Thursday, July 1, 2010

1 July 1956 “Oh, You Beautiful Doll”

I thought today, in honor of our July Apronite of the Month on the Site, (Yes, we are back to honoring Apronite’s, so check that out on the site’s main page) I would post some adverts for 1950’s dolls, Enjoy.
dollad1 This appears to be a knock off Barbie (who came to life in 1959 at the end of the decade)dollad2
dollad3 dollad4
dollad5 This is a doll of a character from the popular children’s show, Howdy Doody,  Princess Summerfall Winterspring
Wouldn’t YOU like to have a Shirley Temple Doll?
Paper dolls, too!
And of course, who can forget Barbie? Though she really only appeared at the end of the 1950’s. Just imagined if she started in 55, the clothes would have remained wonderful.
Did you have a favorite doll or toy as a child?


  1. I had a Charming Cathy...or something like that. She has a slot to put records in and she spoke. I am 50 years old, and she is about 45. I still have her, even though one of her legs fell off.

  2. I believe she was called Chatty Cathy, adorable. Is she the type with the little sailor dress and round glasses?

  3. I loved Barbies, but I really loved paperdolls! I remember having the Little Women set. Good memories. I just bought my grand daughter her first babydoll because every little girl should have one.

  4. She was Chatty Cathy.

    I loved my Barbies. Still have all of them, from my very first one when I was 5, to the Disney Princess Ariel Barbie doll I bought about a year and a half ago. I even still have the very first Ariel Barbie doll from Tyco that was made in 1990, and both of the Eric dolls. I have half a dozen Ariels...

    When I was 12, I received the American Girl doll Molly for Christmas. She lived in 1944. My Mimi was a little older than Molly in 1944 and she made me several outfits for her that were recreations of ones she had when she was Molly's age.

    Now I have Molly, Felicity, Josefina, Samantha, Nellie, Elizabeth, Emily, two Girl of the Year dolls (Marisol and Nikki) and two Just Like You dolls. All from American Girl.

    Would I ever love to have a Shirley Temple doll!!! My aunt has two, the one from The Little Colonel in her pink dress and I'm blanking on the other one.

  5. I loved my Wispy Walker...for a very short time. I suppose it's one of those things: "I want it!-I've got it!-I'm tired of it!" Sad, really, because it's was neat having a doll so close to my own height. I remember trying to make my own paper dolls when I'd play by myself. Wow! I'd forgotten all about that until just now. I also adored my Charlie McCarthy repro.

  6. How telling, mine was a child's ironing board! :)

    I just heard something that I had to share, since it reflects much of what we say of modern society. A friend of mine's children went to a graduation party. When they arrived, they discovered that nearly everyone had brought their laptops, and were buily typing on them through most of the party. I found it very sad.

  7. I loved all of my baby dolls! When I was 6 yrs. old I received a little baby doll that looked so real. I still have her even though most of her hair is gone now. My mother sewed an entire baby layette for her. Then when I was 9 I received a Pat a Burp baby doll. I still have her also.

    My sister had a Barbie doll and I had Midge. Mama sewed all of their clothes for us.

    1. Hi: I have a pat-a-burp doll. I got her when I was 12. She still burps but my kids think that she farts. I'm 59 this year. She still has all of her original clothing. I didn't think anyone had heard of her.

  8. I always loved midge. I wasn't old enough to have the original Barbie dolls, but my older sisters were (I was a sort of afterthough baby) and so I was the lucky girl with the old school Barbies. I had my sisters Midge who was brunette. Somehow I always associated myself with her, freckled, girl next door, more interesting hair cut. She could wear Barbie's smart outfits, but also take on my brothers old vintage Barbie sized GI joe. It was odd growing up basically as an only child ( all the kids were gone by the time I could remember) and yet I had this arsenal of vintage toys from previous generations. Of course that could explain why I am so comfortable in 'the past' as it were. Ah, Midge, where are you now?


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