Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 July 1956 “Holidays at Home”

50scoupleonbeach My posting may be a bit spotty this week. Hubby has the next 10 days off and we are having a “Holiday at Home”. We felt the stress and cost of travel etc could be left aside if we stayed here at home. We love our little house, we can ride our bikes to the beach and people stream onto the Cape all summer, so why not be Tourists in our own Town? We can visit other towns, eat at fun local restaurants and still spend much less than if we were to go away some where. I hate airports nowadays and most traveling often leaves me  more exhausted.
50scouplepicnicingSo, so far on her first day of vacation we have enjoyed the yard, drank iced tea and had a good walk. So, don’t worry if I am not posting much this week.
Here, from WWII Britain is the suggestion of Holidays at Home. Though then it was suggested to save the transport for the war effort, couldn’t we today say it is to save on fuel and the planet and our wallets.
(When you click on the below image it will open the movie and you need to press play then, enjoy it!)


I often feel bad for the WWII generation and thought you might like to read this Daily mail article about that generation today. It is to be found  HERE.
So, I shall check in but most likely not every day this holiday week. Have fun all and remember, Happy Homemaking.


  1. Have a lovely time! my vcations have been at home for a while now, and I love how rested I feel at the end.

  2. Ooh! What a glorious thing! To be on the Cape in the Summer. Wake up later than 6:00 am, have brunch, then a leisurely bike ride along the Canal! Lovely.

  3. Have a great time.! I love the pictures. I bet you and your hubby will look just as relaxed.


  4. I love holidays at home, we enjoy having water gun fights, playing at the park across the street, visiting the local library for books, and enjoying our above ground pool in the backyard.

    I try to stick close to home due to the cost of gas, sadly our provincial gov't in Ontario thought adding the HST to the gas which adds an extra 8 percent to our gas prices was a good idea.

    We are going to the local camp ground next week, it's 45 minutes away where we rented the trailer for the week.

    The rest of the summer will be spent around here :)

    Nothing is better than playing in a pool with the kids, and then enjoying a freezie on the back deck.

    It's the little things that make for summer memories, even if it means having a picnic in the living room during a rainy summer day :)

    I think today we are going to make rock friends with paint...........

    Have a great day :)

    Mom in Canada

  5. Mom in Canada-what fun times you shall have. And they all are very vintage. The simplicity of melting popsicles on sandy toes, fights then laughter, rolling in the grass, s'mores over the fire, crafts: these are all such pure summer joys. I feel bad to think of the average modern family with the irate children texting and complaining, the yelling father the frazzled mother who can't wait to pawn the kids off at some point. It seems many modern vacations aren't much different than modern living, too many things, no organization and way to much complaining and unrealsitc expectations. I think modern people somehow put all their real hopes and dreams into a week or two a year and how could that ever be? So, it usually is frustrating and ends up being a dismal failure that many need a holiday from the holiday! It is nice to know a modern family who is happy with the simple things, enjoy, as I am sure you will.

  6. Hey 50's Gal :)

    Believe me there are times that I am very much the frazzled mom and would love to pawn off my kids (all moms have those days though it's normal :))......I do have my youngest in two preschool programs twice a week, one day for three hours and Friday for two and a gives me not only breathing room, but I am able to go grocery shopping with only one child (freedom :) ).....LOL....

    I look upon myself as a referee, fireman in the summer, I am forever putting out fires and breaking up fights.......but my role as mother is ever evolving, as babies' my boys needed self direction and entertainment, for the most part in the summer my boy's entertain themselves, minus playing basketball with them etc., when they want me to.

    But the boy's know I am there for them, my presence is around if they ever need me, in that is security that children of the modern world seem to lack.

    Yesterday we ended up going to an indoor children's jungle gym for two hours- they had a blast two hours of running around with minimal supervision,- I read a magazine and sipped a coffee as they ran around, then we painted rocks to make rock friends in the afternoon.

    I love the spontaniety of summer, sadly the days of allowing my oldest to ride to his friends house a kilometre away are long gone, he's far too young at 9 to do so.

    I have learned that life is way too short, each day is a treasure, to work your entire life, to rarely see your children in summer is a sad state of affairs in my mind.

    I should have been a parent fifty years ago, have always sad that, probably because I was raised by a very Victorian father and my mother really sheltered me growing up.

    Mom in Canada

    I think the key is to limit a child's "scheduled" activities, a neighbour suggested I put the boy's in a summer camp as it was only ten bucks per child per day, not only would that cost me twentydollars a day for two kids, but the preschool program my youngest is in is only 6.50 for half the day.

    I never felt the need to be away from my boy's other than having to work very part time at 15 hours a week (more now out of neccessity sadly)

  7. I hope you're having a wonderful vacation, 50sgl.

    I read that article you linked to. It was so sad to read. I wonder how many veterans feel that same way in our own country? I don't understand why lack of respect and self-entitlement has developed to the degree it has. A country can grow and improve with manners intact. I still don't understand why the two things parted paths over time. If improvement of lifestyle means worse social conditions overall for mankind, then why do societies continue to stay on this path? It just doesn't make sense to me. You can see in the article that those who grew up during the war time are pained that the good of the past was not maintained along with the good things and improvements that they did fight for. They had no reason to believe at that time that things would actually get worse overall instead of getting better overall. And, although the good things we have today cannot be denied, it also cannot be denied that much good has also been lost, and there was/is no reason for that to happen. I can easily understand how they feel betrayed.

  8. Dear Donna,

    I read your comment about people not posting and thought of myself. I can say your blog reopened a life style I missed and so I am busy living it and returned to some things I truely love. I thank you for that. So if you see no posting or less posting/readers just be sure we are busy being the women you had hoped we would be. I admit i play catch up on reading your blog and no longer can read it daily but hope that changes soon. Best wishes on your "vacation" and hope your day trips bring you great blessings.
    A fellow reader in Pa.,

  9. Bear in mind that that article about veterans was written and published by an awful tabloid paper. It's not exactly quality journalism and I'm sure there was plenty of twisting of facts going on.

  10. Oh, I didn't know that was a bad tabloid paper. How funny. I do wonder, though, if there is some feeling of resentment over the brash 'in your face' atitude of inner city youths in the UK. I have heard it is pretty bad and I remember watching a brit comedy where in the main character ( a man in his 30's) is scared to walk by like 10 year olds who tant him and knock his stuff out of his hands and when he responds to them, they call him a 'pedo' loudly. I know it is a comedy, but I wonder does it reflect the over all 'in your face' atitude of youth. I also think much of that atitude is exported from usa with its various cable shows and videos. But, thank you for pointing out that is a tabloid, I didn't know that.


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