Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 November 1957 “Happy Birthday to Me”

birthdaywoman Today is my birthday. Though we are not celebrating it officially today, as we have a party planned this Friday, I was surprised with this at Breakfast.

birthday1 I had set the table as usual for Hubby and I to have breakfast and when I came back in, there it was. It is just a simple little gift, as my presents shall be this Friday, but he didn’t want my actual birthday to not involve a gift.

birthday2I love that he even made the little box out of paper himself. As you can see he used one of my favorite colors, as it matches my dishes. It contained two darling little vintage pins. He purchased them from our local shop where I often go to get antique/vintage finds. The ladies who run it love him. Every time I shop there, one of the ladies always says to the others she is working with, “She has the best husband” (referring to me) “He came in last Christmas and just bought the most wonderful things. He just walked right up and new what to get”. So, I am sure they were happy when he walked in the door.

What I cannot fathom is that here we are at another birthday already! As my birthday is at the end of the year, when it arrives I often wonder, ‘Where has the year gone’? This year it seems to have arrived even sooner. I cannot believe that this is my Third birthday in the 1950’s! How has it been three years (well in January it will be) since I started my project?

When I think back to my ‘before 50’s life’ it seems ages ago. Almost as far away as the actual 1950’s and I wasn’t even there. Though the time has speed by I am so happy and grateful to have had these past years with all of you. I have made so many wonderful friends in our virtual community. I am honored and happy that so many of you have come along with me this far on my crazy ride. Though my 1950’s or really ‘old timey’ parts of my life seem completely normal now, they are everyday improved or brightened by my sharing them with all of you. I thank you all for your support and interest and friendship. I am truly blessed and surely happy on this birthday. Thank you all.

Happy Homemaking and Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I hope you have an absolutely lovely birthday xx
    And what beautiful gifts.

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, it is enjoyable and inspiring to read. I hope you have a good birthday today and fun celebrating on Friday!

  3. What an adorable little box your husband made and such lovely pins! Happiest of birthdays to you!

  4. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your writing and all the research you do. I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your party.

  5. Wow! What an amazing husband you have! Happy Birthday! Gorgeous vintage pins by the way :)

  6. Hope you have a beautiful birthday and get to kick up your heels at your party! x

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I just recently found your blog and shared it with my readers as well as I knew many of them would find it intriguing. I'm still reading up on your back posts.

    Your comments on a past post about not branding yourself were fantastic. :-)

  8. 50sgal, have a very happy birthday and a great year! Thanks for including us in your very interesting life. You're such an inspiration. I wish all the best for you today and always. Linda. (We're fortunate gals to have such great husbands!)

  9. Happy, happy birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and research with us.

  10. It is wonderful he is so attentive and pays attention to what you like. A girl can never have too many pieces of jewlery!

    Shoes, hats and jewlery always fit.

    I hope you are making it through the snow as we still have several areas without power.

    Best wishes for your B-day.

  11. Happy Birthday!


  12. A very happy birthday to you Donna! I love this little post. Hearing about your husband shopping in the antique store really warms my heart! In a world with so much ugliness and harshness, little sweet things like that really bring me up.

  13. Happy Birthday !! *<:0)

  14. Happy Birthday!
    And what a delightful surprise from your husband :) Have a great year ahead!

  15. Happy Birthday Donna!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and night! And even better party.
    I just have to say, I love your blog and you are an inspiration.

    Kind Regards

  16. Many happy returns, Donna!


  17. I dag er det Donnas fodselsdag - hurra hurra hurra! :)

    This is the famous Danish birthday song, translating to "Today it's Donna's birthday - hurrah hurrah hurrah".

    Wishing you a lovely day, and lots of congratulations from your Danish e-friend.

  18. A very happy birthday to you, Donna. The gifts are lovely and fitting. I'm sure people in the 50s didn't shower each other with the lavish gifts we find appropriate today. I hope your day is great............Denise

  19. Happy Birthday, Donna!
    Greetings from Holland

  20. I hope you have had a great bday! Your gift is so beautiful

  21. Happy Birthday! My husband could take some hints from yours. ;)

  22. Happy Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for sharing your 50's life with us!

  23. The brooches make a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Happy Birthday to you, Fifties Gal! Enjoy!


  24. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Doooooonnnnnnaaaaa!
    Happy Birthday tooooooo youuuuuuuuuuu!


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