Wednesday, November 16, 2011

16 November 1957 “The Adaptable Cafe Curtain”

cafecurtains9 I thought I would share this great article on the use of cafe curtains. As many of you know, cafe curtains are straight hung curtains that usually cover half a window, allowing light in, but can also be hung in tandem with multiple layers of cafe curtains.

These are great ideas no matter what age or style your house may be and also a great source for those vintage purist.

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cafecurtains2 Formal tocafecurtains4 bath to

Hallcafecurtains3 cafecurtains1 And kitchen. I love this idea, too, using the colored clothes pins.coloredpins I have two sizes, a standard and a smaller, HERE and HERE in the Corner store for sale. They are around $4. You could also have a lovely matching or contrasting look by painting plain wooden pins, as well. I like this idea, as if you don’t sew you could use darling vintage or vintage look towels, tea towels, small tablecloth or runners. Even if it is larger, you could double it up and hang it up to show the area of the tablecloth you like and it would still have the look and feel of a curtain.

Enjoy these images and have fun dreaming of how to use them. I am off today with Hubby and Gussie to my MIL. It is her birthday and we are celebrating before she leaves this weekend for Florida until Spring. I made a lovely Custard rice pudding I will share with you later as well as a ground lamb Sheppard’s pie that is easy and so delicious.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. Oh, those were nice curtains.

  2. Some great ideas, thank you. I love the bathroom and kitchen ideas - might have to try them!

  3. Cute curtains! So easy to sew, too. Even when beginning to sew. One nice thing is that you get to see your finished product every day, which is nice! Plastic curtains - when my mom wrote to my dad while he was in Korea, 1951, one of her letters included pictures of the new plastic kitchen curtains she put up.

  4. I love cafe curtains. They provide privacy yet let in the natural light.

    Fullhouse, when we bought our house there was a plastic curtain in the window of the shower. Actually it's still there. We just gave it a good washing. The plastic in your mother's kitchen was probably easy to clean. I had fabric curtains in my kitchen before our renovation and they had to be dry cleaned.

    The clothespin curtains are darling. Using clothespins really opens it up to all kinds of creativity.


  5. I also love cafe style curtains and have used them in the kitchen (with lace toppers and mini blinds), back porch, and in the bedroom. I sew them 'lined' with a contrasting fabric. Not like a truly lined curtain would be done, but just two rectangles sewn together, with the tabs inserted in the top and sewn in place before turning and blind stitching the opening left for turning. We have double hung windows and can open the windows from the top for air and light, but leave the bottom portion closed for privacy. I also sew contrasting or matching tie backs. It's fun to use the pretty cotton fabrics and prints and easy to change a room's decor by just redoing the curtains!!

    They can be made dressy by inserting trims or lace; I have an idea for my daughter's room to criss cross the curtains with ribbons and buttons or to tie them off with ribbons or yarn to make them look like little mini comforters.

    The clothespins are a great idea and something I hadn't thought of!


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