Friday, August 27, 2010

27 August 1956 “Just some fun pictures”

We had a friend in today so I didn’t have a moment to post. She is moving back from Austen to Maryland and is from the Cape originally. I had fun and made dinner and enjoyed our company.
Here are some fun pictures, then, to make up a last minute post for today.
speigaldresses Here are some darling dressed from a Speigal catalog from 1956 summer. Aren’t their strappy shoes adorable and fresh.speigaldresses2 These are so adorable, I love both the drop but fitted waist of the blue number and the puff sleeves of the lilac frock.
Stewardess uniform modeled by Maryanne Kowaleski When I spoke of uniforms the other day, I can’t believe I forgot the stewardess. I am sure this outfit looks as if it might be hard to work in, yet women did. And it looks smart and does a great job to represent the class and style of the airlines. I also think it would be fun to go to work in something like this, I would feel proud. This is from August 1956.
womanwithbike I liked this photo because to me it just felt very ‘normal’ not vintage. Because to me this is just another day out on the bike. My bike, which is vintage, is similar to this only teal blue and I often ride in my dress and this summer I was often in transit from the shore and home with my dress and beach things on my trusty bike. This photo is from a jims army daze.
Well, I am off to bed. Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.


  1. 50's Gal, thanks for the pictures. Question regarding biking in a dress or skirt- I have a womens bike so I should be able to ride decently but it seems my skirt flips up when I peddle. Any ideas? I try to tuck it under me but I feel like I'm still too exposed depending on the breeze.

    The manager at the bike shop said not to wear a skirt longer than my knees to avoid getting the fabric caught in the spokes.


  2. Well, actually, I often wear a full skirted dress on my bike, more freedom. My dresses DO go below my waist and often in the fuller skirt will flip about, but never in an exposing way and it it doesn't get caught in the spokes as there isn't really anything for it to get caught on (it's not like the chain that might grab it). But, I did find that when I wear a skirt or dress that has a pleated skirt that is mot like a circle skirt, that it is full, but not a 'swirl out' full, that works very well, as it stays in place and also allows freedom of movement. If you know how to sew, such a skirt/dress is easy to make. You take the yardage you want, hem it will it is still just a long rectangle of fabric and then pleat or gather it around the waist band and then sew it up to about where the zipper will end and pop a zipper in. Why not make a 'biking skirt' this way. Easy, fun and you can use simple cotton in fun colors. That is my biking/dress advice.

  3. I will do a tutorial post some time on this easy way to make a skirt if you don't know what I mean.

  4. hello,
    As for biking a split skirt much like kool-lots of the 60's works well as they were invented in the 1800's for western womans wear and work well for biking. here in Pa. Amish and Mennonite girls/women bike all the time in dresses and pull the dress skirt tight over the knee then tuck the dress around under the buttox. They do not seem to bike fast here but for leisure and travel patiently.

    Now for the strappy shoes they are lovely and add grace to the leg, much easier to reproduce the look than some of the other styles.

    Also Donna, your friend who moved to maryland, if she is close to us here in lancaster area, I would be glad to visit her and help her know this area and it's bargins of fabric and goods. Just have her email me as you have my email address. Lovely post.

  5. Love love love LOVE the Speigel dresses!! And I'm a sucker for strappy sandals too. Too cute.


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