Sunday, December 11, 2011

11 December 1957 “ A little under the weather”

50sneeze I had intended a post today but began feeling a cold coming on last night. I have been rather proud of myself as I have not been ill in quite sometime and even managed to avoid the cold and flu when hubby came down with it last year. I think I have been running about and doing more social things of late and therefore been more in the company of germs rather than the safety and germ-free  environment of my home; another boon to being a Homemaker.

I hope all are having a lovely day and I had wanted and will try to come up with a way that I could do the 12 days of Christmas. That would mean starting tomorrow. That will depend upon how I feel and if I have the mental capacity right now to think of a fun way to express those twelve days over twelve posts. We shall see.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. Oh...feel better! The Mister caught something from one of his students but I've been fighting it. I agree that it is easier to avoid illness from the safe confines of our homemaking!

    Here's some virtual chicken noodle soup to help you feel better:

  2. Hope that you feel better soon. Just to let you know, the "12 Days of Christmas" start on Christmas day and continue until 12th Night, so do not worry, you have plenty of time to recover until the festivities begin.

    Mrs. Conrad Jamison


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