Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 September 1956 “Picnic, Peyton Place, and To-doing”

I hope all of you, here in the USA, enjoyed Labor Day.
Here is the song from the movie Picnic (starring Kim Novac and William Holden) played on a jukebox from 1954. This would be the way to enjoy music here at a bowling alley, bar, or possibly a soda shop that allowed dancing.
The movie Picnic came out last year 1955 and I believe I discussed it then. It occurs on Labor Day culminating in, of course, a Picnic.
Another 1950’s film that involves Labor Day is Peyton Place. This film will not come out until next year (1957) but this year the book was released. PeytonPlace I am currently reading it and am really enjoying it. It is a good description of the New Englander of the small town. This book would become somewhat of a scandal and particularly in the lakes district of New Hampshire, where Metalious lived. My husbands great great grandparents owned a summer house/farm in this area back in the 1890’s.
This book would have a sequel, Return to Peyton Place, and it also had a daytime tv drama that ran from 1964-69.
I am sorry for the absence of a post yesterday, but I did take the day off. Today’s post is rather short, as well, as I am really going to be spending some time on the website this week, so I can finally just get that up. I want to be able to start focusing on my book. After my post about the book challenge ( I still don’t know who the winners are for that) and some of your lovely comments and emails, I really feel like I should write a book. I have much of it in my head already, many notes and so much in my blog that I have already covered, that I thought, "Why not just do it”. I am not sure how it will be available. I most likely will have it available as a self-published book or e-book when it is done. I don’t know that I want to mess about with agents and publishing companies. I think there is just to much of the ‘You can do it yourself’ atitude in me to go through normal channels. And I like our community we are growing and feel if we want to make and share a book, than we should. Maybe in the future, if others want to make their own books we can have a ‘book sale’ on the new site and give all our readers a chance to join in.
Well, I hope all are having a lovely day. Here on Cape our weather is perfect, 70’s, sunny, soft breeze, perfect biking and beach walking weather. And I shall still give myself that time to walk and be outside as well as my usual chores and now my book and site. I find when one get’s busier, we must still allow ourselves to LIVE in that day. To stop and ‘smell the roses’ as it were, for me it is having a cuppa while watching my chickens scratch in the garden. Taking a walk down to the canal and back home. Enjoying a cocktail or talk with hubby after dinner. When we remove modern media from our lives, other than for a few reasonable hours, it is amazing what one can accomplish in one’s day.
Until tomorrow then, Happy Homemaking.


  1. Nice post. My parents felt a wave of nostalgia

  2. Oh, I will look SO much forward to your book, but take your time and enjoy writing it. I’ve bought another “homemade” Danish cookbook. She had a choice at her sales website – one price for e-book (download of pdf) and another higher price for a ring-bound version (real book). Of course I paid the bit higher price, because I just love real books, and I hope you’ll make a real-book too. I love to make myself a cup of tea and cuddle up into the sofa with a new nice book.

  3. Oh, do I ever remember that book. My best friend and I read it when we were 13. We laid on our tummies across her bed, and every time her mother would come into the room. We would toss it under the bed. Nice girls weren't supposed to be reading about stuff like that. When the movie came out, I was spending the night with another friend. Her big sister was going on a date and Connie's mother made Betty take us with her. Guess what movie we saw. Yep, Peyton Place.

  4. My wife read Peyton Place and had fond memories of it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  5. Love the song Picnic by the McGuire Sisters. I also enjoyed the movie. Thanks for sharing!


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