Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June 1957 “Tomato Specials: Fun Ways to Cook that Wonderful Summer Staple”

womengardening Rather you get your tomatoes the old fashioned way, or are happy to fill your bag at the local market, Tomatoes are one of the staples of summer.

I always enjoy trying various Heirloom varieties and this year the Black Krim is happily growing in my little plot. I am also growing two other fun varieties: 1) Dr. Carolyndrcarolyntomato   which is a cherry size in bright yellow and is described as “It has an excellent balance of sugar, tartness and depth of flavor. The pale yellow, cherry-sized fruits are typically borne 6 to a cluster with fruits of uniform size measuring 1-1/4" x 1-1/4". The large vines are extremely vigorous, well branched, and provide excellent cover”

and 2) Anna’s Noirannasnoire described as “Also known as Black Pineapple, the skin has shades of green, purple, orange, and yellow. Bright green flesh has bursts of red streaks that will definitely add intrigue to your vegetable platter. The lip smacking flavor starts out sweet and ends with the perfect amount of tang. What's more, the sprawling indeterminate plant yields a tremendous amount of 1 1/2 pound fruits.”

If you want to try some tomatoes this year, I have a few fun varieties in the Corner Store HERE.

But, for today I thought I would share these lovely vintage tomato recipes fit for the summer. Some are even good for those vintage loving people who are also vegetarians. Enjoy:

tomatorecipe1This recipe would be lovely for a ladies luncheon or tea.

tomatorecipe2 Tomatoes and Bacon are a wonderful combination, but then again, what is improved with bacon?

tomatorecipe3 Though the suggestion here is to serve with cold meat (which would be lovely) a wonderful option would be to serve these on a roll as a tomato burger with all the trimmings!

 tomatorecipe4 Again, we have a lovely vintage vegetarian option.

I have been rather busy, as many of you know, preparing my home for sale, having yard sales to drastically downsize my possessions and planning for our future. Therefore I had set aside the daily vintage news for a bit. However, I do think it was fun to do and though I am not sure how many of you enjoyed it, I will be trying to do it daily. I will now have a link button there on the right, as opposed to having at the bottom of the blog. This will allow you to click and go straight to it. This also allows me more design freedom in this format. Have a lovely day and as always, Happy Homemaking!


  1. Gunna make some Fried Green Tomaotes? haha. I've heard of those my whole life, but never tried it.

  2. Oh, you should make them. They are lovely! Just slice dip in egg, then bread crumbs spiced to your liking and fry. Oh so good. Especially when you can't wait for those first tomatoes to ripen.

  3. Here in the south tomatoes are required to be grow in every yard. I think it's a 'law' ....or something. We eat them almost everyday. I love fried but a tomato sandwich is our staple lunch. Love the daily news but understand being busy.

  4. Oooh, tomatoes. I will keep all these recipes, since when I grew tomatoes in my green house I always had so many I didn’t know what to do with them. The stuffed tomatoes and the tomatoes and bacon sounds lovely. I haven’t had tomatoes in my green house for a few years now, but I will try it again. For some reason we got tired of them, and ended up giving them to the neighbours.

    Have you considered putting vintage things for sale on your Etsy shop? Perhaps your fans here could help you and we could grab a good bargain too.

    PS: I love the vintage news are back. I truly appreciate your big work making them, and always read them. I just don’t find any comment function now?

  5. Sanne-I am glad you like the news. I just put the comment box back in on the bottom page of the News.

    After we sell our home and settle in a new place I believe I might just have a type of etsy shop where I can sell various vintage things I come across. It can help defer some of the costs of running the site, good idea.


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