Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16 November 1956 “Dreaming of Christmas”

I have been in the “Christmas Mood” of late, so just a few fun Christmas videos.
Toys for the young ones:
Christmas images:
Maybe mother will get a new “Frigidaire” under the tree this year. ( I like how they mention that now mother can shop only once a week!)
This last video is from here in Massachusetts, in Quincy at the Christmas Parade. It is fun to see the young girls getting ready (some in their dungarees). The ladies in their head scarves watching the parade. The school of Nursing, so proud in their lovely white uniforms, navy capes and nurses caps.
Get that Christmas Spirit going and Happy Homemaking.


  1. Oh! Me, too! The other day, I was even considering wrapping the gifts I've bought already!

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  3. Well, you finally brought tears to my eyes with the Quincy, Mass. videos. Thank you!

  4. In my old neighborhood in Philadelphia, the young women who had just graduated from the local hospital's nursing school would each receive a bouquet of flowers and they would parade down the street. So touching!

  5. I actually have the glass wax stencils! My mom just passed them on to me. I was just thinking how we were thrilled with such simple fun decorating the living room windows each year. Now if I can only find some glass wax I will show my grandchildren! dee

  6. Steven-Sorry to make you cry, though it seems it was a 'good cry'
    Flower lady's husband-what a darling ritual. I love the nursing uniforms of old.
    Anon-How lucky for you. I think later in the 60's they used 'spray snow' which I think is still available. I wonder if you could use white bar soap, then it'd wash clean, though not very 'snowy'.


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