Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 April 1957 “Trying Something New: A Vintage Newspaper/Magazine”

reporter I have often felt myself the little reporter. My findings of all things 1950’s since the inception of my project has given me a very investigative aspect to my findings.
Often searching for news or simply recipes, I will uncover old laws or regulations that suddenly make the modern worlds current situation make sense. Much of what we seem to believe of the past is often a skewered view via popular culture. (Read Entire Post)...

My project, now in its third year, has begun to feel no longer relevant. I LOVED my isolation in the past for the last two years, but this year (1957) keeps brining to the forefront the vast changes at the end of the decade that really is telling of our current 21st. century. So, in some ways, I wish my project to evolve.
I have no intention of racing out and buying a car, an iPad, jeans and sneakers. My love for vintage fashion and cooking and many of the elements of my life that have become simply normal and not ‘vintage’ to me shall remain. And I also wish to continue to look at the past. I simply want to have more context for our present.
I think this year I have really begun to see that right now, 2011, we are living on the cusp of a time that people will look back on and think, “My, did they see it all coming?” or “What a time to have lived, do you think they felt the vast changes to the world?” Who knows, there might even be a silly blogger (or whatever modern equivalent exists 60 years from now) who might get it into her head to try and recreate these very times.

So, you will notice an overall change to the look of the blog/site. I wanted to give it a more online newspasper/magazine feel. I will still post about my own findings, in news, cooking and the past. But, I also want to begin to include daily ‘articles’ if you will. They shall mostly be things I find often that are relevant but rather than my having to make up so much of the writing myself, I want to present it to you through others blogs with links, news stories, or videos or what have you. With the element of the past and how it was and how it affects today. Rather it is fashion and recipes or old news reports that might suddenly seem not so foreign to our modern political times.

I often find many things that I just have to set aside until I can get to it, but this way I can change the ‘news’ daily and yet even if I only blog once every other day, there will still be new things to enjoy each day here. I think this will be more refreshing for me and also allow me to keep up with what I love and evolve with it. And also return to my art/drawing and children's book and other writings that have to keep taking a back seat.
I feel I have come to meet so many wonderful people here on the blog and want to continue to do so. As it grows, for if it does, and others do enjoy coming here for their vintage daily fix of news and the like, then please feel free to submit to me your own guest blogs. Or even other blogs you have seen of interest, as I will often link to other blogs with topics of interest to our Vintage ways. I think this will also help the community and get a fun interconnected realm of vintage and past loving writings and interests.
I hope you enjoy it and there will be glitches, of course. Right now I am having trouble getting the RSS feed button to work, but it shall be ironed out. Thank you again for all your wonderful support and for reading my writings and adding to our wonderful community. I have recently given more control of the FORUM to others, as we have had such bad luck with Spam and Bots that we are trying to make that better because we really have some good articles and advice and community on there and I want that to continue.
Thank you again and Happy Homemaking.


  1. I like the new look. Look forward to seeing your new direction.

  2. Although I'll miss the insular little blog atmosphere, I've been wishing you were out here (and "in there") with all of us!

    I don't get to stop by as often as I'd like, but a few weeks ago I was having very powerful feelings and dreams about the cusp of WWII, British (especially) home front, and wondered. I decided to visit the blog, and saw your anniversary musings about the time and its relevance to now. I wonder how many of us are out here feeling this? I'll be stopping in here intentionally, because you are building a community of like-minded women and I don't feel so strange here. Thank you, 50sgal, and all of you here.

  3. LOVE the new look. Very Fresh yet Retro.

  4. Great idea to make your blog more interactive. Looking forward to reading more....Denise

  5. The new look is great and I look forward to the changes in your blog.

  6. I like that your project keeps evolving. Look forward to continuing to follow you.

  7. Love the new ideas! Even retro must evolve!


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