Tuesday, July 27, 2010

28 July 1956 “TV Time: Betty White and Jimmy Boyd”

I thought it might be fun to let you watch an episode of the Betty White Show. This is the type of programming we are accustomed to here in 1956 (though this original airdate was 54 I believe). This was a sort of variety show where in Betty would play different characters. This episode is fun because she plays a rather hoity toity movie actress staying with a down home family in Nebraska. It even includes the car commercial (as commercials were then being sponsored by and actually a part of the show).
boyd Both of these clips here include Jimmy Boyd who is rather an interesting character and singer. Read his info HERE. He sang “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” when he was 11.jimmyboydalbum He picked cotton to help feed his family of 21 brothers and sisters. Originally from Mississippi his family moved to California and couldn’t afford tickets for all, so Boyd had to ‘hobo’ his way out to his family.
The second clip has a return of Jimmy Boyd doing a duet with Betty White. It just honestly seems rather wholesome, good natured and well, innocent fun. I do wish we could turn back the clock on sarcasm and meanness. I enjoy the modern ribbing as much as the next person, but whenever I see such shows I think maybe innocence and general kindness is such an important thing we have somehow lost.
Later Betty White would have Boyd as a guest star on her show entitled “Date with the Angels” Here is that episode of that to enjoy:


  1. This is great, thank you for sharing! I too find so much of what is considered funny is mean and unkind and at the expense of others. The world in general seems more unkind. I can't help but wonder did it start with the change in TV and movies or did we get unkind and that changed the TV and movies?
    Barb from CNY

  2. Barb-that is a good question. It is almost hard to detangle our past from the 50's to now from advertising and media. It became such a part of who we are that I think it is a "chicken or the egg" question. It does seem in the past 20 years an accelearation of shock and awe is the main 'recipe' for entertainment both driven by the mass ideal to 'look at the car wreck or go to the town hanging' mixed with the increased profits of producing shows that have no real stars and no plot or writers. I think the current 'fashion' of very short skirts shorts that are also low rise has so much more to do with more money to make (much less material but still same price as longer skirts and shorts) than any sort of 'shock value'. When we give over our fashion, home choices, food choices and general idea of what is funny and entertaining to a large corporate machine, which I really feel we do live in today, those choices will always be made for profit over 'art, taste, or general personal consensus'. Sad, really.

  3. I always thought that I Love Lucy is much better than any sitcom that we have today, seems that the modern sitcons only like to show irony and conflict between couples. I like to watch what's my line, i think it's from the fifties too.
    Jane from Brazil

  4. I didn't know Betty White had ever had a variety show. I love her best on The Mary Tyler Moore show. Even though her character is lampooning homemakers, so does it so well you can't help but love her.

  5. TV does seem to cater to the lowest common denominator. It seemed to have begun with Rosanne and Married with Children; the stereotype of the lazy, domineering housewife. No longer were housewives portrayed as happy & satisfied. Do not even get me started on the show "Desperate Housewives" - a sad, sorrowful portrayal of modern women & society.

    Your blog has its old spirit back -- it is excellent!!!


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