Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 July 1956 “What, Me Worry?”

worriedwoman2 I have been worried of late. Not about myself, so much, but just little bits of everything. I am overall quite happy, actually rather content with my life. My time travel has turned out to be one of the smartest things I have attempted. Yet, here happy working in my yard and home, I have been worried about my posts and my blog. That documentation which began like a secret diary to my adventures and then become happily shared by many now has an odd sting in its tail. I find now, especially as I am trying to post more, that as I notice the vast reduction in comments an almost anxiety. Did I do something wrong? Am I not entertaining or are my antics boring? Have I, like most modern things, simply used up my few minutes of attention and others simply moved on.
I rarely notice my number of followers, but now that it is over 500 I begin to feel a trepidation, because I do want to continue to grow as a person and to share that growth and yet I see very little activity on the posts. Should I care? Why does it worry me? These are the actual things that worry me, why I should or should not care.

That sounds silly, I know, but probably one of my largest foibles is over thinking. I tend to analyze and re-analyze a thing until it becomes like a stone washed smooth by the eons of waves over it. It’s silly, I know. And yet, me, myself, I am not unhappy nor directionless. In fact the more I find myself getting a grip on being able to do all the things I set out to learn last year in 1955, the more I find myself wondering why there seems to be less comments. Perhaps I have become pedantic or mundane, or, as I really feel, people simply got bored and moved on. Now, with my high numbered followers, I have just become another statistic in Blog land where individuals go about seeing high numbered followers, they have a blog or an item to sell and then simply ‘add’ themselves. I believe that is an actual tactic to increase ‘traffic’ or whatever the point of many blogs are.

For me, it was really to document my life. I didn’t know or really care at first if anyone ‘heard my silent notations’ but now, as I have been heard and subsequently began to feel it almost an important thing for me to do, now with the comments almost nil, I find myself worried. Why is that? Does it matter? If I did offend, should i be upset? If I am simply old hat now or others are doing what I have done better, should it matter to me? I feel I wanted to still write it all down into a book form one day, but should I bother with that, have I lost my ‘window’ as the modern marketing world would have it. “Get in there, grab there interest, and then BLAM hit em with product and a book!” Is that what anything is about these days? Did I do wrong  by not seeking out advertisers to put on my page? Was I suppose to do that? Am I suppose to make my blog more flashy? I honestly don’t know.

I don’t know, I guess if there are any of you out there still reading and just not commenting, should I care? Am I merely being silly? And, if no one really is listening any more, how much of this recording is for them and how much for me? Would I merely stop if no one was listening? When did it become more for others than myself? Is this the odd addiction or game that is subsequent to all bloggers? I don’t know.

Well, that is enough of that today. I have a 4th of July dinner for which to prepare. We are having a few friends over and then will watch the olde time band and boat parade on the old mill pond on the 4th. It should be hometown fun. But, will my answer to this post, if it were no comments therefore meaning I am talking to an empty room, mean sadness? Or the freedom from the need to document my life rather than just live it be a happy one? Does our life have more value to us (we modern people) if we can see it on a screen? Are we so plugged in that what we do, our food cooked, rooms decorated, like lived, not become REAL until it appears on that screen or in that digital camera? Odd.


  1. So sorry you are feeling this way...I completely understand where you are coming from. I guess we humans need some sort of feedback and without it we get lost. I had a blog where I documented about when my son was serving over-seas and the fear I was feeling about it. It was more complex then just that though and I had a couple of followers for awhile, but soon none. I still go back and document on it once in awhile...but only for me. You can take a look

    Keep writing. I read your posts each time you write.

  2. I love reading your blog. I, too, have noticed a slow down in comments, but not traffic. Do you have a site meter on your page? If not, get one as they are free and you will see how many hits you have on your page. I know I quit comment on some bloggers because they never sent a comment to me. It is really hard to go back to the exact post where I is much easier if the person comes and comments on my blog or sends an email. I've gotten over not getting comments because I started mine as a journal for my family's benefit...if others enjoy it, so be it. I'm not sure if I am a "follower", but I certainly have your blog in my side bar so I can stay updated. Thanks for the blog!!!

  3. Good morning,

    I'm a regular reader but rarely comment... but I will respond today. Girlfriend, don't change a thing! Just keep doing what your doing which is for your own journey anyway. I lurve to read along and learn so many of things you share here in such wonderful detail too! The pics are just eye candy and those are just a few reasons I continue to follow your blog.

    Think of your blog as a refrigerator magnet and everything you post here is like putting it up on your refrigerator for your enjoyment and memories. When you invite friends over, they pass by the refrigerator and see all your memories on the doors held up by dah-ling magnets ~ posts ~ get the idea?


