Sunday, September 13, 2015

My life is much quieter and more introspective of late. I find I use Facebook (though I am not particularly fond of it) as my main daily post/thought/world share. I even tried using an ap for blogger so I could return to daily posts, but my "smart phone" which is the cheapest most 'frugal' type I could get, cannot handle it. Even a girl living in the modern world can't let go of her 50's thrift.

Thus, if any of you are out there I think I will just post my basic FB page and if you wish to follow me or see my daily quips then, that is where you will find me. Somehow that window of time that the internet and blogging existed for and of the people seems to have slipped away. It is sad really, but one must live in the world I suppose.

Maybe I shall see some of you there. Here is my FB link: 

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  1. There are lots of bloggers on Blogger still, but the ones who still have lots of readers cross post across different social media sites - post a new blog here, and then provide the link to the blog on facebook, twitter, etc. So people on social media sees it and traffic is still directed back here. That, and regular posting helps too. ;)


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