Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14 September 1956 “Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes”

We had a quick discussion on the Forum about comfortable vintage shoes. So, I thought a fun post about shoes was in order.
To start us off, here is Gerry Mulligan with “Walking Shoes”. It is a interest to point out here that often in the 1950’s , the music one heard may only be instrumental. It was not all singing as we seem to have in 2010.
warholfantasyshoes This is a 1956 artwork by Andy Warhol. Some very interesting shoe aspects.
56shoes1 56shoes2 (These three images thanks to EspiaCollection.)These two photos from Vogue 1956 show the variety of shoes this year. We see the beginning of the more stiletto heel that will continue on even into as late as 1965. Yet there is more rounded toes still prevalent from the early decade and 1940’s. The teal satin shoe on the top right of the first pick could also be an Edwardian shoe or a 1920’s shoe, yet is availabe in 1956 as well. The vintage look is not ‘one thing’ as we might oven think today. The variety of shoe styles were greatly varied, more so than we might think today.52shoesI think these images show a good range of vintage and comfortable shoes. The upper left slip on loafer is darling and shown worn with hose and a dress. Very Vintage and comfortable. I think a modern equivalent could be found. The wedge in the lower right is also easy to wear. A wedge shoe, even a high one, is very comfortable and I have some rather tall ones that almost feel like a bedroom slipper, they are so soft to walk in.
FASH1023, Dolcis Shoes, By Bally, 1956 And though we do see the trend toward the very pointed top and heel being introduced, 56shoes3this style of shoe would be more prevalent over all. Where one might choose the more pointed look for an evening where one is not on their feet too much, except for dancing, the black and white add show some very practical and comfortable pumps. I would easily wear the low pumps with the bows on the bottom right all day.
We can’t mention shoes without Elvis’ Blue Suede Variety, as seen here on the Milton Berle show May of this year (1956)
Here we Cyd Charisse dance with the Four Aces singing “The Gal with the Yaller Shoes” from the 1956 movie Meet Me In Las Vegas released this year.
What is interesting, of course, is that she is in fact wearing black shoes in this number with Yellow Spats, but a great number none the less.
Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.


  1. I just got a "Massey's" catalog in the mail. It specializes in shoes (among other things) and has some beautiful vintage-style shoes! I'm sure you can google the catalog.

  2. I adore those peep-toes in the last shoe ad and the pumps in the Fashion Craft ad are to die for!!!

    I vastly prefer the rounded toe look and a slightly chunkier heel. They're more comfortable for me. I don't need any help making my legs look longer, which is fine with me because I hate the pointy toed shoes and stiletto heels. Especially the exaggerated versions that are so "in" today.

    My new black patent slingbacks are very vintage and 40's looking and modern all at the same time. They're just plain classy.

  3. Ahh, shoes … I just LOVE shoes! :) Great post as always, and I suppose great inspiration for everybody who wants to find vintage looking shoes. I collect vintage shoes, have about 20 pairs or so, but I’m lucky to wear a small size, so I can buy vintage shoes, which are often small sizes. See some of my shoe collection here: http://samati.dk/fotos/sko_dk.htm

  4. I'm jealous, Sanne! I have a sort of small foot too, but it's still too big for most vintage shoes.

  5. Wow, these shoes are wonderful! I'd be thrilled to own any of those shoes photographed in Vogue.

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