Thursday, December 16, 2010

16 December 1956 "1956 is slipping away"

This month seems to be slipping away from me, as does 1956. How is it that this is the end of the second year of what was a project and is now a life?

I have been so busy this past week. We had our cocktail party last night and the day before I was busy making and preparing for the day. It was a hit and we all had such fun. Now, here we are one week away from Christmas.

I have been rather bad at my daily posts and again, the site has been waiting for me. I have new plans for it but have not uploaded anything new as I am waiting, almost on myself, for concrete decisions for 1957.

I shall share photos of the party and other things later, but I rather think I need the rest of today to clean up and unwind. I had a guest who stayed over from the party and we had a lovely time gabbing away until a few minutes ago. I shall clean up, prepare for this evenings meal and take some time to wrap some gifts and finish up stitches on a homemade gift.

I hope all are enjoying the days leading up to this big holiday and are having fun making gifts or enjoying a reasonable  shopping. I would like to think more people are wisely spending less this holiday season, but I heard shopping is up from last year. I suppose we have short term memory when it comes to recalling the 'big crash' of a few years ago.

Until later then, Happy Homemaking and Happy Christmas Prep time.


  1. Very interesting to read that what started as an experiment has become a life. This gives us all hope. This is possible. We can take the good things from the past and enjoy them today. Thanks!

  2. Hi I was wondering when the 50's come to a end, are you going to stay there or are you going to make the transition back to "modern times"? If you do decide to return to "modern times" how do you think that it will affect the lessons learnt and how will the change affect your 50's attitude to life????

    I have read your blog from the beginning and found it utterly fascinating, from a selfish point of view stay in the 50's don't come back.

  3. 50`s Gal, I think if you do decide to travel back to the modern world you will carry a little bit of the 50`s with you for the rest of your life.

    Sometimes we embark on a project that defines our existence and changes us for the better.

    Viewing your blog everyday has made my life better, it solidifies everything I feel about being a homemaker and validates that there are others with the same old fashioned belief systems.

    So thank you dear friend, and I look forward to another year :)

    Mom in Canada

  4. I've been making cookies the last couple days. Your sugar cookie icing recipe was just what I was looking for! It hardened up just the way I wanted and has the most beautiful sheen to it. Gorgeous.

  5. I've followed your blog since march of 1955, going back and reading the first few months that I'd missed, and never left a comment, but couldn't resist today.

    I'm a senior liberal arts major from Texas, minoring in PR, and for a journalism course I took I wrote my final news story on consumer habits for this holiday season. I fully expected to find information on how people are back to charging everything, and buying a bunch of stuff they can't afford, and was surprised to find that the evidence showed a different picture. Spending is up, but credit card puchases are way down; the lowest they have been since 2002. More people are shopping the deep discounts, which drove numbers up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but completed most of their shopping that day. Take heart! Maybe people did learn a lesson. Now, that is not to say that people are not buying loads of things made in China, sold at big box stores, but hey it's a start.
    I also wanted to say that you have had an impact on me to budget for buying locally, so my Farmer's Market, independant grocery store, and local used clothing shops have you to thank!
    My favorite part of your blog over the past two years was the emphasis on ACTION. We really are a society of vicariously living people, watching reality TV, etc. I decided that I wanted to live a life that would be interesting to read about, instead of: Today I got up, ate some sub-par food that someone else cooked for me, went to class, went to work and possibly shopping, and came home and slumped in front of the TV, eating another sub-par meal that someone else cooked for me, until I was tired enough to fall asleep.
    I really love your blog posts that describe your comings and goings, and your different projects, and look forward to more in the coming year.


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