Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 November 1956 “1950’s TV Drawing School & Site Day”

As some of you may know, my new schedule has Saturday’s as my site day. I am working on making it more functional and so on. In the future this can be the day I simply continue to sort blog post content into a more usable stored reference materials.
And for any of you who have signed up for my monthly newsletter, I will try and get that out tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, if you go to the main page of the WEBSITE on the right hand side under my bio is a ‘sign up for newsletter’ button. Simply click that and do whatever it says, I think it just asks for your email, and you will receive it. I want to give some info and scanned vintage images that won’t necessarily be on the website. Sort of a fun, ‘let’s check the mail and see what we have’. I would love to do an actual newsletter, but that I know would be too expensive and far too much trouble with stamps and all.
In the future it will come to your email first of the month, but again, I am but one person. I know based upon my continuing experience of adding more to my schedule, that in time it will become normal and simply be ‘part of my day’. That is what I increasingly love about my two year project, that I can keep pushing myself, setting the bar high, and then achieving that aim. Almost making up for all the lost time of my modern youth of aimless rote and mindless entertainment. Though I do still enjoy a good movie or show now and again, and of course reading and vintage fun times with my friends. But, I digress…
So, for Saturdays, rather than just leave you with boring info on what I am working on the site, I will share some fun video with you.
JonPhoto Today we are going to see a video of a 1950’s TV program with Jon Gnagy, a self taught artist. His show was the not only the first of its kind on early television, but  On May 16, 1946, Jon Gnagy was the first "act" on the first program broadcast from the antenna atop the Empire State Building. HERE is a quick biography of his interesting life.
You can also watch more of his fun and helpful videos on my APRON TV simply go on the right under playlists and scroll down until you see Vintage Educational Tv and click on that. It will open many videos of his 50’s art show, enjoy and Happy Homemaking.
Here is the intro to his show followed by an episode.


  1. Oh, I cannot wait for your newsletter. I think an e-mail is OK, considering we don’t live in the fifties, so you are allowed to take the best from the present. How about taking Saturdays off? You are allowed to just do what you want to and be together with your hubby and friends.

  2. Ohh! I remember this show! I was too young to remember his name. Thanks! Morag


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