Friday, October 8, 2010

8 October 1956 “Eartha Kitt”

earthakitt56 This month here in 1956 Eartha Kitt will perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eartha, she is a very unique talent. I adore her voice and her sing song/story telling way she approached songs. She doesn’t just sing a song or perform, she owns it and it becomes a little vignette; a mini movie or almost short story.
This clip of she and Nat King Cole from next year (1957) show that indeed people of color were on TV in the 1950’s. I love her rendition of this classic song. It seems they were going into a skit, but it cuts off before that happens.
This 1962 clip of her singing “Just an Old Fashioned Girl” is wonderful. You really get the complexities of her voice and what a glorious dress and set. I have to say, though I am biased, I would much rather watch such a set and lovely outfit and performance than an MTV video.
She would later go on to play Catwoman on the Batman show in the later 1960’s. Many people know her wonderful rendition of Santa baby first recorded by her in 1953. There was a horrid Madonna version made of the song once. I know it’s a bit early for Christmas, but we can’t talk of Eartha Kitt and not hear it.
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  1. Love Eartha Kitt! Her voice is so unique and she draws you in to the song so well. Not to mention she is gorgeous! I had never heard the song "Just an Old Fashioned Girl" before but now I believe it is one of my favorites.

  2. A lovely post she is just so very charming loved listening to the songs, Santa baby is my classic favourite xmas song. Dee ;-)

  3. I'd never heard An Old-Fashioned Girl either. It should be my sister's theme song.

    She was the second Catwoman and quite good at it. Though I love Julie Newmar as Catwoman too. She's my favorite villain.

    There is a Santa Baby that's worse than Madonna's. Heidi Klum recorded one a few years ago. It's AWFUL!

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