Thursday, May 28, 2009

27 May" I will be back tonight I promise"

What a week I have had. I will tell the whole story and have a normal post this evening, I promise. I feel as if I haven't connected in awhile and it feels rather odd. Thank you for anyone checking back and tonight, hopefully with some time to sit, drink tea and gather my thoughts, I can have the cathartic moment that a post often provides for me. Thanks again.


  1. Just take a few minutes for yourself too!

  2. Sorry things are so rough right now. Hope it calms down for you guys.
    Can't wait to read your pos. I am having withdrawls lol

  3. A letter on the way. Hope you get back to your sewing and gardening soon. Take all the time you need, we all understand.

  4. Looking so much forward to hearing from you again, you are my favourite break - we share a cup of tea! :) Have a lovely weekend.


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