, but baking soda and vinegar do wonders!

    I admit I am saddened by the prospect of only two more days of your blog left. I hope you will have another project we can follow!

  9. 50's Gal,
    I have been reading this blog since January but have not been an official follower. I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that you have learned with all of us. Thank you for posting the great recipes, pictures and wonderful film clips. I too am sad that you only have two days left, and I hope the next year becomes 1956! Regardless of your next project, thank you again for sharing your journey with us. Barbara from NY

  10. All those recipes just when I am finally finishing off the sweets in my kitchen; my waistline really needs a break! =)

    I am saddened that the year is coming to an end as well because I truly look forward to your blog, anxiously looking every day for it.


  11. Ammonia in the warm oven does work. One other tip is to pour salt onto any drip in the base of your oven. The sugary drips will stop smoking and by the time your pie is finished baking, the drip will be dessicated and will wipe out with a damp cloth.

  12. Thank you all so very much, it makes a heart feel full to know so many of you love to share in this blog. I am going to continue on in my next project, but am rather waiting to officially 'unvail it' on the 31st. I hope you will still wish to come along and be a part of it. I cannot believe the year has almost gone. When I look back on what I had intended this project to be, to some of the little 'rough patches' I am so glad to have tread this path. I do think I am a better person for having done it and certainly I am blessed to have gained all of your friendships. Thank you all, again.

  13. Hi, I love your blog. Do you have any advice for others following in your footsteps. I would like to make 2010 a year of vintage living. I am not a very organized person. I'm almost looking for a step by step process. Any ideas?

  14. Anon-Well, perhaps following along with us this coming year will help. I will get back to you with my ideas and on my post of 31 December 1955.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. Great post, as always! I've linked to it over at my blog.

  17. Thankyou for writing. I lived in the 50's and never heard any women that stayed home say they were deprived. None said they felt they Had to stay home or even that they wished to be working. All were working at home and enjoyed their roll. They had other women to rely on and share with as homes were not vacant during the day. They held other women willing to share a recipe or a cup of tea. Children to play with yours etc. Now a days when a women chooses to stay home she is almost alone on the street during the day. How sad. Wish this blog would continue. There is nothing like it on the web.

  18. Wonderful post!....I loathe the modern idea of woman as some over-sexed, "perfect" looking, size 0 with monsterous bosums and limited brain. I would much rather be compared to Barbara Billingsly than Eva Longoria. The previous would be a compliment, the latter a definite insult.

    The mass media, in deluding us into buying everything in sight, has also deluded us into thinking that women are "free" and "powerful" if they are sex objects. This is the same media that on the face of one magazine, they will rant on Kirstie Allie for her excessive weight (in their opinion) and they rail on one of the Olsen twins for being so skinny. What does this say to our young ladies??? If you are not exactly this size, with these friends, wearing this style of cothing, you have no value.

    I have a young friend (24) and she is always going on about what a "fatty" she is. She is not a size 0, but more like a size 10. I think she is one of the most beautiful ladies I know. But the mass media has caused her to devalue herself to a point of continual misery.

    And onto a more pleasant topic....loved the tips. Another is to run lemon juice, baking soda and salt down the drain to free them up if running slowly and make them smell more pleasant. Make sure to rinse well, however.

    We don't have a microwave anymore, but when we did, I would put a bowl of water with lemon juice in it for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, wipe down was a breeze.

    I look forward to the coming year. I am sure it will be interesting, whatever you decide. Thank you so much for this blog and allowing us to travel along with you on your journey. I, for one, have found it so refreshing, and very educational. You have taught me alot, and more importantly, you have made me stop and rethink some of my own ideas and helped me become more focused on what I want out of life, and what I want for my daughter. Children live by example, and in reading your blog, I have been forced to ask myself "what am I teaching my daughter" about this or that. Thanks for the nudge.


  19. Thanks for another interesting post.

    I always feel the need to point out that things aren't that bad, 50's Gal. I know where I live may not be typical but I also tend to look at a cup being half full and most things in life with rose colored glasses. I think if you look for politeness and manners you're more likely to se it, although sometimes I know I have to look really hard. Today at the hardware store the door was held open for me on the way in but not on the way out. (I held it for an older woman with a package on the way out.). I could have felt slighted that the man behind me didn't offer to hold the door for either me or the other
    customer but I the grateful thank you from the package carrying woman was enough for me.

