Friday, December 3, 2010

3 December 1956 “Some Music From This Year”

I thought I would just post some fun music that came out this year, 1956. Enjoy!
The four Preps:
This is another well known song from the Preps
Harry Belafonte’s hit ‘Banana Boat’ was also released this year:
The wonderful Duke Ellington and “Take the A-Train”:
Johnnie Ray, here performing this year on the Frankie Laine Tv show. He sings walking in the rain and If I Had You:
Dinah Shore, on her own show, singing “Honeysuckle Rose”. I adore her dress here:
The lovely Kay Star singing her 1956 hit ‘Rock and Roll Waltz’. The term Rock and Roll is really becoming a part of the vernacular here at the end of ‘56.
Eve Boswell’s famous but not very often heard song “Pickin’ a Chicken”. It was a popular South African Song with new words. This song hit #9 on the UK charts this year, 1956. She was a very talented lady and lived in many countries and spoke many languages. Her follow up albumeveboswell would have her singing in 9 different languages!
Well, enjoy the music and Happy Homemaking.


  1. no comments today? I suppose many must be busy with the holidays. I spent the day at another craft fair selling my brittle for Christmas pin money. The homemaker often used her homemaking skills to add to the family coffer. I hope all had a good day.

  2. I was really busy yesterday as well but I did take the time to watch a few of the videos. I love finding "new" songs that I had not heard.

    Are you decorating for Christmas? Do you use vintage decorations? I like more of the kitschy type so I was thinking I would love to have an aluminum silver tree with vintage oranaments.

    My mom was a little girl in the 50's and they always had a blue tree. :)

  3. How refreshing!! when MEN CROONED to women and not the OTHER WAY AROUND..If you notice, most of the modern female singers are singing lovesongs to men and men arent doing the same in large numbers...they are actually being disrespectful in their lyrics, except country; this is why i Like Brad Paisley the best--he is one who croons to women, without being lame.......JOYEUX NOEL


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