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26 August 1956 “It Don’t Mean A Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing: Music 1956”

50sjukeboxOther than the radio and jukebox, here in 1956 our music is on vinyl. Records, we call them.
 recordstoreThis photo is a wonderful shot of a record store. It is quite large so click on it to see the details of the shop (thanks to Shorpy). Of a Saturday night, this place would probably be jumping with kids getting the latest.
Elvis, seen here himself with with records, is becoming quite popular.elvisrecords He has his first #1 hit this year with Heartbreak Hotel (the song from the same titled album)elvisheartbreakhotel It was released in January of this year and he is rocketing to stardom, quickly. In fact this year Paramount will sign Elvis to a three picture deal.
  Most likely at my age I would not hear Elvis other than on the radio. I don’t think his record would end up on my shelf.
One who would be added to my collection (and is, by the way, as I have almost all Doris Day on LP) is Doris Day.dorisdayrecord56This is her latest album here in 1956. Here is one of the songs from this album, “Hello, my lover, Goodbye”.

And so you can hear how it would sound to me, here in 1956, here is another song from that album, although played on a more modern record player. You can still hear the richness and the ‘pop’ that the album offers. Give it a listen and imagine yourself in your vintage dress, dancing with hubby after the kids are tucked in, he still wearing his shirt and tie from dinner. And maybe if you have a teenage daughter, she is quietly listening to Elvis in her room instead of getting a good night sleep, it is a school night after all.
carlperkins Carl Perkins, whom I have mentioned before, has a hit on the R&B charts with “Blue Suede Shoes”. This is the first time a country artist has made it into the R & B list.
  Many people today recall this song with Elvis. Though, this is its beginning and you can see the cross sounds of R & B and Country that Elvis used.
In the opera world, the famous Maria Callas records Verdi “Il Trovatore”. This would most likely also make it into my Record collection.
This year, in July, the Met Opera actually cancelled the 56-57 Opera Season because of a Labor dispute. However, they were able to find a common ground and on 29 October, the New York Opera season would begin.
Another fun Music movement here in the mid 50’s is Mambo music.

Many might recall Rosemary Clooney’s “Mambo Italiano”
Mambo even influenced Sit-coms, and this Honeymooners from this year (1956) Called “Mama Loves Mambo”, was called this as a play on the title of another popular Mama number, “Papa loves Mambo”.
Here is the Honeymooner episode from this year.
Do you have a favorite song from the 1950’s?
Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking!


  1. I love Doris, her movies and her music. I also love anything by Nat King Cole.

    Here is Audrey and Nat:

  2. I love records and own none now. DVD/CD is the way now. I use to own quite alot and wish I had not let them go now. I was in good will the other day and found they are very cheap. I think I'll collect them again. There is something special about spinning those records of any speed. I have my grandfathers radio with the victrola on top that plays 78 speed now for a vintage record player for 33 and 45's.

  3. I am sorry I gave away most of my records! We bought a brand new record player a few years ago, which was the only one left in the store. I'm collecting records again, as they are very cheap in the thrift shops and antiques stores. Yard sales and pawn shops are also someplace to go to buy records. I like 40's music -- favorite song is "A Nightingale Sang in Barclay Square." I like the Reader's Digest collection of music. I bought it used on e-bay.

  4. Oooh, I just love vinyl LPs and singles. My favourite singer, which I listen to almost every day, is Nat King Cole, but Sam Cooke, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra (or just the Rat Pack), Matt Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day – I could go on forever – are dear favourites. I collect vintage vinyl, but it is difficult to find some really old music, it is always from the eighties or late seventies. As a child I was an Elvis fan, and have LOTS of his music on vinyl, and if I need some up-tempo music for e.g. vacuuming I put on some Presley and everything goes easier. I simply cannot state one favourite song, since there are so many. If I am forced to, it would be “Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke (NOT by Louis Armstrong).

    Two years ago DH gave me a brand new record player, since the one I had was worn out – literally. And he knows I love to play records every day. My guests always smile big smiles when I play my records, no on else does nowadays. Then they come in such a lovely nostalgic mood, and I wonder why they don’t just do it at home too. I would LOVE to own a vintage record player, but they are almost impossible to find here in Denmark.

    PS: Mambo Italiano is best sung by Dean Martin – I melt when I hear it.

    Wishing you both a lovely weekend. :)

  5. I know of the Dean Martin version, as well, but for me, I just love Rosemary's version, not sure why.
    I am getting a nice collection of vintage records. I have been lucky enough to find the original's as opposed to the 1980's re-release. I have most of Doris Day. The estate sale I went to and blogged about months ago was a good record source. I was so excited to get more Edith Piaf and found that my versions were the original pre 50's. I liked to think they would have been mine as a 'young girl/lady' (My fictional me, of course, in the 1930's).
    Right now I have a pretty good repro record player that looks vintage, but I have a nice 'hi-fi' on my wishlist. When re-decorating time comes along I will try and nab one.
    You, too, have a lovely weekend.

  6. I have noticed that suddenly on my blog here on the bottom of the comments there is a 'links to this post' with links to other blogs. What does that mean and how did it get there? Does anyone know? Did I inadvertently add it or does it just 'happen'?

  7. I have me grandfather's HiFi and records and have never owned a CD or even a tape recorder. All of the music I have collected from my teen years in the 80s is all on vinyl. I love the HiFi because it is an actual piece of furniture - a beautiful mahogany cabinet, and also had small speakers (about the size of a box of Kleenex) that can be placed in (hard-wired, of course) different rooms in my flat. The HiFi also has AM/FM. I find it amusing that friend of min who purchase their music on CD have to periodically replace them due to skips/scratches, while my records have been enjoyed for generations.

  8. anon-I am so jealous, I too want such a large hi-fi I passed one up that wasn't working last year for FIVE DOLLARS and kicked myself for not getting it and having it repaired! The cabinet alone was worth more than that ( I think it was teak) It is amazing how durable vinyl is, as my hubby and I have records that were in our family from the early 1900s (the old 78's, classical, rag, and opera)

  9. I own more vinyl than CDs. It's pretty rare for me to buy music now, I'd rather just listen to the radio and I can find just about anything specific I want on youtube. I do not however own a turntable. I had one through my teen years which my sister sold after I told her she could use it while I was away at college. As it turns out I moved to the US after graduation anyway so it wouldn't be any use but I was most annoyed at the time. My FIL has an excellent set up, very specialized equipment, and a vast collection of music including at least 20 feet of LP shelving and hundreds of CDs which we will inherit some day and I'll be able to listen to my music with the original pops, cracks, and hisses.

    Most of my stuff is 60s with a bit of 50s and 70s thrown in. I own a wonderful complete Buddy Holly collection, a box set with a big booklet full of photos and such. Some of it was passed down from my father (he was born in 1950 or 51 I think, I forget how old he was exactly because he died when I was young) and some I purchased at a second hand record store as a teen.

  10. Rhonda-you should watch yard/tag sales because you can get them rather cheaply and it would be a shame to let your records sit unused and unloved.

  11. Absolutely fabulous post! Good to see a picture of an old record shop. I still carry vinyl at my shop...nothing like those old 45's.
    Take care!

  12. I use to listen to my moms records on her very old record player, one my great grandmother owned and it was passed on to her and I hope I get one day.
    My mom had tons of Elvis and Barbra Streisand. I went through her whole collection.
    I sure hope I get her collection later on and able to pass it on to my kids.

  13. I love the picture of the record store! I can just picture my dad as one of those fellows. :) He was 16 that year.. And he was very into the new rock music. :)


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