    Zebu, was porn-man selling the magazines or just looking at them? If he was an employee he should know the legal consequences of openly displaying porn. If he was a customer he's just pathetic. I think porn is fine, as long
    as all participants are willingly involved, but to force it on people for fun or whatever is just stupid. I'm glad you snapped them shut!!!

    Regarding DH, I enjoy the show for it's entertainment value but I don't think it was meant to spawn role models. I don't think Eva Longoria's picture was to start a trend of sexy dishwashing but was for getting the show attention, which it's clearly is getting here.

    If it makes anyone feel better about the perception of the housewife here's two examples for you:
    last year at my street's block party I brought home made cookies, as everyone brings either desert or an appetizer. I set it out on the table and visited with my neighbors, not giving it a second thought. The cookies were gone quickly and I kept hearing about these great homemade cookies I just HAD to try before they were gone. Well it as ok because I had more in the house and brought them out. My point isn't that I made good chocolate chip cookies- the point is that so many people, both men and women, noticed and apprectaied homemade food.

  20. Sorry, technical problem so I'm finishing here.

    The second thing at the block party. A few women were dressed appropriately but more trendy and young looking. I overheard a husband comment to his wife that while these hiply dressed women look great the more age appropriately dressed women looked better, and to his wife he said she always looked beautiful. Sweet!! And no, I don't mean to overhear all these things. :)

    So there is hope and it's not all so bad. But if we don't bring homemaking back to be recognized our society will suffer. Mom in Canada, I couldn't have said it better myself. Until men take on some housekeeping and childcare responsibilities we women will be stuck. Feminism isn't only about women working. It's about housework being valued and men and women working together for their family's well being.


  21. loved the recipes, and as you did, loathed the picture...very very sad.
    thank you for a great year.
    happy happy whatever year we all land in!

  22. Thank you for the tips, they are great! I watched "Desperate Housewives" a few times and found it ridiculous. The character Bree had taken the time to make a nice meal and the whole family complained that it wasn't fast food. I wholeheartedly agree with you that today's women are oversexualized and it is shockingly influencing little girls' dolls and clothing.

    I think we housewives should be proud for what we do and not care about others' demeaning opinions! We know we chose what's best for our families and they chose what is best for theirs. If we were all alike, the world would be boring! We must all choose what makes us happy! :)

    We'll be visiting my family for a week so I cannot wait to see your new web site and your reveal next week! Happy New Year! :)

  23. WOW! I was out for the afternoon and came home to find so many wonderful comments again, you ladies are wonderful. I am actually excited about the coming year, though I am a little sad to say goodbye to 1955, but even if it were actually 1955, I would still have to say goodbye to it anyway, right? I hope to have a post on the 31st really sort of revealing or deciding maybe for my new project. I am so glad all of you have come along with me. I started out with a 'what if' project and ended with a life changing experience and so many wonderful and smart online friends. I am happy and proud of our community, thank you thank you all again.Sarah, you are right and I don't actually think it is all bad, but thanks for reminding us. In fact, I do see a lot of promise and hope for our future and that makes me want to move forward and continue to grow and learn and know we can, honestly, make a difference and a better world. Sometimes we need a rant of negativity to realize the good around us amongst the bad and then to hone in on the good and try to multiply that ten fold. I too encounter kind considerate people through the day (I have to say, sometimes I do wonder if some of it is affected by my being 'well groomed' or 'dressed up' but however it happens I will take it.) But, this is what I love about our community, we can point out and nudge one another into the positive as well as seeing what we don't like, after all without realizing the good and trying to duplicate and exponetionaly grow it, it would be a sad future indeed. Thank you all so much.

  24. Donna, I can't wait for the new website's unveiling!!!! Thank you again for sharing this enlightening year with us.


  25. I am not an "official" follower but have been reading along and occasionally commenting. I'm sure you have many, many more followers who don't use the Blogger Followers gadget.

    I have *really* enjoyed your blog and following your 1955 journey.

    Just for fun I went back and reread a few of your posts from last January, February and March. After going back and rereading those posts I could really tell how this project has impacted you greatly. I especially noticed how your pattern of speech changed.--You started out using a lot of texting-type words but by and by your writing became deeper and more thoughtful.

    Anyway, I've *truly* enjoyed going through this year with you and can't wait to see what you're going to do next!

    Many Blessings,

  26. I have not tried the amonia in the oven (but am going to now that you mentioned it!). But, I have tried pouring it in a garbage bag, inserting my burner trays, and sitting it out in the sun for a few hours—think I left it overnight. All they needed was a quick wipe and rinse—no scraping or toiling!

