Monday, September 20, 2010

20 September 1956 “A Day of Biking”

We had such lovely comments yesterday and I really appreciate our discussion. And from that I plan on making a new post open-ended to any who lived in the 1950’s to share with us.
manwomanbike2Today, however, two of my gal pals and I are off for a bike ride. It is a lovely New England Fall day here, sunny and the air is crisp as a ripe apple. We will bike to the beach then into town. It shall be a glorious day for it.
 womanonbikestockingsYou can bet I shan’t look like this, I do wear a dress biking but stockings and heels are a bit much, ever for me. I shall look more like thiswomanonbikeLoafers and socks and a dress or skirt are my usual biking attire. It is a quite comfortable way to ride, you can be sure.
elvisbikeJust for fun, here is Elvis on a bike signing autographs. (the photo links to the source for the picture) If only his popularity could have remained innocent enough to be allowed such freedom.
Also, enjoy this fun educational biking film from 1955. It is also interesting as it tells you, near the beginning, how to start a car then. Enjoy!
So, have a wonderful day and enjoy whatever it is you have to do today.
Happy Homemaking.


  1. Have fun biking. :) Just curious if there is a problem with your skirt flying up? What kind of skirt?
    And I am jealous of a nice fall day.. We are having record breaking temps here in GA> I think its upper 90's today... *sigh*

  2. There were "girl's" or "lady's" bikes, where the bar was low and curved, so you could get on it by straddling the bike first, and hoisting yourself up on the seat by the pedals and then biking off. The low bar allowed you to wear a skirt (even a straight skirt) while biking. I had a girl's bike (blue) and my brother had a boy's bike (red).

    I don't remember my skit blowing up. Do you have a girl's bike, 50's Gal?

    Seems like today most women just ride a man's bike -- I think they are supposed to be sturdier because of the high bar across from seat to below the handle-bars. But, you can't wear a skirt while riding it.

    Do you have a vintage bike, Donna?

  3. I want a ladies' bike! It's too bad that where I live was voted the most dangerous in the country for biking and pedestrians. Can you guess what state?

  4. Nice post. I think your biking outfit would fit most on a 50's bike. Bikes today are more different than the bikes back in day.

  5. I do, indeed, have a vintage 1950's bike. It is even in my favorite teal/lt blue. There is a bell and whitewalls etc. It is a ladies/girls bike, as I almost always ride in a skirt, easier. I learned, by chance, back in 55 that one steps through a ladies bike and then sits down. Having mostly ridden 'boys bikes' as most modern mt. bikes are that way, I was used to swinging my leg up over the back. The day I realized I just step through I realized also how much more 'ladylike' it was and easier to boot, to get on the bike that way.


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