  4. I just found you. We bought a home built in 1950 from the original owners and I am immersing myself in all things 50's. After speaking with the daughter of the owners we have decided to restore it in 50's style.I've found myself drawn into wearing an apron and really loving the lifestyle that you are living now. I've had a great time reading through all your posts. I hope you continue to write and maybe this will spur more comments.

  5. Oh, how nice you all are. I hope this post doesn't seem as if I am desperate to 'get comments' but I guess I felt a sort of pull between feeling the need to do it, loving to do it and also wondering what a blog free life would now mean. But, again, when I feel something I put it out there, who cares if I look silly, right? You are very kind.
    I like the refrigerator magnet theory, very clever.
    And I didn't think about what a wretched blogger I am, as I almost never comment on others blogs, but mostly because I only use the computer to do quick research for my blog, post my blog and my website and that's it. That may be my error in blog protocol and etiquette. I hope I have not offended anyone.

  6. I too am still out here reading and loving your posts!! I have fallen behind in posting my comments, but that is NOT a reflection of you or your blog but simply a reflection of how busy the summertime months are for me and mine. I do ADORE the posts about cooking and keeping house, but I read them all :-)


  7. We are out here, reading your work.

    I have never commented because I feel I have nothing to add. Your posts are wonderfully thought out and well written. They are informative and entertaining. I appreciate that you are such a wealth of information.

    You have more followers than the follow-counter would indicate.

  8. 50sgal,

    You know why I am not on the computer much, but your site is one that I do catch up on when I do get online.

    As far as comments/conversation goes, for myself, you have far exceeded my capabilities/experience so I don't feel like I have any thing to add in regards to daily living. I can give my opinions on issues and idiologies, etc., but as far as lifestyle goes, you amaze me in all that you do and I am left speakless half the time, and the other half I'm wishing that I had as much creativity and energy as you do in order to do as much as you do.

    As far as blogging rules, don't bother following them. They will only suck too much time from your day, and you are the one in charge of your day and your family time, not a group of people who decided for the rest of blogland what the rules are. Your life's priorities are your rules and guidlines.

  9. I have never posted a comment, but I have read every post faithfully. In fact, I only started reading your blog two months ago, and enjoyed it so much that I read all of your posts from the beginning! I too have the tendency to over-think things, much to my own annoyance, so I can sympathize with you in that aspect. Please do not get discouraged. As always, I look forward to your next post.

    Mrs. J. Lopez

  10. I have your blog on my blog roster and read it frequently and enjoy it. Mary R.

  11. I have read you from the start but rarely comment. Thank you so much for keeping up your blog- I have learned so much from you and I would miss you! Dee

  12. I check your blog everyday and I have done so all along your way. The 40's and 50's are my favorites as that is when I was growing up, going to school and dating my honey( who has been my husband for 49 years!)I have never commented, but hope that you will keep on writing your delightful journey. Blessings, Carolyn

  13. I've run into the same thing before and found myself over analyzing things, but the answer lied within my own thoughts and habits. I think blogs are started as a way to sort of work things out in your head, and the initial project you took on was new, very involved and at every turn you were learning and experiencing something for the first time. You were interested in sharing it and you did. Your blog is fabulous and a great look into the past to figure out how they did it all.

    At some point, you went from being new at it, to a pro and you began living your life in this way. You figured it out and were living. That is the ultimate goal I think! You did it! Maybe after that you felt you had less to say or were repeating topics when you didn't really feel like it to please the reader. I found myself constantly worried about what others would think about my blog, or what I would write that it drove my entire blogging experience. It started out as me, the more popular it became, it morphed into something for the masses. I never understood why I was unhappy with it until that hit me.

    I think people gravitate toward blogs for any number of reasons. But when people find their own path, they are less about learning and analyzing and more about actual living and putting it into action, so they naturally read less, blog less, or just stop altogether.

    Is any of this making sense? I know that I like blogs that are honest and interesting and taking on a project like you did was both. I'm also drawn to blogs of women that have figured it all out and post about stuff that is happening or things they have done in their lives. Again, it's about figuring it out and living and then inspiring others. What I used to like and am no longer interested in are blogs that have little substance, or just post a pretty picture or two of someone else's work. Originality and action are interesting to me.

    Don't worry about comments. Blog as if nobody is reading and only blog about what you want to. Don't worry what other's think. That is what attracted everyone here in the first place. I for one, think it's great!


  14. I, too, have read every single post, although I've only commented a couple of times. I love your blog because I love all things vintage. I recently found a 1947 Better Homes and Garden magazine at my local thrift store. It has given me a real sense of where our society was at that time. I also love your attitude-that can-do-it spirit about keeping a home. You are inspiring!

