Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July 1957 “ A Story For A Sunday Afternoon: ‘Patter of Little Feet’”

patterlittlefeet1 I thought today, being a lovely Summer Sunday, you might enjoy a good read. A kick back and relax with a cuppa sort of afternoon.

My vintage magazines are full of fiction. They often are light-shedding onto the thoughts, goals, and general thought of people of the time. This little story, here in its entirety, deals with a baby photographer, his gal and babies. Can it all work out? Read and find out.

There is no Vintage Daily News today, so have a lovely day and as always, Happy Homemaking.

patterlittlefeet2 patterlittlefeet3

patterlittlefeet4 patterlittlefeet5 patterlittlefeet7 patterlittlefeet6


  1. Oh, my darling,

    When I saw the title of your post I thought that you & your husband were expecting an addition to youre family.

    I was looking forward to following your journey past the 1950s "honeymoon period" into the reality of homemaking/Mother.

    Perhaps someday ... until then, enjoy your play!

    Mrs. Hugh Ames

  2. I certainly shall enjoy it, though I have to say I don't think I am any less a homemaker because I have no children. Certainly, we have chose to, as of yet, not have any. But, just as those who have chose to do it are still homemakers and mothers, I certainly still consider my homemaking a job. If one had a maid they wouldn't say, "Oh, she's not a maid, really, she doesn't have a kid with her all day while she is doing her work", if that makes any sense.
    Now that we have our home up for sale and are planning on a big move, the children aspect has been pushed back another year. We know that after 2012 we will HAVE to make our decision, as I am not getting any younger. But, I also don't want a child now while are family is in flux moving about and am rather glad we have waited this long. Now, if we do it, I feel I have a better value and disciplinary system for the little tyke.

  3. Very sweet story - thanks for posting! I began reading your blog a few months ago and have finally caught up with present day you. I think it's marvelous that you and your husband have had this time to really discover what it is you want/need for your household before there are children in the mix. I'm only starting to learn how to properly care for my house and family, and it would be far easier without children...although for myself they were a motivating factor. I'm not sure I would have seen the need for change without them. So bravo to you - and thanks for sharing your thoughts, information and journey!
    Monica - in Texas

  4. Like Monica I began reading your blog a few months ago and every night once the children were in bed and the kitchen cleaned up I would sit with a cuppa and read a few posts. I finally finished last night - what a journey you have been on! It's inspiring to see how you have grown and changed during this 'experiment' and I have learnt so much:) Thank you.

  5. Thank you so kindly. I have felt we have been on such a journey. I recently re-read an old post of mine from '55 and saw 49 comments. I miss those days, but I suppose I am not newly discovering everyday moments that others connected with or needed to share. Sometimes, now, I wonder if my continual information is of interest, so it is nice to hear comments such as yours, I thank you.


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