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6 May 1957 “Before Your Baby Sitter Comes: A Vintage Article, Father Knows Best on the Radio, and a short film: How Quiet Helps at School”

 harrieddad Hubby and I have not yet stepped into the role of parents. The various discussions on preparations for such a decision almost always includes child care. We feel, for us, if we were to have a child I would like to be the primary care giver and being a SAHM. Yet many women today cannot do this. Many women today, as well, have careers that they cannot leave off. And even for SAHM, there are times when mother and father have to go out (hopefully) together. So, the subject of the ‘sitter’ must be a very important one in the discussion parents have to have.
Therefore, I wanted to share this article from one of my magazines entitled: Before your baby sitter comes” (Simply click on each image to enlarge and read)
babysittingarticle1 babysittingarticle2 babysittingarticle3 READ MORE

teenonphone We often have the image of the 1950’s teen sitter, with her gum chewing and talking on the phone. I am sure this was true. But there are were also the lovely older ladies of the neighborhood, with their grandmotherly air, who would gladly watch little Billie or Susie, much like Mrs. Wilson on Dennis the Menace.mrswilson
fatherknowsbest Babysitting was often a theme on radio and tv programs. I thought I would share this fun radio episode of Father Knows Best. This show began as a radio program before becoming a TV staple. The original Father, Robert Young as Jim Anderson, appeared on the Radio as well as the Television program.
Enjoy this radio episode HERE.
I also wanted to share this educational film for youngsters entitled: “How Quiet Helps at School”. Again, having no youngsters in school myself, I cannot say I know for certain the level to which noise and ‘everyone talking at once’ is tolerated in modern school settings, but I have a strong feeling it is most likely worse the the ‘bad class’ in this short. With the constant barrage of noise and multi-tasking happening in modern families, the noise and constant interruption is probably just the normal background noise of the modern family. Sitter texting while brother is on the phone, father watching the game loudly while mother is chatting on line and of course music blasting somewhere. Do any of you have experience with modern young children in classrooms?

Well, let me know what you think of the article and if it is too dated to be helpful.
Happy Homemaking.


  1. I am thankful to say that very little noise and disorderliness is tolerated at the elementary school where my son attends.
    There was a time in the 60s when schools were built in such a way to eliminate walls between classrooms, hoping to foster a sense of community and interaction.
    The staff quickly discovered the need for walls and barriers in order for students to be able to focus on their individual tasks.
    It's interesting that the elementary schools my children have attended were built in the 50s and they have a good traditional classroom feel to them.
    We dislike the noise and chaos that can occur in some elements of society. We have a peaceful home, where my husband functions as the breadwinner and I am currently at home.
    We have a tv that is only used for VHS and DVDs and we have very few electronic devices. I have a radio in my kitchen and my husband has one in the garage. My son knows that he can occasionally play some on-line computer games, but handheld computer games and ipods aren't a part of our lives.
    We are a family who enjoys reading and we love nature.
    Camping and fishing season will start soon for us as well as hunting season in the fall. I've read that children who learn to appreciate nature are much calmer, so that's why the focus is there.
    I have two children. Due to fertility issues, one was born when I was 29 and the other when I was 41. It's not easy to be older parents, due to a lack of energy, but we are still enjoying it.
    Thanks for another great post!............Denise

  2. Spouse has built up a lot of babysitting point over the past couple of years with some friends down the street. We fully expect to be able to ask them to mind the sprog once in a while after it makes its appearance. I have several other friends champing at the bit to babysit too. Looks like I may never have to rely on anyone under 35 to babysit!

  3. Teru-first of all, congratulations! A little one on the way, how exciting! We are coming near the end of our decision time and still haven't decided. And congrats on the babysitting front!
    RMH-That sounds like you have a wonderful set up as well as approach to child care. I was born when my mother was in her 40's. We were very close and had a much different relationship than she did with my three older sisters born in the 1950's.

  4. Noise in the classroom? Depends on your school. A friend's daughter has been asking to take Tylenol to school with her, because the teacher has so little control that the noise is giving her headaches. She's in grade four. Teachers have less and less control, kids have less and less respect, and parents are more likely to back up their child than the teacher... it's a sad situation.

    Just one of the thousand reasons we opted out of the school system. :/


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