Friday, April 20, 2012

20 April 1942 “Victory Garden & Finger Pain”

40svictorygarden By 1942 the USA was officially in the war. usvicgardenposter Victory Gardening was becoming important here as it had been since 39 for UK.ukvicposter

Someone mentioned doing a 1940’s post and I think I will start researching to do a few.  However, today and the next few days, I will be absent again, as I have hurt my finger on my right hand. It is very hard to type and really do much. It is funny how a little thing becomes so large. My right hand is a very important part of my day, so now I have to really take my time to get things done.

However, it would be a good talking point for all of us: Victory Gardens, cooking with less and homemaking while also having a job (as many rosy the riveters had to do).

Happy Homemaking.


  1. I hope your finger feels better soon! I am quite excited for your future posts.

  2. M. Stump in Winston-Salem, NCApril 20, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    I think a few doing-more-with-less 1940's-type posts would be wonderful; especially since food prices and gas keep going through the roof. Sorry about your injury; heal soon!!!

  3. I would love for you to do a series of posts about life for the homemaker and Rosie the Riveter during WWII! Many of us work outside the home, in addition to homemaking, and I would like to learn how the WWII Rosie got it all done. At that time, I'm sure she did 100% of the housework, in addition to her war job--hubby either was at war or at work and certainly wouldn't involve himself with "women's work". I have a tough time doing 100% of the housework and my part-time job. These women got it done, all while looking beautiful! I have no excuse, so any information would be sooooooo welcome. I'd also like to learn how they got by with less. Many of us would have a tough time adjusting to the rationing they experienced, but I think we'd all benefit from learning the discipline/mindset necessary. Finances have forced me to cut back, but I still have the choice to go to the fully stocked grocery store to purchase whatever I might have the $ for. I know that wasn't an option for WWII women. Can you imagine a gas ration of only 3 gallons per week?!

  4. Hope your finger heals quickly!

    I hope that you do more 40's posts-one of my favorite era's. One of my grandmother's went to work for the first time when my grandfather was drafted (he was 27 or 29! with 2 kids!) Relatives lived with them and then all shared in the expenses and the work. My MIL lived with her family while her husband was overseas. Not sure about my other grandparents. I have a sense of there being more of a closeness betweeen neighbors and families then. Everyone seemed to know someone in the service,and it seemed neighbors looked out for each other. At least from what my grandparents described.

  5. Get well soon and try using finger weights! Awaiting for more post!

    finger pain


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