Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 1956 "Britain's First Female Judge, Japan in the UN, Christmas Commercials and Christmas in Copenhagen"

Dame Rose Heliborn became the first Woman Judge in Britain on the 8th of this year, 1956. She would later become many 'firsts' in that country for women, including: she was the first woman to win a scholarship to Gray's Inn, the first woman to be appointed King's Counsel in England, the first to lead in a murder case, the first woman Recorder, the first woman judge to sit at the Old Bailey and the first woman Treasurer of Gray's Inn.

I think it also interesting to point out that last year, '55, England did away with the death penalty, while we still, here in the USA, still hold onto that practice. Just an intersting note during this, our time of peace at Christmas time.

Yesterday, the 12th, Japan joined the United Nations. This shows the change of direction of that country. Once our sworn enemy, after the atomic bombs that ended the war with that country, Japan's entire view of itself and its very 'warrior' persona changed. They almost overnight gave up the concept of warrior strength and pride (some great generals committing suicide due to this change) and moved towards production and trade. During the 1950's this war ravaged country was the cheap labor for the US, not unlike CHINA is to us today. Made in Japan was stamped on many cheap goods and things such as Barbie and other toys were mass produced there. Though, our connection with China today is much more ominous than our use of Japan after the war years, but that is an entire post on its own.

I thought I would share some interesting Christmas time and toy commercials from the 1950's.
This first is for the 'gift' of cigarettes.
 The sad story of this lovely lady, is that she did not, herself, smoke. She was encouraged to do so as she became the spokesperson for the company. Today she has had her voice-box removed to cancer related to smoking.

Here is a fun Holiday jingle for Coke:

Here are some of the toys kids may have wanted to see under the tree this year

And finally, I found this lovely video of Christmas in Copenhagen. Wonderfully showing the making of treats and I love that they have real candles on the tree. I love to see the traditions in other countries.


  1. Oh! I loved my doctor's kit when I was a kid! Of course, it was the cheap, shoddy plastic of the 80's, but such fun!!!

  2. I appreciate when you mention the terrible price of a common habit of the 1950's, smoking. It is a wonder that they were once so popular that they were considered a desirable holiday 'gift.' Have you considered blogging about common health advice in your year? As a gal who is working on her MPH, I admit that it would thrill my little vintage-loving heart. Keep up the great work. I adore your blog!

  3. Your table with the red water glasses and green napkins looks beautiful. And very elegant menu cards. I wish I was invited! :)

  4. As a young girl, I witnessed the eventual decline of my dad`s father my Grandpa H. due to lung cancer, he started smoking at age 12 back in 1924 and didn`t quit till he was 65 due to emphysema (sp) he was dead by 74.

    Maybe if the cigarette companies show commercials of someone throwing up blood, or being so weak and skeletol that someone needs to help`em out of bed, maybe it will deter more young people from smoking.

    I have told my young boys in explicit detail what I witnessed, in the hopes that they will not smoke.

    My FIL who smokes over two packs a day told me that smoking only affects the smoker. I told him well on your death bed, surrounded by your crying grandkids maybe then you`ll realize that smoking affects the entire family.

    Sorry to go offon a rant, but cigarettes should be banned period, my Grandpa H. had been dead now for 23 years, he never saw me grow up, graduate from highschool college nor was he at my wedding. It is sad......

    Mom in Canada

  5. Ahh, Christmas in Copenhagen - I do recognize all the baking, and I am sure the two cakes are the "sand cake" I posted a recipe for in the forum at TAR. Sarah H asked asked for a basic yellow cake recipe.

  6. Yum, yum, many sweets and fried, which I saw in the last video, Christmas in Copenhagen is very similar to Christmas in Spain


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