    And, yes to the fat! My mother taught me to save my fat. I use bacon fat for frying my breaded meat before I stew it among other things. My SIL cooked a wonderful pot roast on Christmas Day and was going to throw the fat and broth. “NO!”, I exclaimed, “I’ll take it to make gravy with.”

    Another thing I always save are bones. My grandma made a Turkey for Christmas and asked if my dog would like the carcass. “NO!”, I exclaimed, “I’ll take it to make soup with.” And, tonight, we had neffla soup. Ahhhhhhhh….

  27. 50sgal and Sarah H.

    These were bikers mags., which had seductive splayed-open nudity. I guess that since they weren’t labled Playboy, they were safe to be out in the public. Porn-man was a customer who apparently thought it exciting to display and leave said contents out in the open for all, including children, to walk by and view.


    What a neat insight you had from reading posts from the beginning of the year until now and the change in speech pattern you observed. I have always loved the way people from earlier times spoke, and I have never known whether it was real or just in the movies. I especially notice it in 1930s and 1940s films. For instance, if you saw the second Night of the Museum movie, the girl that played Amelia Erhart had a wonderful intonation and period slang. Then, when she came into real life at the end of the show, she spoke like we do today—not nearly as enchanting.

  28. It's amazing how one voice in the wilderness of the internet blog forum can change and impact so many lives.

    I think that this blog has helped us mature in our world view, as we followed you on this fantastic and wonderful journey of 1955.

    This is one of the few blogs that have had a positive feedback most of the time, and I think it's because of your genuine sincerity with this project.

    And the efforts show 50's gal, you should be proud of what you have accomplished in the past year; as well, I look forward to your new endeavour and wish to participate in your new website.

    Have a good New Year! (2010 gasp, when did that happen) :)

    Mom in Canada

  29. Thank you for the recipes! Ammonia in the oven does work. So much cheaper than buyer oven cleaner.

  30. Count me in with all the rest who are excitedly waiting to see what the New Year will bring to your project! By the way, I love the way all those Christmas treats are presented in the illustrations - all the geometric swirls and arrangements.

  31. Thank you again, all of you. I have just finished some last minute catching up chores (finally getting back to my schedule since being ill, but thank goodness for the fortitude and drive of the 1950's to look forward to, hold myself up to and strive towards, thank you again 1955!)and shall spend the rest of today (until dinner time of course!) plugging away on my 'website'. I do hope you will be kind with my little 'baby' as I am doing it completely alone and with only the help of a few 'how to' videos on youtube so I can understand Dreamweaver. I think, much like my blog, it will grow and evolve with the help and aid of all of you. It shall, indeed, be OUR website. Thank you again, I do sound a broken record, for all your input comments and love this year. We can all be proud of ourselves. I was able, at least digitally, to feel that element of 1955 that was so important to the homemaker-community of other women. Though I could not look over the fence to see any of you, you were there none the less with the cup of sugar able to pop in for a quick cuppa and a bit of chat or gossip. I am excited to continue and grow this level of 'neighborliness' we have fostered here. Brava to all of us!

  32. In case there are any who care, and didn't already know: having dropped hot cooking oil on my new suede boots while making donuts two years ago, I learned how to fix it. rub a little cornstarch on the oil stain with a toothbrush (a circular motion works best). It will absorb the oil eventually. be sure to re-apply your scotchguard though as it will no longer be waterproof (if it was originally, that is).

  33. Well, hello Everyone! Remember me??? After our move, getting the kids started at their new schools, finding new doctors/dentist, etc., getting into a new routine in our new house, and the holidays that were looming ahead of me, I decided to keep my head down and remain a lurker until now. I'm still getting my new routine ironed out, but we're doing good now and I feel like we are in a place where things are starting to feel normal again.

    50sgal, I wanted to pop in before your year officially ended and congratulate you on doing such a wonderful job! I sat in the background, as an "official" lurker and continued to be amazed and inspired by you. I was hoping, like everyone else, that the journey would not end at the end of the year. Now that I feel like I have my bearings in our new surroundings, and the holidays are behind me as well, I intend to participate on a regular basis in whatever it is you decide to do next. I'm just so glad to hear that you are planning to do "something". I'm excited for the reveal!

    Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

  34. Yes, I remember you, PL. Nice to see you posting again. :)

    Happy New Year!


  35. Ohhhhhh, a big virtual hug to you, 50sgal!

  36. Dear Mrs. Davis, I haven't had a chance to comment in a long while but I've been reading along through the weeks and months. Congratulations on ending the year so successfully!

