Saturday, September 7, 2013

Painting the Past

Well, I am one week before my show. I am working like crazy this week to get enough paintings/prints images ready for it. I have worked out a new schedule at my studio/gallery for my working days which will be Mon Fri and Sat. So, my blog schedule, Which will be off next week as I preapare for my show, will Now be Tues, Thurs, and Sunday.

I realized today that the real focus of my project and this year of my life is painting the past. I have lived in the past so long that its environment has become like a friend to me. It is walking in the past that feels most like coming home. 

This coming year will combine my continual obsession and research in to all things past and then my subsequent need to manifest it into something. This has been my writing and well, my living, up to now. But as the opportunity is here to be in a studio it seems the right timing.

Honestly I sort of feel as if I am back here again, like i was 1 January 1955, calling out my small little voice to no one. But, you know, eventually they all came and we had a wonderful community. My problem was I was not willing to 'brand myself' and make it into more of a business so it could sustain all the work I put into it .Now, I feel, I can write about and enjoy a part of something that I can sell small things here and there and that will give me the monetary impetus to move forward. 

So, to anyone out there I am still here. And to any new friends who stumble along, I hope you come along for the ride.


​Solar Etching with Color Wash “The Twins”


  1. I'm so glad you're back! I loved your time in the past, you are such an inspiration to me. I hope that you're going back, in addition to your art (which looks fantastic, btw, what little I have seen), and look forward to every post.


  2. I am actually going to be doing a more specific 'past' direction with my blog/art. I just need to wait until after my show to settle in, change it up a bit around here and get into it. I hope a few will still be here to see me get up and go. Thanks for checking in.

  3. Good luck on your art show. :)

  4. Best of luck with your show ... and with your adjusted focus ... Regards from someone who has been "missing" for a while, too.

  5. Good luck with show and glad you are back :)


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