Thursday, April 21, 2011

21 April 1957 “It’s Curtains For You!”

villain Though my title today reeks of silent film villainy, it is actually just a way for me to share these fun drapery solutions with you.

These are from a 1954 Better Homes & Gardens article. I always love vintage takes on such things and for those of you interested in recreating mid-century interiors and don’t want just the modern conception of rocket ships and boomerangs, these offer an interesting take on it. Again, featuring much of the Early American look I am often discussing.

 curtain2 One could see Mrs. Cleaver or Lucy in Connecticut choosing an entrance such as this.

curtain3 This must be a wonderful window to have. They have an almost modernist or shaker approach to the simple benches lined up for utility. The curtains are then intended to soften that severity.

curtain4 The ruffled sheer has been a bedroom choice since the 1930’s. They are like a ladies dressing gown.

curtain5 I love this hidden closet as part of the wall and pelmet/cornice piece. If the radiators were not there, you could see window benches working will in this type of lay out.

curtain6 I think open shelves are always a good idea. They force you to keep track of what you have. Don’t you love the ever faithful dog with his children?

curtain7 curtain8 This is clever, too, the curtain hooks built under the trim like this. Again we see a more stream-lined modern approach to a Country air.

I hope these images inspire you or in the least make you laugh in their quaint 20th century way.


  1. I really enjoy this kind of post!

  2. Thank you. I like to mix it up with opinons, history/facts, fun design and of course recipes. I haven't done a recipe post in some time, better put that on this weeks list!

  3. Some of those 50s colors really grow on you too.
    I have a small Mazola Oil cookbook that was my mother's. One of the kitchens pictured has the countertops covered with square tiles that are a kind of grayish teal. I love it!
    Your curtain post was fun. Thanks!

  4. The first photo of curtains/windows reminded me of Lucy's house when they moved to Connecticut. (I Love Lucy)


  5. I love those 50`s curtains, both my boys have the hook type curtains featured in a couple of pictures. They are about thirty years old and date back to when my brother was very young.

    Each of my boys have a set in their rooms, and I love them, although I do struggle to put them back on, once washed :)

    One thing for sure, those type of curtains were built to last, and their classic style never fades :)

    Mom in Canada


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