Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 January 1957 “A Bit out of Sorts”

crankywoman Hubby, Gussie, and I played hookie yesterday and spent the day sledding, drinking cocoa in front of the fire, and playing scrabble. It was fun, but tiring and now I an rather late with the wash day (was suppose to be yesterday) and a bit tired. While yesterday I was the free spirit whooping it up down the icy slopes of our ‘coastin hill’, today I am the curmudgeonly ole’ New Englander, cranky and busy.

So, I shall return tomorrow. We have a lovely guest post coming from our fellow Apronite Sanne, which I may post tomorrow. I have a few others of you interested in guest posting. If any others would like to consider it, email me or just comment on this post about it. I rather like ‘sharing the load’ as it were and also hearing from all of you.

I know most of you have your own blogs and sites, but it is nice to touch base here and of course we would link back to your own site. Share the love, isn’t that how it is done in cyberspace? One never knows, when one is a crabby old 50’s housefrau, as I am today.

Good and Happy Homemaking to all today!


  1. Oh, I totally understand how you feel...I am behind with my chores, too, but not from having fun....hubbie and I have both had the flu. I remember when I worked outside of the home, when I called in sick I got to rest...there is truly no rest with household chores. If I do not do them today they just pile up and become such a bothersome task. So off to the ironing board I go.

  2. Chin up. Remember your lovely day yesterday and everything will be better. I've started working again from home, 1½ hours work then 1 hour with the leg up, and so on. So I'm also tired. Funny how quickly you get used to freedom and no chores.


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