Thursday, April 14, 2011

14 April 1957 “Oh, What A Darling Little Home”

Hubby and I are in the middle of our staycation. Today we are building our stonewall in the front of our house and have been busy doing yard work. This actually is quite enjoyable. We have punctuated it with walks and little jaunts, in between the rain of course.

Therefore, with the 1940’s theme, I thought I would share this great little short article about this darling couple. They have a sweet little one story home. The husband is a band musician and enjoys word work in his basement shop. Look at the cute little touches he has made. Also notice the price tag for the home and land was only $4100. That is about $50,000 with today’s inflation.

43house1 43house2

And here are some great magazine looks for what was the latest thing in 1940’s interiors. Simply click the image and it will take you to a great Flickr page of these interiors.

Isn’t it interesting here how the modern is still mixed with a sort of homey antiquity, as the floral wallpaper yet the bold deep almost black green back ground setting off the ice cream mint and pink pain colors.


Have a wonderful day and if you get a chance, do a little house dreaming.


  1. This is adorable...I want a vintage so bad! I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays...hope you can join us honey! Have a great Thursday! Kori xoxo

  2. Love the house and kitchen.
    My husband got some of the 40s white steel cabinets for his garage at an estate sale and I love them.
    A friend of his has some white steel cabinets in a farm building that we can have for our basement. I'm hoping they are in good shape so eventually we could add some new boomerang countertops.
    I've been pondering your post about women working during the war.
    I grew up in Los Alamos, NM, the birthplace of the atom bomb.
    If I had been a war bride then and there, I would have been married to a scientist and we would have lived in a silver sided trailer on streets made of dirt.
    Present day Los Alamos is very nice, but everything was hastily put together during the war.
    I would not have been able to tell family or friends where I was. My mail (ingoing and outgoing) would have been censored and delivered to a P.O. box in Santa Fe.
    I would not have had any idea of the nature of my husband's work, until the bombs were dropped.
    There were no jobs for women there, so they spent their time organizing community events to build moral and doing whatever they could to make their new town more pleasant.
    I'm glad you're enjoying your stay-cation. I'm sure your husband is glad not to have to drive in traffic and spend some time outdoors.

  3. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Staycations are brilliant (and retro. That's how my grandparent's used to get caught up on their home too). We aren't in a house yet, so every year my hubby takes off work between Christmas and New Years. We take the kids sledding, to see Santa, play games and work puzzles, bake cookies, etc. Good luck on your projects :)

  5. That little house reminds me so much of my little Summer cottage. :) House dreaming, ooh yeah, we've started the dining room renovation project. Right now I have a completely empty dining room, and yesterday DH and a friend took down three radiators. Lovely, they have always looked ugly. We will take down the wallpaper and ceiling this weekend. I can hardly wait ..... for the finished result.

    Wishing you both a lovely weekend. :)

  6. Ooh, Sanne, I think I feel a guest post coming on about your Dining room renovation! What fun.
    We have been going crazy in our yard this week. Taking down an old stone wall that probably hasn't been touched in 100 years, mostly buried under dirt from settling in along a line of evergreen trees. I have always wanted to rebuild and build the old stones along the front and front drive of the house. Hubby has been amazing at how many large almost boulders he can dig up, put in the wheel barrel and build up.
    It is nice to just have a week to 'putz around the house'. Sometimes I wish hubby were a SAHH and I could still be a SAHW, we'd get SO MUCH done and have fun to boot!
    Happy Reno.

  7. Thank you, dear. And have fun with the stone wall. Yes, I've planned writing a guest blog about the renovation when we're done. I am, as usual, taking lots of photos to document the process. We found the loveliest stucco when we removed the ugly wooden ceiling, and it was only broken in one place. DH has just ordered a repair piece - expensive, but worth it.

    Wishing you a lovely Easter. :)


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