Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 November 1956 “Happy Birthday to Me”

dominosugarad Today is my birthday. Though I will be celebrating tomorrow with friends and family, as that was the day my hubby could organize everyone. It is my second birthday in the 1950’s. It has, of course, made me appreciate the simplicity and rustic character of the cakes of old.
Today, with so many cooking/baking/reality shows, cakes are meant to be over the top and perfect to a fault. Fondant icing (not very tasty) for all its smooth qualities gives us cold and unfeeling perfection. I, however, want to relish in the quaint almost Folk Art quality of the cakes of yore.
bananaspicecake I enjoy cakes that first off taste wonderful and take their ingredients and taste more into priority than how fanciful they look. With that said, some simple tricks can do wonders. And what may been seen today as gaudy or amateurish shows more live than over the top fondant cakes or quickly made grocery store cakes.
heartcake Why not match the punch, balloons and cake to the wallpaper? In fact, the rough texture often used in 50’s cakes makes it easy on the baker and yet has a wonderful look to it. Those fresh strawberries in and around that cake look scrumptious. birthdaycake The fun of some simple candies, swirls of the knife and a homemade ‘party favor’ out of an old toilet roll and crepe paper says someone cares and vintage fun!
As I shall be celebrating tomorrow, I won’t be posting. But, do think of me, I shall be thinking of you.
For now, enjoy this birthday themed episode of the Abbot and Costello TV show “Lou’s Birthday Party”.
This shall be added to Apron TV under Classic Tv if you want to watch it again.
Have a great day and Happy Homemaking.


  1. I like these kind of cakes, my mom used to take baking classes and then she became kind of "expert", all were like the ones you show in the pictures, I like the "rustic" look, I mean, not like the ones covered with fondant, even those look very pretty, as you say it has not very good taste , besides, I like to take with my finger the cover of the cake.... =)

    yes, I know .. I sing bad, but I want to wish you the best in this new year in his life.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! To me, those home made cakes look much better than anything produced commercially!

  4. Happy Birthday! sned me an email with your mailing adress and i'll see if we cant get you some Casablanca goodies!

  5. Have a spang-tacular birthday!! It has been so wonderful to connect with you. I wish you many wonderful blessings in 1956 :)

    - from "LiveVintageously" (AR forum)

  6. Happy Birthday 50's Gal :)

    Mom in Canada

  7. Happy Birthday Dear! I hope it was and is wonderful!! Hugs to you!


    P.S. - I agree to you about the cakes! I was born in 1959, and you know what? I always loved the cakes grandma made better than the "flash" store bought ones!

  8. Oh Happy Birthday 50sgal!!! Hope you have had a lovely day and a special time tomorrow when you celebrate with your important people. All the best for the year ahead and thanks for letting us share in your life. We are learning so much. Linda

  9. Happy Birthday, Donna!
    Have a nice day!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  10. Happy happy happy birthday, dear! And I wanted so much to send you a real card from Denmark, but I've been feeling so bad due to my surgery, I'm sorry. I hope to do it next year.

    I hope you'll have sunshine, lots of fun with your friends and get everything you've ever wanted. :) And I hope to read everything about it soon.

  11. Happy Birthday! and thank you for time you spend creating your posts so we all can enjoy them!
    Amy F.

  12. Happy Birthday. My birthday was yesterday, also.

  13. Happy Birthday Donna, This has been another great year of posts by you. Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!
    I loved the cakes of yor also. Especially the ones that were cut up and made into giraffes and clowns and even an elephant. Do you remember seeing those in your vintage magazines? So cute! We kids loved those.
    Best wishes,
    Julie in WA

  14. happiest of birthdays dear friend!!

  15. Thank you so much everyone for all your wonderful Birthday wishes. I was so excited to see all these and those in the forum this morning, thank you so kindly, what dears!


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