Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 May 1957 “Give A New Kitchen A Good Start: The 1954 Way”

newkitchenarticle1I love to share the various kitchen ideas and layouts in my vintage magazines. They often have some good advice one might not have thought of. They often give a lot in a small space as well.

Today’s kitchen is from 1954. The article tells us: READ MORE

A new kitchen can fulfill your dreams of efficiency, and beauty, too. But do do this, it has to be well planned. Let’s see how Dr. Leo J. Madsen, Santa Monica, California, designed his kitchen to meet both requirements.
Snow-white metal cabinets are combined with light, cocoa-colored wood cabinets. Walls and background of curtains are cocoa, too. Floor is brown, flecked with pink; counters a beige and white check. For accent, ceiling and inside of wood cabinets are painted watermelon pink. Pictures show how the kitchen “works.”
I love the color scheme of pinks and cocoa brown and watermelon pink inside cabinets, what a cheery way to spice up the chores of the kitchen.

I wish these images were in color, but much like our 50’s counterparts, we shall simply have to use our imagination. Enjoy!


  1. Didn't that look modern and efficient?

  2. I love a 50s kitchen. We have found a few of the white steel units from 50s kitchens for my husband's garage and we love them.
    I would like to put some in the basement, but they will have to be smaller since the stairs are in an "L" shape. Back in 1920, they made basement stairways pretty small.
    We have 2 - 50s bathrooms in our house that need some work. I am determined to fix them up while preserving the 50s essence.
    The paint is a little worn on one of the vanities and we can tell it was painted 50s pink at one time. No surprise there!
    Have a great day.............Denise

  3. A very lovely and smart kitchen. I'm quite jealous! Perhaps I can find a way to incorporate some of these elements into my own during our remodel. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. How smart of Dr Madsen to understand that smart women dream of efficiency and beauty in their kitchens! Fun post.


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