Sunday, October 16, 2011

16 October 1957 “Halloween Magazine Ads & A Sunny Sunday”

It is a lovely sunny Sunday here in New England and we are going to be biking into town with friends today. We will have our meander along the canal and the boardwalk. sandwichboardwalk1 sandwichboardwalk2 We will putter about town, stopping at the Mill Pond, feeding swans or watching fish.sandwichmillpond sandwichmillpond2 It is a good day for it and we will end, no doubt, with some spiked apple cider by the outdoor fire pit on the terrace.  A good day all round, I hope.

So, to continue yesterday’s Halloween theme, I thought I would share some fun Halloween Candy adverts from Life magazines through the 1950s.

halloweencandy1 I remember double bubble even in the 1970’s and 80’s and also getting Pal gum in my Halloween sack.halloweencandy2

Of course everyone loves candy bars: halloweencandy3

halloweencigarad Even Father got in on the act, as shown in this Dutch Masters Cigar ad.

halloweenadhawaiianpunch And why not a cold glass of Hawaiian Punch before you head out for tricks n treats.

halloweencandyprices And here is what Halloween candy would cost in 1951.

I hope all have a lovely day and Happy Homemaking.


  1. 50s Gal,

    I adore your blog, it's such a kick! I am wondering if you & your husband still dress in 50s costume, on a daily basis, as you did as you did when you began this blog? Do you still roll play the 1950s at home? Or do you now just post about the way that you wish things were?

    It must be such fun to have so much time to devote toward your project. What fun!

    Mrs. Walter Sinclair

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I imagine that it is challenging to be dressed in character all day; you must thrive on the attention. Wish I had the nerve to do it. Maybe on Halloween.


  3. Good questions. I do still dress basically 1950's. To me it is no longer costume but part of my life. I just forget about it.
    We had a new friend over to bike with us the other day and she commented on how hubby and I look so dressed up and that I was biking in a skirt. I honestly don't even notice anymore and I prefer to bike in a skirt now, as it is more comfortable. I have a serviceable gored skirt that does a wonderful job and no worries of trouser legs in chains!
    Hubby dresses 1950's in that he wears nice clothes to work that have a vintage feel, as I buy all his clothes (he hated shopping and will whatever is hanging in his closet). Sometimes on weekends, like this past one, he will put on his one pair of work dungarees, rolled, loafers and t-shirt (which is usually under his dress shirt, but he took of his work shirt to his t-shirt as it was a warm Indian Summer day) and Gussie said he looked like James Dean. We laughed at that, because he couldn't be any further from the 'cool than you are' character of James Dean.
    And, really, my little town seems used to me now. I am often on my old bike and the local tea shop, charity shop, antique store, and grocery store I frequent are used to my outfits. Most often they say, "It is so nice to see you, you brighten my day" that sort of thing.
    Actually I loath attention. I recently had an opportunity to talk about doing a Reality show about the 1950s! GAD! Nothing could be further from my desires or wants. Yikes.
    You will find the nerve easy enough if you simply replace a few things here and there. Wear a skirt with a more modern top. Then a vintage styled or vintage top with trousers. A modern outfit with a vintage hat and soon people will begin to see you as someone with style. Then you are free to do as you will because, "Oh she just has the style to pull that off" and now you are free to wear whatever you like!


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