Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BUbbling Brook 3-2468

The change in phones in 1961. Goodbye to the letters in your phone number. Although, technically, we could still use letters to represent numbers today. I wonder if it could become a meme to give out one's number as "BUtterfield 8" to mean "288". Of course who uses their phone to make calls anymore? This short also stars famous radio personalities of their day, Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce ("Ethel and Albert"). Say goodbye to "BUbbling Brook"

I am lucky enough to own this phone. The concept of having a phone in more than one place was a novel idea at the time. 

Here they are much earlier also on film not radio.September 19, 1953 for NBC - TV in New York.

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  1. We had a blue phone just like the one in the picture when I was a kid. We were so excited to have such a cool phone.


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