Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 October 1956 “Contemplative”

sadwoman I am feeling rather blue today. Not sure why exactly. Usually, when I do, I rather throw myself into my work and soon enough I am full of pluck and vinegar. Today, however, no such luck.

Perhaps it is the contemplation of the end of a second year of the 1950’s. I am left wondering, should I return full time to modern life. And, then of course, not sure what that would entail. I don’t think I can change my style of dress, but with my site I have been thinking more about things such as Facebook and so on. Hardly something I am wonderfully thrilled about, but none the less, there it is.

I think, perhaps, I will simply sulk today and have a bit of  a good brood. Then, I have to make an apple pie as we are off to MIL for dinner and I am to bring a dessert. I have some lard in the freezer ‘firming up’. And hopefully my hands dirty and the feel of the cold marble followed by the warm smell of baking apples and warm cinnamon will have me right as rain in no time.

I do apologize for such a sad little post, but then again, one does feel sad sometimes.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. Hey 50`s Gal,

    Keep yer spirits up mate (as my brit cuz would say) well actually the word spirit would be a different word here (due to differences in dialect), so in polite company «I can`t post it.

    It seems like one of those gloomy moods are over here in Canada as well, the sky is overcast, the wind is blowing and even my poor old Shizu (spelling error ) named Gizmo has slept most of the day.

    I was strongly hoping to see the year 1957 with you, sometimes this modern world is too stark and rough for the likes of me. Give me a world of great friendship, a cup of coffee and a kitchen to chat in, that`s my idea of heaven.

    I don`t even do Facebook, nor do I twitter or tweet for that matter (I leave that to Tweety Bird), your blog is kind of like a safe haven for me from the rough confines of modern society.

    It`s kind of like a comfy sweater that one wears next to a fire to cozy up in.

    It would truly be a sad day to see this 50`s gal end.

    Mom in Canada

  2. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Try some of the "modern" stuff with your vintage life.

  3. Mom in canada-thank you for the boost
    Anon-well, that is most likely the plan, we shall see. I think today I was out at the shops, a sea of printed shirts and sweatshirts and jeans jeans and more jeans. Everything seemed dirty and sloppy and I just felt, well, rather sad...
    Sometimes I wonder if a place like NYC or something where people are apt to be more into their appearance and overall lifestyle might suit me, but that matters little as I am here on Cape. I love our area too, so don't get me wrong.
    I think I have just been really trying to think more and more, how can I incorporate the good modern bits and good 50's bits? I do it somewhat now, obviously, but sometimes the modern world feels so fast or incomprehensible.
    I watched a modern show on youtube that a reader suggested (its on my youtube channel) where a food critic and a comedienne go back in time each week through food. The cuts are so fast, the music odd. Even the characters themselves are almost rude or unable to even consider that one element of the past is any good and that it is all bad. So that makes me feel a disconnect.
    I don't know, it is just one of those days. I should have kept it to myself, but I just didn't feel like posting today, so I thought I would say why. I am not looking for pity, I swear.
    Thank you.

  4. I still hope you will do a year 1947, Donna!
    I have a soft spot for the 1940s, especially the after-war years.

  5. I also would hate to see the 50's end.... But I understand mixing in some modern. I guess the thing would be don't feel like its a rule you HAVE to be 50's all the time.
    If you see a cute outfit or a modern tv show that you like.. DOn't say well.. I would not have had this in the 50's... Just enjoy... During the "real" 50's the 50's were what there was... They didn't have to choose between a 1956 magazine and a 2010 magazine.. Or movies or music...

    If the 1950's version of you heard or saw this newfangled modern stuff you may like some of it you know..

    I hope I am making sense... :) Chin up.... :)

  6. I see it as a whole new challenge for you, which I think will be just as exciting as your past two years. How you incorporate your 50's values and self into a more modern world. In some ways it may be more challenging than going back to the 50's, as you have a new sense of self. I think it will be a fascinating read and journey. Hope your day is improving.

  7. Who said you have to leave the 50's????? Just because the 1950's are coming to end does not mean that you have to leave it, if you and your Husband are happy why not stay?????

  8. Donna, I agree with all the things that Mom in Canada said. The weather here in the Northwest is the same. Dark & dreary. Sometimes the weather just gets you down. I feel the same as you when I go to Seattle. Too fast paced for me. I'd rather stay over here on the Olympic Peninsula away from the madding crowd.
    You are right, sometimes you just have to feel sad.
    Hugs, Julie in WA

  9. Considering that you have a blog and a website, it would seem that you have already abandoned vintage life. Stop pretending otherwise, and simply embrace the modern woman that you are. I am sure you would have a multitude of followers on Facebook, given Mad Men and all, the vintage thing seems to be very "in" at the moment.

  10. I don't live a vintage lifestyle but I have decided to not use Facebook. I tried it for a few months and then closed my account.

    And I know what you mean about how fast TV pictures move. I don't notice it unless I go a few days without watching any TV. When I watch again it almost makes me dizzy. That cannot be good for us!

    I love what you have done here and I'm sure I'll continue to love any direction you decide to take. (o:

  11. aww im sorry your feeling blue. But sometimes i feel we have to have blue days to inspire us with the good days. Why do you have to leave the 50's if your happy in this period stay and adapt it into your every day way of life as you have done. I think if something fits and makes you happy why change it, just adapt and give it a slight tweak ;-) Good luck and hope you feel better soon. Take care, Dee

  12. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit low. I hope the apple pie baking cheered you up.

    I too love the past - as you probably know, but I don't live a vintage lifestyle. What I've done, and tried to instill in my homelife and mothering technique, is an acceptence of many of the moral absolutes of the past: community feeling, faithfulness, friendship, responsibility, practicality and honesty (these are basic Christian truths). We use the resources of the past to help us do this: we watch old movies as a family, read vintage books. We also eat together, go out for country walks and generally "edit" modern life as much as we can, for the benifit of our own peace of minds and for the good of our children. Sooo, we don't watch reality TV, we're not on Facebook and fast food is for treats.

    This lifestyle has not made my family noticably different to any other in my community, but I know we're peaceful and healthy. You don't necessarily have to live in the past to live the life you love, perhaps coming to terms with modernity will be part of your journey. There are many positives in living in our modern age, the cultural revolution of the 1960s may have had a disatrous effect on family life, but it left us with a legacy of greater equality between the races and a rejection of class bias. A white British woman in 1956 simply would not have had a black friend, unless she were a radical of some kind.

    However, why not continue to explore the 1950s, if this is what makes you happy? There's no reason why in your household it can't be your version of 1955(ish)forever. You have a choice, you could be a Tasha Tudor in seemed stockings!

  13. I hope you're feeling Cherrier today. We all have those days, I'm afraid.

    What you do in the coming year, should be what makes you happiest. I think though, that the modern world would be likely to drive you as far from that as possible.

    Whatever you choose, you'll continue to have your followers here for you!

  14. Do what you want to do! Where your heart is. What feels right. You can live a fifties/vintage life forever and only incorporate modern things and appliances you like. It is your life, live it the way you love it. Don’t ever do what you are “supposed” to do.

    Don’t apologize, you are only human, And we who have followed you from the beginning love to know that it is a real person with real feelings writing at the other end. I’ve read the next post and know that you cheered up baking your apple pie, but I wanted to leave a comment on this post anyway.


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