  15. Love your blog! It helps me to remember my grandmother (b. 1913 d. 2009) and all the things that she did with regards to keeping house (she lived independently until she was 91), family, and just that golden by-gone era...She taught me so many wonderful things & your blog helps me remember them. I became a stay-at-home mom last year with the birth of our first child and think about her often. The lifestyle that you are creating is an inspiration and much deserved nod to the true amount of work the women of the 50's performed.
    Kudos! And please keep it up!
    Reader in Mississippi

  16. 50s gal,
    This is my first time commenting even though I've been reading your blog for about a year now. I absolutely LOVE it! I check every day for new posts. You are an inspiration to myself and hundreds of others...thank you!!!

  17. I'm a long time reader but seldom commenter. Blame my laziness! I still enjoy your adventures in sewing, baking and ... living, especially as I branch out and challenge myself in the same areas. I don't know if I could commit entirely to the 1950's as you have but your "simplified" life is inspiring. For now, I'll just steal the fashion and food!

  18. Lack of comments, maybe. But not a lack of devoted followers! We're here!

  19. Keep up the good work!! I check your blog almost everyday and just love it!!

  20. I don't think I've commented before...I only just recently started reading regularly. Your blog is informative and inspiring. You give me lots to think about, so much, in fact, that I spend quite a bit of time pondering your writings. I couldn't possibly comment on such rich fare on-the-spot! I hope you'll continue blogging---your blog fills a real need in this world, to seek out the ancient paths and get off the crazy merry-go-round the modern world has us spinning on! As far as lack of comments: I think a lot of that may be seasonal. The months of May and June, for me, have been extremely busy, leaving only time for a quick perusal of my favorite blogs, but no time for commenting. So, I wouldn't take it personally at all--I think folks will start to comment again! Keep up the good work. I check for new posts daily!

  21. Wow-Just checking in and what a wonderful find! How lovely you all are. I hope I don't seem to "Sally Field" "You love me...You really love me" or the bad hostess who goes about shoving hors d'oeuvre in every face, over explaining the ingredients just desperately fishing for a compliment.
    Honestly, though, I did just want to make sure that my nonsensical ramblings had ears. If not I wondered, would I continue to do it? I honestly don't know, I think I would, I would like to believe so, I mean I do it rather a lot for mysel. But I also feel an actual drive as if it is some way my responsibility to share my crazy thoughts.
    I cannot thank you enough for your support and thank you for reading me. Now, when I see few comments I won't have to wonder, I will just imagine all of you out there sipping your coffee/tea and shaking your head at my horrid grammar and silly thoughts. You are darlings, all of you, thank you again.

  22. M. Stump in North CarolinaJuly 3, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    I check your blog once a day and read when you post--don't stop now! Maybe people are away on a trip or, as I am doing, putting food away for next winter (case in point, I canned 21 jars of pickles today). I don't get a lot of me-time until about September! Keep up the good work, we're all here!

  23. Personally, I loved everything about your 1955 blog last year - the photos, the recipes, your home renovation, your day to day routine and homemaking - also, the youtube video links were wonderful. Your project was truly inspirational! This year, however, I feel that your blog has taken on a more social-political tone; a more confused juxtaposition between 1955 and 2010. I realize that it is unrealistic for you to authentically maintain you role as a '50s housewife while maintaining a website and an e-commerce site. I do think that your 1955 blog and you current one are entirely different in their scope and tone, and therefore attract a different audience. I still check in from time to time, hoping to recapture some of its former glory, but, just as times changes so do blogs; I guess no one can role-play forever ...

    Best of luck with all of your cyber-projects.

  24. I'm still reading and enjoying. I wanted to post a comment on the last post because I liked it so much, but I really didn't know what to say.

    Really, I read the blog more than I participate in the forum (although I like the forum very much as well).

  25. Donna, personally I love that you're posting daily again. For a while your posts were infrequent so I spent more time on the forums, although not often posting myself. I really enjoyed when you found a little historical tid bit that occurred on or near your posting date in 1955 to use to go off on an interesting tangent. The social and political commentary are interesting when combined with a historical event, IMO.

    But just keep posting! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.


  26. I've only just found you and have been reading in chronological order from the beginning, I'm on March 1955 at the moment! I'm a home edding Mum of 2 and a house wife and LOVE your blog, please don't stop!!

  27. 50sgal,

    How coincidental that I should stop by today, as I was thinking how long it has been.

    #1. I love your blog and have ever since I started reading it. You are an inspiration.

