Sunday, March 27, 2011

27 March 1957 “A Movie For A Sunday Starring Marilyn Monroe”

princeshowgirl This 1957 American film stars Marilyn Monroe and co-starring Laurence Olivier who also served as director and producer. Though the film will not be released until June of this year, I thought it would be a fun film to watch on this lazy Sunday here in the 1950’s.

Here is the trailer:

Though the movie is meant to take place in 1911, it is for all intents and purposes merely a 1950’s film parading as such. It is very Marilyn and very Hollywood. Her 1911 costumes are merely lovely 50’s evening dress, but what a fun film

I have the entire film on my Channel HERE. Simply scroll down under Classic Films and you will see the parts numbered (though number 3 is not numbered but they do appear in the side bar of the channel in order). So, have fun and enjoy this film on this quiet Sunday afternoon.


  1. How lovely! This movie is inexplicably missing from my Marilyn box set (which includes films from early in her career in which she has barely a cameo role) and I've been wanting to watch it.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  2. I'd love to sit and watch a film! I miss the Engelwood here in Independence Mo., they used to show only vintage.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed it. I didn't realize this wasn't readily available in box sets. It is probably one of her less known films and as I said it is meant to be 1911 while most people want to see the 1950's in these old films. But, as I have notices, in older films, as there is such a strong style of fashion and hair this often trumped any true historical accuracy. While today (though not so much really) we can try for more historical accuracy because our modern 'uniforms' of jeans and t-shirts might as well be a blank dry erase board we can draw anytime on. I rather like that the old days had such a strong style it couldn't but help seep into their interpretation of the past. This was also true of the stage, even during Victorian times. An opera made in 1880's but meant to be in the 'olden times' would still have the silhouette of that time, with bustle, and hourglass midsection. All very interesting. I love every aspect of history!

  4. Can you imagine how excited a 50s woman would have been to see this movie and many others of the era? I can't remember when I was excited about seeing a recent movie.
    Going to the movie theatre would have been a dress up affair with a women in a nice dress and a man in a suit.
    There's nothing I enjoy more than watching an old movie on VHS or DVD. At one point I had to explain to my son that our country is not currently at war with Japan, that it happened around 70 years ago and we are friends with Japan. After the recent earthquake and sunami, Japan can use some friends, for sure.
    Have a great week............Denise

  5. I confess I am immensely interested in the complex life of Marilyn Monroe, and didn't watch "The Prine and the Showgirl" until recently on Netfix. Truthfully, the film is terribly slow, although there are some good moments, but I was very interested in watching it after learning that it was made during one of the most volitile periods of Marilyn's life. Olivier proved to be terribly cruel to Marilyn during filming, (treating her like an incompetent child), and it was also at this time that her marriage to Arthur Miller significantly worsened. As you mentioned, her costumes are very 1950s, regardless of the historical setting of the film. I suppose even the costuming department wanted to Marilyn-ize the character Elsie, but then again, it's hard to imagine her any other way...

  6. Of all of Marilyns films, I don't favor this one. The Prince and Marilyn had no chemisty, the film was slow, and I found myself pausing is several times to wander off in search of things more interesting.

    Nonetheless, all my memories of this film are still fond? Marilyn has that effect on you, the lovely thing she was. So if someone were to mention that they recently saw this film, I would still squeal with delight and ask them how much they loved it, just because Marilyn brings the magic so well


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