Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 April 1950 “A Question, Shall We Share?”

letsharebuttonapronrevolution I have been so busy of late. I have a big project for my printmaking course coming due. We are doing some major changes in our yard and as it is Spring am trying to get my planting in as I can. We are also preparing our home to be a Summer Rental this year so have been very busy. With that business has come some guilt. I felt bad leaving all of you out of it and then I thought, What if they share with me and others?

So, I propose this: If there are very many of you left out there, my followers, how would any of you feel about guest blogs. I have done a few in the past, but as I get many letters from readers saying they like to come to my site to just spend some time, why not make it a place we can all share. You could post a blog here and of course link back to your own site. But, in a way, make more of a community link or hub here. This way I could still do various things like building up pins or adding new fun links in my boxes on the page to great vintage free books etc. Does this seem of interest to any of you?

Let me know, because I would simply get your email submission, look it over and post it. Then the pages could be themed that day to what you are writing about.. Of course I will still write as well, but being so busy it takes time for me to get all my research and thoughts into a somewhat readable format.

I have already received a guest blog submission and will post that tomorrow. I think this shall be quite fun.

Now, you can go HERE to submit. I will also put a submit button on main page or you can simply email directly to

Happy Homemaking and Happy writing. Let’s get some great articles from you, the readers!


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  1. Hi 50sgal,

    There's the food rationing experience article that I posted on the previous forum. If you still have that, you could use it as a guest post. Do you remember that?



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