Monday, September 19, 2011

19 September 1957 “Fuchsia and Spring Colors for Fall of ‘57 and The News”

vogue57 The cover for this Autumn's fashion here in 1957 feels more like Spring than Fall. The fuchsia tones are bright and really give a nod to the brighter more dynamic colors fashion will move into as the early 1960’s approach.

pinkhatfall57 The pink on this Fall ‘57 hat is bright and cheery.

balenciaga57 Though the golden tones on this Cristobal Balenciaga cocktail dress have an autumnal gold, they are layered on a Robin’s Egg Blue background. One of my favorite shades to wear.

dior57 This Dior for Fall ‘57 has a bright fresh green.

Though dressing vintage myself, I am already not following trends. But, I like to see the actual trends of the year, in this case 1957. This let’s me see what was coming and I am happy to see that my Spring and Summer fashions can do double duty for this Autumn. The usual tweeds, browns and grey, can be paired with those summer delights of color. A darker shoe, a dark leather bag and dark hat and of course a coat and autumnal scarf and that Easter dress becomes the best Fall Fashion.

Today is also News day and I have this weeks Vintage News up. Today we look at women in Science, Space, and Science fiction in the past. It can be accessed HERE or by clicking the News button on the upper right.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. Love the Fuschia car and what the lady is wearing, oh and the cocktail dress too very pretty :)......

    Find the styles today are too dark and dreary, one misses the colour and brightness of spring and summer fashions during the long cold months of fall and winter.....

    Mom in Canada

  2. That Balenciaga dress is exquisite!
    I miss women wearing hats. I think they are an incredible accessory that only gets play at church (I believe more in the UK than here) and at the Kentucky Derby.

  3. I'd wear that Balenciaga dress in a heartbeat! The Vogue cover is beautiful. It's strange to see an elegant woman holding a cigarette though.

    Sarah H.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I am still keeping up with your blog and look forward to each new post. Can't wait until you have time to get back to the day-to-day life posts (for instance, I have an unhealthy interest in knowing what you pack in your husband's lunchbox! Weird, huh?). Glad the rental stuff is sorted and hope you have better days ahead!

    Daisy Paradise


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