    You wrote, "I guess it is all really a result of having so much of our world be visual and controlled by advertising. How does one make an older intelligent woman who doesn’t care if she is hot, but cares to look nice and dress for herself sell cars, toothpaste, or be on a reality show. The very visual instant pleasure seeking world in which we dwell seems to have no place for older intelligent women who care more about what is in their head or coming out of their mouths than if they have the ‘coolest tattoo’."

    I know you have not seen any or little advertising while visiting 1955 this year. But I have noticed a trend towards older models, and non-perfect bodies. A nod to the aging Baby Boomers perhaps? The slackening abs, the wrinkled hands and the age spots have a grace in these commericals that have not been highlighted before now. For that I applaude those companies.

    Looking forward to the new venture,
    Your friend on the Farm.

  37. I have enjoyed your blog this year. It has been so wonderful to check in on your journey, and so inspiring. Thank you - I am looking forward to the new adventure.

  38. Texas Accent In SydneyDecember 31, 2009 at 4:02 AM

    Happy New Year from Sydney ... we "lead the world" at New Year's, being the first big city to celebrate ... 11pm NYE here = 7am in Boston's time zone ... be happy as the calendar turns over, thinking of the great 1955 you've had, how your skills have increased, how many new friends you've made, how you started living with more style and grace, and how you figured out What Is Really Important ... you've had a great year, we've had a great year ... looking forward to your Big Announcement about what's next ... thanks for letting me come along with you ... Happy New Year not only to 50s Gal but to all of y'all!

  39. What ever happened to the Girl next door? Doris Day sold lots of products and Sandy Duncan. They had the girl next door image and everyone wanted that.
    50's gal the only thing wrong with your blog ...I have to budget time to sit and read it all and everyone's great comments.Keep up the good work .

  40. As far as the chick in the apron . I have to ask my self what does her mother think? Do women not worry about Mom and Dad anymore.

  41. Quick check in. As 1955 comes to a close I long for it's quiet simplicity as I struggle and pull my hair out over Dreamweaver and 'web design', but I must do it. I do it for all of us and hopefully, though it may seem rather amateurish to any web designers out there, it is mine and homemade, like an old quilt or a first time frock. Now, back to frustration and html. It seems the 21st century is coming screaming into my little sitting room here, but once I can settle this new project down, we shall see...

  42. Donna, I'm sure the website will be wonderful!! Don't pull your hair out. Can your Honey help? My Mr. knows so much more about technology than I and loves doing that kind of stuff for me.

    I can't wait to see it and will be patient and understanding with any glitches that may arise. :)


  43. Wow, long post :). I will bookmark and try to find time to try some of the recipes.

    Btw, love your blog!

    Also, guys, I wanted all the American people to know about a competition I found today at FabSugar - you can win a Hérmes Birkin bag, open only to U.S. residents.

    Visit my blog for more details:

  44. It's been a while since I've been able to pop in, but I will really miss your thoughts on living in 1955. :( It makes me sad knowing it's over! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Thanks for all of those tips...I just got a dot of red lipstick onto a favourite sweater and am going to see if it can yet be salvaged!

    You are dead on about the way women are seen and used today; it's ridiculous. If you ask me, we WERE better off in the 50s when there was some respect for women and their roles, instead of the way we're seen as nothing but pieces of meat (or not) today. If there's anything I've learned in my life, it is that in today's world, a woman is worth ONLY how she looks. And that's not the way it's supposed to be! Sad state of affairs.

    Have a happy new year!

  45. Oh, and fantastic comments, so interesting to read! If only I had time for all of them!

  46. Mrs Tailleur,

    I LOVE Doris Day and her movies! They are some of my favorite "go to" movies when I'm feeling like watching an older movie. She had/has so much class. I love Audrey Hepburn as well for the same reason. Both such classy, beautiful women.

  47. Just another quick check in, my connectioin is still spotty, but am excited you are all 'dropping by' to wish happy times. I hope you will continue to come along with my on my next voyage, for sure it shall be all our voyage if you like.
    I also love Doris Day (and have often listened to her music this year, she has become an old friend crooning in the background as I go about my day and as I have grown in my skills.)
    I hope we can help to change that 'image' of modern woman. We certainly can be a pretty face, but so much more. And there is plenty of beauty to be had in our appearence in how we dress and carry ourselves, we don't need bikinis and liposuction. Viva la Revolution!

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