Monday, May 9, 2011

9 May 1957 “Come On Down and Join Us! No Spam No Bots!”

ladiesmeeting Today I wanted to invite any and all to our Forum. We have had a forum here at the Apron revolution since last year. We have had some wonderful in depth conversations and then, suddenly, once we hit a certain number of honest to goodness members, the spam began! READ MORE

I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to stop it and it really got out of hand. It made me angry, sad…you name it, I felt it. Here was this lovely place for any of us to drop in when we liked and share a chat, a recipe, ask a question, share advice suddenly overtaken by bots and spam! spam And to think, here in 1957 Spam is simply a *delicious*(insert sarcasm here) wholesome treat. kidrobot And bots are toys for Johnny to play with or stars of the kids favorite Science Fiction movies at the picture show on Saturday afternoons.robot But, what is a gal to do when she commutes between two decades?
Now, thanks to one of our wonderful followers and fellow Apronites, Melissa (customaprons on the Forum) we have a private and spam free forum again!

So, this post is specifically pointed at all of you who are readers and have not checked out the forum. Or to those that loved it then left because of all the spam. We have had some wonderful discussions about homemakers and the historical perspective of such. We share recipes, tips, ask questions and also help each other out with challenges, such as weight loss, trying to gain new skill sets what have. Or simply stop in for a ‘hello’ and a cuppa.

I am told that now when we sign up we must wait to be approved, and then you are in. That way we know we are honest to goodness people and not “Robots from Beyond the MOON!”robotmonsterposter
Our current topics and threads run the gamit from General chit chat, music, books and art, to grooming, beginning homemaking, and parenting and scheduling.

So, do please stop by and sign up (its free as many things in this life are not) and if you are an old member, don’t be scared, come on back to us. We have had some wonderful conversations and what is great, is they are all still there just for the joy of re-reading.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FORUM or simply click the button at the top that says Forum and you will be directed there. It really is a great place to chit chat and ask or answer questions or just take a break from it all. And to my male followers, it isn’t just a gals club, gentleman are also welcome and certainly encouraged. Besides, what gentleman wouldn’t like to be surrounded by a gaggle of lovely ladies?

And also a reminder that the bottom of this main page every day is my NEWS which I update every day. I am just beginning with it and it is only me doing it, so there may be some days that are a little lighter on the news, but I shall update each day. IT is also a good way, I think, to introduce you to other vintage bloggers and interesting stories. Most times it is vintage sometimes modern if I feel it is relevant. So drop on by and there is a spot to click and leave comments about the days news. And you can see previous days news by clicking the News Archive button.

I have enjoyed so much of my project these past two and half years and the best thing about it all has been the people. All of you have made it so wonderful and I really feel we have built a nice community. Therefore, I am trying to make it as much an interactive, let’s share type of place to come as I can manage on my own. So, don’t be shy, drop on by for a cuppa and a chin wag.coffeeklatch


  1. I love those house dresses in the picture at the end. Can you imagine getting together with the neighborhood housewives and having coffee dressed like that? Wouldn't it be nice! It is so strange to think that to many they would look absurd, yet to those same people, yoga pants, tight camisoles, and flip flops are acceptable.

  2. Oh my gosh, I saw those housedresses at Woolworth`s when I was a child :) I know my grandmother had a couple.....I love my yoga pants, I steer clear of anything clingy, back in the day, those dresses must have been very comfortable :)

    Mom in Canada

  3. As the grandchild of a Hormel employee from Ausin, MN I'll tell you what Grampa used to say, "They put everything in it but the squeal!" That's what is in SPAM! Thanks for the fun post!



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