Friday, June 24, 2011

24 June 1957 “Barbecue 1950’s Style”

newbarbecue If many of you are like me, you like to find and use vintage items. That is why I love to have a catalog of what was available so it is easier to identify items as I come across them or to know how to look them up to find them. As Summer is officially started, I thought I would share these fun Barbecue items with you. Happy hunting!barbecue6This electric smoker looks interesting and might be waiting for someone at a yard sale this summer or in Grandma’s back potting shed.

 barbecue8 I would love this darling plain grill. The handle makes it a dream to take with you on picnic or boat or beach.

barbecue7 The electric ‘bellows’ is a bit much, but does show the move to having every convenience available to you, especially if it was powered by electricity, once a rather trip source of power, though not so now.barbecue9 I think we have all seen these coffee urns, they were such a part of any social function from school, the club, church, you name it, it was there standing sentential with hot tea, coffee, cocoa. Here, however, it is a ‘new thing’.

Now, to go along with that fun new grill, some great vintage recipes. These are certainly relevant today and sound rather easy. Enjoy them.

barbecue2(again, I love the plaid grill, so stylish).

 barbecue3 barbecue4 barbecue5

Now, let’s close with Ward Cleaver’s take on ‘Women’s Place’ to son Wally. I think, however, we can see that at the time it was taken tongue in cheek and that though women were primarily at home, I don’t think Ward means anything degrading by it. And I love the punch line, with the asbestos gloves.

There is a new Vintage Daily News today, simply click link button at your right or click HERE. Happy Homemaking.


  1. People in the 50s, who could now afford to be homeowners, must have embraced yardwork and barbequing with a passion. What a fun way to gather a group together or just enjoy time as a family. For those of us who eat a lot of wild game, barbequing is a great way to cook it.
    I love the plaid grill too.........Denise

  2. I am mad for plaid, and that grill is terrific! I've never seen one like that before.

  3. I also love smoked game as well:pheasant for example and bluefish and salmon, so lovely. If we end up with property with some good acreage a smokehouse would be on my 'to do' list for certain.
    Christine-I adore it too and did you notice there are two plaid grills?

  4. Hello you all,

    After a long, long no internet pause, I'm back on track!
    First of all I red the entire article about barbecue and the origin of the word.

    Here french speaking Europe there's a little controverse about the origin of the word barbecue.

    Some say that it comes from the way they roasted a hole sheep, people were used tu empale the entire sheep on the spit "de la barbe à la queue" as they say in french wich litteraly means "from the beard to the tail". And I must say that when you pronounce in french "barbe queue" it's verry verry close to the word barbecue we use today.

    You can easily build a smokehouse yourself, some of my neighbourgs did. I'm still dreaming of making my own, but for sure one day I will.

    Well that's it for today.

    Wish you all a verry nice day!


  5. Love that plaid grill thingy! I saw one in a vintage recipe book on Bar B Que!

  6. I love the explanation that women are in the home so they might as well be in the kitchen (yah right), hubby does all the BBQing outside. As my very wise Aunt told me once ``Never start something you don`t want to continue.``

    I figured that if I learnt to BBQ it would be required of me, heck I do his underwear, let him grill the hamburgers :)

    Mom in Canada

  7. These electric ‘bellows’ and other 50s contraption always look incredibly dangerous to me

    anything powered by electricity in the 1950s would scare me


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