Friday, July 1, 2011

1 July 1957 “1950’s Cartoons”

First off, I would like to apologize for my lateness in posting today as well as my absence yesterday. As many of you know, I am currently in a kerfuffle with my tenants in a house we rent out. They have ceased paying rent in March and are not squatting. They have destroyed the house, have multiple animals and it is costing me quite a bit of time and money. Today, for example, I had to go back to the Sherriff (I went last month and paid to have a ‘you must leave by July 1 letter delivered) Of course, not sure why that law exists because as of today they informed me they are not leaving until July 20.

So, back to the sheriff today, fill out more paper work and pay more money. Then we get a court date of the 22 of July. They also have another 10 days after that to file an appeal, so basically they now have ALL of July also for free. In about a week I will get more paperwork and then I have to drive to the court office and pay 175 more dollars to officially list that. Yet, if the tenants do NOT show up for the court date and I win, they still have another 10 days. Then after that the surly woman at the court office told me, “You better hope they cooperate, because then it gets more expensive and takes longer and you have to pay for a moving company for them”.

Basically I am looking at into September with much more money to get them out. Meanwhile they are destroying the house and not paying anything. We are still paying the mortgage even though once they are out, we are not sure what to do with the house, because now the salable market value of the house is less than what we still owe on it. It is all a mess and therefore just adds more running about, wasting of time and money to my usually busy homemaking week!

Therefore, today I thought I would just briefly touch on some light frivolous cartoons of the day:

cartoon57 From the Best cartoons of the year 1957, we see this example that Beatniks are well on their way. Rather like today’s parents, non?

How about the Dick Tracy Show with Jo Jitsu cartoon:

Clutch Cargo began in 1959 and was a suprise hit. It used very limited animation and real human mouths super-imposed over the basic animation.

You can watch more clutch cargo on Apron TV under Vintage Cartoons HERE.

colbleepColonel Bleep was the first color cartoon ever made for television. It was created by Robert D. Buchanan, and was filmed by Soundac of Miami. The show was originally syndicated in 1957 as a segment on Uncle Bill's TV Club. 104 five-minute episodes were produced. Of these episodes, slightly fewer than half are known to survive today.

Ruff and Reddy were a popular cartoon duo:

There is a Daily Vintage News today. You can click on icon or simply click HERE.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. Today has not been the best of days. Everything seemed to go wrong. Then I came here and watched Ruff and Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad day gone. Happiness ensues!

  2. I am glad that pair helped you out. Sometimes a good giggle and some mindless joy helps even out a day. I have had an odd mix of bad times (tenants) mingled with good. I stopped at my favorite garden center ( a small affair behind a boat yard where I used to buy wholesale when I owned my shop. They now do retail as well) and bought some lovely things. So, I spent the afternoon planting on the terrace and in the veg garden. A balance is always good.

  3. Oh, gosh, I remember those cartoons. I used to love Clutch Cargo and his pal Paddlefoot.

    As for the renter problem, I can'g believe this is happening to you!!! You have my sympathies. I can't believe there are laws like that that allow people to take unfair advantage of people like you.

  4. I'm *so sorry* to hear of your rental difficulties. I am shocked that they are able to have so much time living there without paying anything.

  5. I am sorry you are going thru all this headache. When we bought our home it was a foreclosure and the previous tenants trashed it. They had a huge dog and it chewed all the door frames! Such stupid laws that allow them to stay so long and penalize the owners!!! Where has common sense gone?
    on another note, have you had time for any sewing this summer?
    Take care, Dee

  6. I am truly sorry for what you are going through in your rental house. I have been there, done that, and I said- NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! The laws here in Kentucky sound the same as yours. The law protects the deadbeats, not you. All you do is get cheated out of rent money month after month, then get the pleasure of dumping a ton of money into the trashed house after they leave. And- goody for you- you may have to pay for the moving van to get them out. How fantastic. Don't think that these people haven't done this before- I'm sure they have. They know the laws better than you, and take full advantage of them. You can try and sue them afterwards for damages- but that is just more money out of your pocket, and as the saying goes- you can't get blood out of a turnip- they don't have anything- so there is no need in sueing them. They will just move on to the next unfortunate landlord and do the same thing they have done to you. As long as the laws are against the landlords- I will never be one again. Good luck. I hope you are able to salvage some of the house.

  7. How awful for you. Can you not get the electricity company to disconnect the supply? Or sit outside and wait for them all to go out, then change the locks? I can't even imagine what a nightmare this must be for you. What vile people. Or hire private debt collectors to take what they owe you out of their possessions? I can't believe that the law is on their side! Maybe we should all start doing this and live for free! Big hugs.
    Gemma x

  8. I've just though - contact every lettings agent in your area and name and shame them. Hopefully once they finally get kicked out, they wont then be able to do this again.
    Gemma x

  9. LKG-it's funny you should mention the electricity and changing locks. That is exactly what I am NOT allowed to do. Were I to do so, in an attempt to get back my own property, I could be in trouble with the law and sued. I think there might even be a possible arrest. unfortunately, as a homeowner and renter all the legalities belong to the tenant. I have now found out that even by August, after the tenants have lost their case and had their 10 day option to appeal, I can still have trouble and might have to pay for a moving company FOR THEM and storage facility for them. I also have no recourse as to their damage done to my place save suing them for it and if they lose and I win, still no way to collect the money! It is all very sad.

  10. It's all true. If you do anything to try to protect your own property, changing the locks, turning the electric and water off, YOU will be the one in trouble. We had tenants in a building that WE paid the water and electric bill on, and we just figured an average into their rent so they paid the same rent every month. Unfortunately, the electric & water couldn't be separated out so they could pay it themselves. I evicted some people for not paying rent, and had to wait for the sheriff to serve papers, wait the number of days they had to get out- they didn't. Had to go back to the sheriff, get another date, that didn't work, had to wait for a trial date- UGH. It went on and on for about 3 months. In the meantime, one of the other tenants in the building told me that they heard the water running all the time in that unit. Since they knew I was having to pay the water bill, they just ran the water 24/7. And I couldn't do anything to stop it or I would be in trouble. Needless to say, I was out a ton of money that I would never get back. A friend of mine that had rental property told me that he evicted someone and when they finally left they poured Quick-crete (concrete) down the drains and toilets. They had to have all the plumbing cut out of the house and completely re-done because all the lines were filled with rock solid concrete. It never fails to surprise me what people do. Landlords beware!!!


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