Tuesday, September 24, 2013

24 September 1959 “Kraft Music Hall with Milton Berle in Color, Clam Dip and Today’s Art”

lobsterdipimage My first installation here on this year’s Vintage art project comes from this great graphic from a 1958 cookbook. I found this image, as I found many graphic arts of the time, intriguing in its simple line and use of color. It expresses so much with a line drawing and some splotches of color. I deduced to do my first piece using the woman and playing on her location a bit. I’ll reveal that at the end of the post.
Now, Kraft Music Hall was a show that began on radio and ran quite a long time. It started on Radio on NBC in 1933 and continued onto Television until 1971. Always featuring music. Many well known singers and celebrities were seen on this program which was, of course, brought to you by Kraft. So the commercials were often recipe ideas using, of course, Kraft brand products.
Here is the show in its radio days from 1942 with Bing Crosby. Enjoy the entire show if you like.

And by today, 1959, we see one of the first color recordings of the show, now hosted by Milton Berle.

Now, the original image was for Lobster dip and I think lobster is not as easy come by for many of you> I have the benefit of living on Cape Cod where they are not only easy to come by, but are caught quite close to my home. But, I think we all could follow this simple Clam Dip recipe. And what better snack to serve at your next cocktail party or bridge with the gals?
clamdip Here is how mine turned out, though I have to admit to using fresh clams, again easily got down the road at our local fishmonger.
Now,, for my art inspired by the original piece. I had fun with this idea of taking off on an image. It wont always contain a portion of the original image either, sometimes it might just be a feeling or a pattern. But, as a first go I like the result. I think this would also make wonderful wallpaper or fabric.

I hope all have a lovely day and Happy Homemaking and Happy Arting.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing that recipe! I think I love the dish you served yours in as much as I'd love the dip itself! : ) I agree. I've noticed in quite a few of my cookbooks that just as much emotion can be conveyed with simple line work and and placement as well as the more detailed and painted looks.

  2. I am so glad to see how your post are going to be! I enjoy the simplicity of the images and boy I love Pyrex and have the very same bowl!

    Love my visits here,

  3. My mom had those same bowls (set of 4.) I inherited my grandmother's set and use them all the time. I'm trying to pick up another set to save for my daughter (who is almost 7) for when she gets married. :-)

  4. Lovely image you created--can't wait to see more.

  5. I'm trying to pick up another set to save for my daughter (who is almost 7) for when she gets married.

  6. I love how you incorporated the patterns in the image you made. It's such a lovely piece.

  7. I have your blogs on my "favorites" list and check in nearly every day. Anything you write about is always interesting and motivates me to look at my life with fresh eyes. Keep doing what you're doing! I know I probably speak for a lot of us " lurkers" -- even though we may not comment on any regular basis (especially if we are starting your blogs "from scratch," we miss you when you're not here! Please don't stop! And thank you for documenting your adventures in such a meticulous and enticing way. Your blog is my favorite, no matter what direction you take!

  8. Wow! That is just beautiful :) You are so talented!


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