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21 August 1957 “Off To Clean and A Diet Article from 1957”

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Gussie and I are off today for yet another day of cleaning at the rental house. Having spent more than we can afford on the mortgage these past six months with no rent and all the legal fees and now an impending fine from the town, I cannot afford even $1 to a cleaning service. So, as usual, all the hard work falls to us. This has happened before with this property, though this is the most severe and extreme. We will return again tomorrow to hopefully tackle the yard and actually get to the normal cleaning, such as simply wiping down walls, cleaning appliances and vacuuming and mopping floors. Today will still be using snow shovels to literally scoop up garbage and filth into bags, move old destroyed flea ridden furniture and pick up broken dirty dishes from floors and yard. The one good point is it makes my daily maintenance cleaning of my own home seem like a walk in the park. Ah, to only have to do the dishes, wipe down the counters and dust and vacuum. That is the part we are looking forward to with this house, as it will be the final stretch.

Therefore, as we are off soon, I thought I would share an interesting article. As we have all discussed before, dieting and the yo-yo eating many of us have experienced is not necessarily a new thing. The temptations of more food, greater variety and advertising had started a trend in our country in the 1950’s that we are still seeing grow here, obesity. A problem unthinkable during War time or the Depression.

Enjoy the article and let me know if you think the advice sound and good today. Happy Homemaking.

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  1. I found this article to be relevant for today. I never have 'enough time' to fix a good bag lunch in the morning. It is easier to just grab cookies instead of washing and choping vegtables.
    I would benifit from planing ahead at night as the article sugests.

  2. Wow, I never thought of planning being a possible key to successful dieting! Wonderful!!!

  3. Good luck with the house cleaning, sounds like a bloody nightmare, hope it isn't too bad for you.


  4. First, I wish you luck with the house cleaning, that can not be a pleasant job!

    Regarding the article I think it makes a great deal of sense! Now-a-days it not only affects you physically but also financially. I often watch a show called "Till Debt Do Us Part" where the hostess helps people who have racked up 10's of thousands of debt on credit and one very common area of over spending is on fast food, some eat fast food nearly everyday and the primary reason given is they find they are too busy to fix a home cooked meal! I think planning can go a long way to solving this problem.

  5. That was very intriguing. I have the EXACT same problem--I don't want to take the time to cook, chop, etc healthy foods.

    I also found it a bit amusing that the author wore a size 12 (which IS perfectly healthy) and thought about how most women that are a 12 nowadays feel huge b/c most of the models/actresses etc are a size 2 to 4. sigh.

    Mrs P

  6. Mrs. P

    The size 12 back then was probably a size 6 or so today. If you notice, in the article she wrote that she was 126 lbs which is nowhere near a size 12 today. My grandmother said she was 108 lbs back in the 50's and at 5'2 wore a size 8. She would easily be a 2 in todays sizing.


  7. Thanks for posting a thoroughly enjoyable article! My experience is that the slower the weightloss, the harder it is to put back on. Like the protagonist in the article, I consistently make the time to prepare good meals, freeze lunches and make sure I'm not heaping my plate full. The other bonus is that by managing this well, I'm saving a lot of money in economies of scale as well as having consistent weightloss over the past year.

  8. There is a very good 1950's diet book, that I was fortunate enough to pick up at a church sale and now treasure called 'Dear Housewives' by a Doris Grant.
    This book doesn't just focus on weightloss, but in providing a healthy diet and lifestyle for yourself and your family. She was well ahead of her time and has some great philosophies, I'd really recommend acquiring it if possible!


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