    #2. I have been so busy mentally AND physically trying to meld my two lives of work life and homemaker that I have hardly been visiting any blogs (and I miss them) let alone keep up with mine as I would like. If it makes you feel any better, I RARELY get a comment on any of my posts. But, I keep writing because it is a release and a journal for me.

    #3. Sometimes, I don’t stop by because it -makes me even more miserable that I can’t be the full-time homemaker that I wish to be—(That is a compliment, as your blog is that good). {Smiles and Hugs}

    #4. Lastly, I think that because it is Summer, most of us are out in our yards and gardens. I just came in a few minutes ago (1:00 in the morning) from finishing my flower bed shameful as that is being that we are already into July. I just got so tired of it not yet being finished (I only had a section left), that I plugged in hubby’s flood lights and went to work. When I was finished, I watered, put my things away, hung the American flag, then came in the house and said a prayer in thanks to my Heavenly Father that I live in this free land.

    Keep up the good work, 50sgal—You are NOT forgotten.

  28. everything you write is eagerly looked forward to by me all the way down here in Australia! Please keep it up xxx

  29. I read your blog everyday and am so happy you are posting regularly again! I find this blog to help me deal with some of the insanity in this world today. Your blog-and the wonderful ladies who follow it-give me courage to live life by my values, not the ones of the current world we live in. I know this project started for you, but it has been such a gift for so many of us! Thank you for all that you bring to it, and to us!
    Barb from CNY

  30. Zebu, howdy! (wave) It's nice to see you posting. I remember you always having some thought provoking comments back in 1955. And you're in Michigan, right? I'm across the lake in the Chicago suburbs.

    I'll have to check out your blog. Never knew you had one. :)


  31. 50sgal,
    I'm just checking in after a long stint working eleven 12-hour days in a row. Haven't even been able to do anything on my own little blog..but after today I should be able to join the land of the living once again :)
    I always enjoy your writing and the projects you are involved in, as well as the forum. You always have something thought provoking to offer, so write what's in your heart and try not to worry too much about the comments. You are still touching people even if they do not post a comment. The important thing is that you put the ideas out there.
    Have a great July 4th!

  32. I have followed your blog for about a year now. But I very rarely comment. That goes with all of the other blogs I read as well, so you're no exception on that account. I enjoy your blog. I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I would sometimes appreciate it if your blog posts would be a bit more structured or shorter. Sometimes it's a bit hard to follow. Or maybe adding some headings in between would also help. Or separating different topics into different blog posts. That way it would be easier to find the most interesting parts (e.g. I'm not really into cooking, so I usually skip those things... My man is a cook, so I don't really need to.) I said earlier that I'm almost ashamed of bringing this up, and that's because I think my impatience is something so typical of modern days... I realize that. I want to stress that I really like your blog. If my words sound rude or something, it's merely because English is not my native language.

  33. Things have been a roller coaster for me the last couple weeks and reading blogs or even most of my message boards just hasn't mattered very much.

    But some decisions have finally been made, I feel like I can move forward in my life a little bit, so I hope to get back to being a regular reader and comment contributor here on the blog.

  34. Salutations,
    I am working more (something I said I wouldn't do), But my son starts college in the fall. He is having trouble finding a job to pay for books etc. So when my boss asked me to go full time I said yes. We have other expenses I plan to pay off. Which means less time on the computer. If I am home I am cooking and doing laundry, Summer yard work, etc. When I get time I sit down and read your blog like a good novel. Great respects, Mrs.Tailleur

  35. Well Hello, Sarah! Thank you for your nice comments. :) You may be thinking of someone else, as I live in the North West. I did comment in 1955, however, and really have enjoyed this blog.

    Have a wonderful day!

    My goodness, Nancy! What type of work do you do?

  36. 50sgal, I look forward to reading each entry in your blog. Write what you feel like expressing. (You can't please everyone all the time.) You are an inspiration! Thanks for all you do. Linda

  37. I know I’m reading backwards in your lovely blog, but just wanted to let you that I LOVE your blog and check it every morning. I leave comments when I have something to say and/or find it appropriate, but during July I was on vacation at my cottage with no internet – perhaps many other readers were too, or working in their gardens. Please don’t change your blog anyway. You are such a huge inspiration to me, you are my vintage hero! :) Keep up your great work here at the blog and at your lovely website.

    I also have readers that follow my blog, but never leave a comment – I can see them in my statistics. I think some just wants to read, but have no need to comment. I cannot keep my mouth shut! ;) I hope you have statistics on your blog too. PS: I hope you get a notice of comments, so my comments on “old” post like this also reaches you. Have a lovely day, dear. :)


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