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17 May 1957 “Pink and Green: What a Combination and How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt”

pinkgreenbedroom I love pink, evidently anyone can see that by my blog/site. Before 1955 I hated pink. I am not sure why, just felt no affinity for it. But after immersing myself in vintage magazines and books and movies, pink just pushed itself into the forefront of my favorites. It has many uses and can go from the softest almost sandy tan pink of a seashell to the shocking brights of the 80’s to the deeper greyer undertone pink of the 1950’s. READ MORE

Many colors pair wonderfully with pink. Pink and Brown is lovely and I have often used this color combination in my clothing choices. Grey and Pink is very 50’s and rather chic. Even Pink and blue (like my website background) isn’t just for babies, but brings to mind wallpapers and drapes of a frothy utterly feminine shop in some enchanted fairy-tale Paris Boulevard. Certainly one of the shoppers has a dyed to match poodle and sips tea while models parade about in lovely creations with titles such as “Heaven’s Cloud” or “Day at the Races”.

However, Pink and Green is such a fresh and wonderful combination I had to share it with you today. I came across this simply smashing ad for Cannon towels, drapes, bedspreads, sheets and it put it best. We see the color scheme in the bedroom and the bath. These next four images are from that ad.
pinkgreentowel1 This happy gal is adoring her new Cannon towels. I am adoring that lovely two-toned green plaid towel and the stripey green and white would be great with pink and white striped to boot.pinkgreentowel2 pinkgreentowel3 pinkgreentowel4 These Cannon designed rooms are not meek nor apologetic. They proudly strut their stuff in Pink and Green and take no prisoners. I like the use of the white birch wall paper and think it would look lovely as a background for a modern or a ‘colonial/country’ room. Imagine if you could get it in soft seashell pink? Heaven.

Here are some other examples from one of my magazines where pink and green often show up as a color scheme.
pinkgreenbedroom A darling bedroom light and airy. A darker take on the color combination with Green being the main player. pinkgreenbedroom2 pinkgreendiningroom Even a dining room happily recieves the color combo. Here toile paper in salmon pink sits happily atop leaf green dado/wainscot and painted door. This is a combination of darker shades.

We see that same use of darker pinks and greens in this lovely Asian inspired dressing table.pinkgreen1 This set up includes the ‘How-to’ to make this lovely dressing table. pinkgreendressingtablepattern If you don’t know what buckram is, it is a stiffener, muck like interfacing. If you want to know more about it, one of today’s daily news articles is on using buckram in making curtains.

pinkgreendress Of course, it goes without saying, pink and green is wonderful in fashion as well.

pinkgreenbathfixtures And I just have to share these vintage bath fixtures I found. If you live in Virginia what lovely finds, pink and green lavs and sinks. You could mix and match a pink lav and green sink! There is no shipping however. HERE is the link. I feel like we should share that find with Pam over at retrorenovation.com.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. I want to travel back in time, put on that dress, love my linens and live in those rooms! The pink potty, My Aunt Marge had one, they aren't as pretty in person, I think.

  2. I love that dress! If you want to learn about pink and green, read "The Preppie Handbook" published in the 80's. Hilarious! Pink and green seems to be a preppy thing!

  3. One of my favorite color combos! That dress is simply to die for!

  4. I love the pink/green combo too. Over at http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/ there's lots of to-die for photos of the classic pink tile bathrooms that unfortunately are the first things to get updated in today's no-taste world of homebuyers.

  5. These are my favorites, too. In the 80's there was a rash of pinks and greens in slightly different shades than this, mainly a sage green bordering on seafoam or aqua, and a light pink that was more of a pale coral. They looked wonderful together, and went well with other rose tints. I still have my home decorated in them, as I simply cannot afford to follow new trends. I've toned it all down with white and it still makes me feel great when I get up in the morning.

  6. When I was little, I planned on my wedding colors being pink and green. Now as a housewife, I have a pink and green guest bedroom. I've always loved the color combination, and yes, that dress is lovely.

  7. I've always loved pink - all shades of pink, even the neon 80'es version. And lately, within the last two years or so, I've started loving green too, but I've never thought of combining them like this. It is VERY elegant and lovely. Very inspirational post, thank you dear. :)

  8. My Nana was from this era and her colour scheme was pink! I remember the pink accessories in the bath & bedroom. I think the towels were both green & pink. :) I miss her but have fond memories. Thanks!

  9. My parent`s home is from 1956, a typical ranch, the rest is updated but their bathroom tile on the walls is the original pink with the black trim tile on top, the floor is original with a small square pink and rectangular tile motif. I love it, their bathtub is the original right down to the knobs although it`s white and has been reglazed :)

    Mom in Canada


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